Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Big Vax Push

 It seems that we are in a third (or fourth?) wave of the Wu-flu and the push to get vaccinated is on.  

From the CDC, to the Veterans Affairs, to your state and local government, the push is on.  They are trying to make it a patriotic decision, or a civic duty. The simple truth is that it is a medical decision that should be made with the consultation of your personal physician.  There may be a multitude of reasons for a person to get vaccinated or not.  No one but your personal doctor should have any input on this decision at all.

There is a push to get us masked-up again.  It's also time for Americans to resist.  The mask (or face diaper, or whatever you wish to call it) has become a virtue-signal, a visible outward manifestation of submission.  If the Governor says we should mask, that's enough for the submissive.  Based on my readings, the question remains about the effectiveness of cloth or paper masks to reduce the chances of infection, so the mask becomes a political statement.

For Louisiana, as in many blue states, or Governor loves the pandemic and is loath to give up the power it represents.  I am becoming convinced that the emergency powers given to the Governor to declare a pubic health emergency is too much power to entrust to one man.  The blue-state governors have proven that they are unable to resist using the power that we entrusted to them.  In nearly every case, they have restricted religious freedom, freedom of assembly, freedom to conduct commerce, just to name a few.  It was all done with what I believe are good intentions, but it was done nevertheless.  That power is simply too powerful for one person to wield.  It should be removed by the legislatures at the earlies possible tome.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Obit For A Dog

 Beau came to live with us thirteen years ago.  A fuzzy little shih-tsu, he was a constant companion and a loyal friend.  He helped us raise many of our grandkids, and followed Belle like a shadow.  He took care of us,and we took care of him.  During the last couple of years, cataracts took his eyesight but he knew his way around the house, knew where his water bowl lay and kept track of Belle.

He loved going out to the shop with me, and he spent a lot of time out there with  me, and with family.  Over the last couple of weeks, we've noticed that he was losing a steep, getting disoriented, but we chalked it up to his eyesight.  We had a vet look at him and she found some lung issues, but he seemed to have gotten over it.  This morning, I took him out to the shop, and it seemed that his breathing was labored.  I made meatballs, and he wasn't interested in eating.  I piddled around in the shop for a bit, then brought him in the house, and noticed that he wasn't getting any better.  I called Belle and she said that she would meet me at the vet's office.

At the vet's they found masses on his spleen and his liver, and coupled with the respiratory problems, the vet said it was time to make the call.  Belle and I went outside, caught our breath, cried for a bit, and went back in to consult with the vet.  We made the call.

Belle was holding Beau as he drifted off to sleep.  Tomorrow morning I'll dig a hole out by the pond.

He was a good dog, led a good life, and showed a lot of love and faithfulness.It's hard to tell him goodbye, but Belle and I feel that we made the correct call

Airventure/Oshkosh 2021-Gear Collapse.

This is the beginning of AirVenture 2021, the big EAA fly-in in Oshkosh, WI.  For a week of so,this airport becomes the busiest in the world as aviators from all over the world bring their aircraft to Oshkosh to enjoy the companionship of like-minded people.

Accidents happen, and Termite points us to a video where things did not go exactly as planned.  

I'm no aviator, but from what I've heard, this was a good landing because they walked away from it, but it wasn't a great landing, because they cannot use the airplane again.  Oh, they might be able to use it after several tens of thousands of dollars, but it ain't going to fly this week.

The Border Mess

 Joe Biden's mess at the border is coming to a town near you.  The Dead Pelican is linking to a Breitbart story about busloads of illegals being dropped off in Louisiana.  Local officials say that they were not notified of the impending arrivals.

According to WAFB 9 News, border crossers were bussed to Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Natchez, and Monroe, Louisiana, after they were released by DHS thanks to the Biden administration’s expansive catch and release policy.

 Most recently, the Biden administration used Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas to fly nearly 800 border crossers into the U.S. interior.

I bet it's a lot more than 800.  There is a video at Monkey Werx US that talks about the US Government flights carrying illegals across the US. It sounds like conspiracy-theory stuff, but lately we've learned that conspiracy theories are generally spoilers for stories that will break in the coming weeks.

New Speak Meme

 From online:

Also, when you hear "conspiracy theory",think spoiler alert.

When we are accused of "misinformation", we know that we are over the target.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Biden Wants To Ban Handguns.

 Last week, Crazy Uncle Joe did a town hall on CNN and said that he wants to ban handguns  Yep,that's what he said. Full story here, but the applicable quote below.

“The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon — whether it’s a — whether it’s a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it’s a rifle — is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things…”

It looks pretty plain tome.  Joe said, in plain words that he wants to ban 9mm pistols and rifles.  He actually said the quiet part our loud. 

I am beginning to believe that the Founders had more foresight than we give the credit for.  They said, and these are their words, not mine.  "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."  That sounds to me to be fairly absolute.

Comedian Claims He Defeated Every Argument Against Gun Control - Part 1

I had seen this yesterday, and Termite reminded me it was there.    I figured I ought t to go ahead and embed it.

Many folks comment that the 2nd Amendment is not absolute, but I don't see the words "shall not be infringed" anywhere else in the Constitution.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Those Lawnmower Blues

 That verdampt lawnmower I talked about earlier this week.  IT's something int he starter solenoid.  I cn jump across it and run the mower.  It's a brand-new solenoid, but I suspect that I mis-wired sortieing when I put it in.  I'll get my mech to look at it tomorrow when he comes over for lunch.

But, at this pint, Belle has declared Happy Hour.  Y'all have a nice Saturday.

Friday, July 23, 2021

House Votes to Evacuate Afghan Helpers

 Hot Air is reporting that the House has voted to allow the evacuation of those Afghan citizens who helped the US military during the 20-year struggle in that country.  They served as translators and in other capacities, and some of them were vital to our operations.

Now, they are being hunted like animals and deserve our help in getting our.  It's the right thing to do.  We can debate whether or not we should ever have been engaged in that country, but to abandon our allies to their fate would be the ultimate cruelty.

Lawn Mower Blues

 My damned lawnmower.  It's causing me to have the blues.  One small strip of grass left to ow this morning, and it dies.  Just dies.  No warning, it's like someone turned off the switch.  And now, it won't even try to start.  It's like it got tired and said "The Hell With It."

I don't know what I'm going to do with that damned thing.  I'm inside cooling off now.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Facebook Frivolity

 It seems that the Biden administration has asked Facebook to crack down on unwanted social media posting, which means postings that they don't like.  This has led to some interesting frivolity.  A gardening  group was discussing implements to week a garden, and the monitors cracked down on it.

Facebook flagged the word hoe in a gardening group.

Of course, every gardener should be familiar with a hoe.  Sometimes we use a spade for prep and a hoe for maintenance.   And what do we use to maintain both the spade and the hoe?  Why a flat bastard, of course.

I can play these games all day.

Meet The Senators

 Meet the senators in Louisiana who voted against their constituents wishes and went with the Governor on Constitutional Carry.

It was a brazen ploy.  They voted for the bill in the regular session, suspecting that the Governor would veto it, but they could go home and tell their constituents that they voted for it, and make the Governor the bad guy.  But, the people of Louisiana demanded a veto session, and the Constitutional Carry bill failed by two votes in the Senate.  We will never know if it would have passed int he House, because these Senators voted against it.

I don't know why Louie Bernard voted against it, but I always thought that he was a stand-up guy.  I know now that I was seriously wrong about him.

Judas John , on the other hand, didn't even bother to show up for the vote.  He had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and claimed that his doctor wouldn't let him attend.  That is a flimsy excuse.  What we do know, and was confirmed by the Governor, is that he is the lead candidate for the State Gaming Board.  Judas Johns should remember that he has to be confirmed by the Senate, and he has pissed off a bunch of Senators.

These five guys are despicable.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Louisiana Republicans Fail Again

 The Louisiana Republicans had an opportunity to succeed today,and once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  With an overwhelming majority in the House, they failed to swing two Democrats in voting to protect little girls from playing sports against men.  Really, it was that simple.

Once again, the Republican leadership failed, which casts derision on the entire Republican party.  Failure is their byword.

I have expressed my displeasure with my elected representative, whom I now consider a laughing-stock.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Veto Session

 The Louisiana State Legislature meets today to commence a veto override session after Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed a number of bills after the legislative session. Many outlets are calling this an "historic" session, but it is historic only because it is the first one we've ever had.  The Constitution requires it if the governor vetoes a bill, but the legislators can vote to skip the session.  In the past, they have done so.

The Louisiana legislature is heavily Republican, but many of those are RINO Republicans.  Governor Edwards calls himself a moderate Democrat, but I call him a patty tyrant who does the bidding of the DNC.

Two vetoes that pissed off everybody are the driving force behind this session.  One bill that protects our daughters and grand-daughters from competing against males in sports, and another that acknowledges our God-given right to bear arms.  The grass-roots outrage over these vetoes was so loud that our legislature could not ignore the cries for justice.

However, the Governor has huge power to withhold money for pet projects and he has projected considerable influence to try and derail this session.  He did not succeed, but his minions are making back-room deals to try and derail the votes on individual bills.  By the end of this week, we will know which legislators stood firm and which could be bought.  We'll know which are patriots and which are unspeakable pond scum.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Drive-Thru Daiquiri

 The kids were in last week, and evidently they forgot about a quaint custom we have here, the drive-thru daiquiri shop.

Here's how it works.  The business gets a liquor license and buys the equipment.  The customer drives up and orders.  The bartender makes it up and puts it in a container with a lid. At that point it is package liquor. The customer gets a straw as part of the package.  As long as the straw is not in the lid, it is not an open container.  What happens after the customer leaves the parking lot is between their conscience and the local constabulary. You are on the honor system.

In the photo above, that's my daughter-in-law rediscovering the joys of a drive-thru daiquiri shop.  These things are all over Louisiana and do a thriving business. Even at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

Weekend WrapUp

 It was a busy weekend here on PawPaw's acre.  We hosted a birthday party for Belle's mother, who successfully made it to 100.  A whole century.

While we were partying, it seems that some of the Texas Democrats who fled Austin to perfect malfeasance in Washington DC, came down with gonorrhea Covid.  Coincidentally, after meeting with those same Texas Democrats, our Vice President had a cautionary visit to Walter Reed.  Purely routine, I'm sure.  I bet that they gave her a gonorrhea Covid swab while she was there.

On the other coast, the LA cops (those who are left), finally got a gut-full of silly-assed Antifa protesters and opened an old-fashioned can of Whoop Ass.

But, the big news around here this weekend was the Century birthday party.

I had one good friend keeping a headcount and she came up with 70 attendees.  There was lots of food,lots of neck-hugging, and lots of good-natured enjoyment.

This was the largest crowd we've had in the shop since we built it, and I'm pleased to say that the air conditioners held up just fine through the whole affair.  It was a very festive event.

Today, the main focus will be converting the shop from a party house back into a working wax bullet range.  I'm in no particular hurry, but we do have a club shoot this weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Opposition? Not So Much

 Yahoo News is asking how Republican opposition to the Covid vaccine got to this point?

And this past week, Republican state lawmakers in Tennessee successfully pressured health officials to stop outreach to children for all vaccines. The guidance prohibits sending reminders about the second dose of a COVID vaccine to adolescents who had received one shot and communicating about routine inoculations, like the flu shot.

I can't speak for all Republicans, but I do believe that the vaccination effort has become extremely politicized, and I believe that a child's medical treatment,including vaccines should be a decision between the parent and the family doctor. 

For the record, both Belle and I have gotten the vaccine.  Many of our friends and neighbors have likewise gotten the vaccine.  Some have not, and that is okay,to.  It's a personal decision that each adult should make.

So, to all my liberal friends out there, we get it.  The vaccine is readily available and free for the asking.  However, the FDA has not yet approved it, and in fact it is still under an emergency use authorization.  We will learn abut its safety and effectiveness in the coming years, and the decision to get it should be between each adult and their physician.  

Quit making it about politics.

Friday, July 16, 2021


 Grandson Elyas is in for a visit.  He and his folks live in Los Alamos, NM, and cane in for a week to see family.  Elyas has expressed an interest in aviation.  My buddy Termite is an aviator, so I asked Termite if he would show Elyas around.

The weather wasn't conducive to flight, but we did get to hang out in the hangar and explore Termite's Cessna 172.

It was time well spent.  Elyas got to ask a bunch of questions, and explore a small airplane.  He wiggled the yoke and waggled the rudder petals, and went over all the instruments on the panel.  It was a morning well spent.

Thanks, Termite!

Thursday, July 15, 2021


 It seems that the US Surgeon General has been flagging Facebook posts for moderation.  Why?

The Biden administration has been "flagging" content for Facebook to remove, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday.

This unholy alliance between Big Tech and the Biden administration should stop immediately.

The Reverse Cuban Boat LIft

It looks like a bunch of folks are ignoring the Cost Guard warning, and loading up their boats to help the Cuban people.  I don't know what they realistically intend to accomplish, but they're making an effort.

Cuba Libre!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Hanging Out

 Younger son is in for a visit, and we're hanging out this week.  Not much caring abut the news or political outrage, other folks can take care of that.

I'm hanging out with family.  My boy will be heading home on Saturday, and that same day we're hosting Belle's mother's 100th birthday celebration.  I'm going to be busy right through Saturday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Taliban is Winning

 Joe Biden is exactly the wrong guy to have in the Oval Office.  If he steps down, (or falls down) Kamala will be even worse.  Foreign policy is a thing, and with a surging China, civil unrest in Cuba, and a resurgent Taliban in the "Stan, Crazy Joe has been wrong on just about everything.

Even the woke bureaucrats in the Pentagon are noticing.

A new report out is saying that our Navy's surface fleet is suffering from an overload of diversity and cultural training at the expense of warfighting capabilities.

“I guarantee you every unit in the Navy is up to speed on their diversity training,” said one recently retired senior enlisted leader. “I’m sorry that I can’t say the same of their ship-handling training.”

The United States is experiencing huge challenges in foreign policy, and we have un-serious people in charge of our military and our White House. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Cuba Libre!

 I'm seeing a lot of stuff coming out of Cuba, and it looks like the freedom fighters are gaining raction.

Joe Biden is absolutely the wrong man for tis moment, and his administration is showing complete incompetence.  

I'm drinking bad Dominican rum tonight, in solidarity with the Cuban freedom fighters.  The little bit of news coming out of Cuba is confusing and disjointed.

Orwell Redux

 Evidently, the FBI wants you to rat our friends or family.

George Orwell's 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not and instruction manual.

Edwin Edwards Dead at 93

 The Baton Rouge Advocate is reporting that former governor Edwin Edwards of Louisiana has passed away at age 93.  Rest in Peace, Eddie.

He was colorful, no doubt about it.  Even his adversaries gave him credit for  being the consummate Louisiana politician.  He served two terms, then was term-limited, then served two more terms.  Then, he served again, but this time in a federal pen for corruption.  Edwin Edwards was quite a character,  a ladies man, and a king-maker for most of his life.  Stories abound, and many of them are quire humorous.

One such story (If I recall correctly).  Late in life, Edwin married a much younger woman.  While discussing it with his doctor, the doctor told Edwin that such a marriage might be dangerous.

Edwin replied, "Well, if she dies, she dies."

Edwin Edwards is gone, and Louisiana politics will be a lot less colorful without him.

Voter Fraud

 With the disappointing results of the 2020 election, we are seeing a push for voter integrity and an accounting of what may have happened during the pandemic election.  Arizona is conducting an audit, and it seems that there is a push to conduct an audit in Pennsylvania.

To be clear, whatever the audits find, it will not change the results of the election.  Joe Biden is president.  But, those audits may shine daylight on what happened and may serve as a catalyst to preserve election integrity in future elections.

Personally, I blame the various legislatures on the sad state of affairs.  In the Constitution, the legislatures are responsible for setting the rules of a presidential election before the election, and certifying the results after the election.  In the case of the 2020 election, some governors, or secretaries of state, or the Courts got involved in modifying the rules of the election  Afterwards, the legislatures met and certified an election that was held outside their rules.   They should have stood firm and rejected the results,not because of who won or didn't win, but because the election was not held according to the rules that they set forth.  The certification of an election should not be a rubber-stamp, but a confirmation that the election was held according to the rules set forth by the legislature.  The legislature is supposed to be a bulwark against such shenanigans.  

Elections are too important to allow shenanigans.  Each registered voter should have one vote, cast in a proper manner.  While audits into the process will not change the results of the past election,they may serve to shed light on the failures that occurred, and and also shed light on prosecutable activity that occurred.  It is right and proper to conduct such audits,

Saturday, July 10, 2021


 The black bear is becoming more and more of a common sight in the area where we live.  I went to pick up a buddy for a meeting, and as we made our way back tot he house, we spotted a young black bear in a semi-rural area less than two miles from the house.

The bear was stalking a trash can when he saw us driving closer, and turned and ran back toward the rear of the property.  I'm not overly concerned about black bears.  I've lived for years in a very rural area and moved the suburbs later in life.  I think that they are beautiful animals, but know that when bears and the suburbs clash, it is normally the bear who comes out the loser.  

Still, it was neat to see the critter this morning, and I wish him well.  

Friday, July 09, 2021

Friday Prepping

 I spent the morning in the shop, prepping for a club meeting tomorrow morning.  I'm giving a Range Officer class to those who might want it. In the CFDA, training Range Officer sis the responsibility of the individual club, and the CFDA supplies the course material.  I've been going over the latest material to make sure that I'm ready to answer questions.  Safety is the by-word, and although the rules are not terribly complex, sometimes the contestants find themselves in situations that take some apply the rules consistently and fairly.

Just as soon as we're through tomorrow, I'll start breaking down the range.  Next Saturday, our range will host a birthday party.  Belle's mother is celebrating her 100th birthday and I have to convert the shop to an event center. It's going to be quite the celebration, and I have a week to get ready for it.

Belle's sisters have been communicating about things distaff, such as colors and themes and decorations.  I'm sure that it all will be quite festive.  I'm also sure that when it is over, I will be tasked with disposing of the debris.  

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Watching the Tropics

 It appears that Elsa has made her way into the Carolinas, where she will continue to be a nuisance for a couple of more days.  Nothing much going on in Hurricane Alley frright now, and we'll take that as a good men.

Yesterday, second son came over, and we completed the installation of a generator in the shop.  My shop is a refuge inn more ways than one. It's a place where Belle and I entertain, and it is set up fr hospitality.  It's more of a party house than a traditional work shop, and we use it a lot.  The best part is that I can power the whole thing (except the electric range) with a 5kw generator.

Now, with the generator wired, is is simply a matter of flipping the main breaker off, flipping the generator breaker on, and plugging the generator into a four-wire outlet on the outside of the shop.  I can run lights, and AC, and the fridges.  The generator won't pull the electric range, but I have propane options for cooking.

Because we are ready, we might not need it, and that would suit me just fine..

Who Shot Ashli?

 If you recall the January 6th escapade at the Capitol,you will recall that the only fatal shooting that day was a veteran,Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol police officer.

In every agency I have ever been involved with, and officer-involved shooting required reams of paper work from the officer to justify the use of deadly force.

Real Clear Investigations has been looking in to that shooting.  We still don't know the name of the officer who shot Ashli.  This should have been as simple as a FOIA request.  But, the Capitol police doesn't play by the same rules as other police agencies.

For the past six months, as Congress has proposed legislation to reform  police departments across the country, the Capitol Police has stiff-armed government watchdogs, journalists and even lawyers for Babbitt, who have sought the identity of the officer and additional details about the shooting. The USCP still refuses to release his name, in stark contrast to recent high-profile police shootings around the nation.

Someone is covering for the officer who pulled the trigger and caused the death of Ashli Babbitt. But, the investigation may be closer to providing us with a name.

Byrd appears to match the description of the shooter, who video footage shows is an African American dressed that day in a business suit. Jewelry, including a beaded bracelet and lapel pin, also match up with photos of Byrd.

 In addition, Byrd’s resume lines up with what is known about the experience and position of the officer involved in the shooting — a veteran USCP officer who holds the rank of lieutenant and is the commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police.

Go read the whole thing.

The Search Is On

 The search is on for a missing Burmese python that escaped its enclosure at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – The missing 150-pound python reportedly escaped from its enclosure early Monday morning, according to a spokesperson at the St. George Fire Department.


I bet that will make shoping a whole lot more interesting.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021


 I've seen this meme on the Book of Face, and I an wondering about its accuracy?

I often refer to electric vehicles as "coal powered" because much of the electricity in the US is generated by coal, or natural gas.  

How accurate is this meme?  Asking for a friend.

Haiti President Assassinated

 Everyone is reporting that the president ofHaiti was assassinated last night at his personal residence outside of Port-Au-Prince.

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was shot and killed last night at around 1 a.m. local time. First Lady Martine Moise was also wounded in the attack on their home in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Unidentified gunmen burst into their home, stating they were members of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and opened fire.

They worked for the DEA, huh?  Yeah, right.

The DEA website gave Haiti a Level 4 DO NOT TRAVEL restriction on June 16 due to dangers, including kidnappings, crime, COVID, and civil unrest.

There are a lot of places on my travel bucket-list, but Haiti ain't one of them. 

White House Pursuing Door-To-Door Outreach To Get Americans Vaccinated

Ronald Reagan once said that the sariest words in the US where "We're from the government and we're here to help."

Yet, Jen Psaki, (the P is silent) says that government agents may go door-to-door in an attempt to get more people vaccinated.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster.  And, simply because it is a recipe for disaster it does not surprise me that the Biden White House may consider it as an option.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Can't Keep Up

 TTAG is reporting that the FBI says that the NICS system is having trouble keepinng up with background checks for gun purchases.

In recent years, the FBI — which manages the system that vets gun buyers — processed an average of 8.6 million gun background checks annually, according to historical data analyzed by FiveThirtyEight. But last year, the bureau processed 12,761,328 background checks, according to FBI data obtained by FiveThirtyEight through a public records request.

 Gun sales have surged since April 2020, thanks, at least in part, to the pandemic, protests last summer for racial justice and the election of President Biden in November. The FBI data shows how the background check system has struggled to keep up. And, at this point, it’s unclear when the problem is going to get better.

They can't keep up with what they have now.  You notice that in the last several months, the rhetoric about "universal"" background checks has died down.  Americans are buying lots of guns, and that is a good thing.

Tuesday Slow Day

 Running a couple of errands, waiting on an AC guy.  No problems with the AC, but I want him to look at it before we have a problem.

I finally got the lawn mower in the ditches yesterday.  It's rather late for them to dry  out, but we did have a wet spring.  With better than a 50% chance of rain today, I'm glad I got that done yesterday.

We're still watching Elsa.  She is absolutely no threat to us, but we like keeping an eye on the tropics this tie of year.  I hope that the folks in Florida are hunkered down.

We have a leadership meeting at the church this evening, and I"d best start prepping for it.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Monday Wakeup

 Wakening on this Monday, the 5th of July, we return to the workaday world and sip our coffee as we browse the intertubes.

Tropical Storm Elsa still churns,although her track has shifted slightly to the west.

Weather aside, it appears that the local fireworks stands had a good weekend, if the level of celebratory artillery is any indication.  It seems that Chicago had a rough weekend,with at least ten dead and 45 people wounded.

Of course their mayor, Lightweight as she is, blames sexism and racism for her woes.  Chicago is setting new records for mayhem this year, and Lightfoot falls back on tired canards.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Birthday USA!

 When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

Belle and I are having a quiet one, but that doesn't mean that we aren't celebrating.  Beans and ribs on the smoker.  Many of the kids are off doing their own thing, and I have one project I'd like to get finished today. 

Y'all have a happy and well-fed 4th, We'll take up the fight again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 03, 2021

Extremist Content

 It seems that the Book of Face has been doing some re-writing of their policies on dangerous or extremist content.  I've been reading about folks who get pop-ups telling them that they may have been exposed to extremist content, but for the life of me, I can't figure out just exactly what they mean by the term.

A buddy of mine got such a notice.

I know this guy, he is a staunch conservative, and active 2A enthusiast and a local leader in his community.  He proudly posted this message and considers it a badge of patriotism.

There is some strange, weird, lefty shit going on at Facebook.

Still Watching Elsa

 The cone is starting to firm up for Hurricane Elsa, which is expected to hi the southern tip of Florida late Monday or early Tuesday as a strong tropical storm.  People who have never been in the path of a tropical storm don't realize how huge these things are.  A typical storm might have tropical-storm-force winds 50 miles from the center of the storm.  A simple calculation gives the area affected, which can be over 7800 square miles, and it's moving constantly.

We will continue to keep a weather eye on this thing.

Friday, July 02, 2021

Making Meat Pies

 Younger son is coming in for a visit next week, and he asked for meat pies.  So, today we got together to put together a couple of batches and freeze them until it's time to heat up the frying oil.

Meat pies are a staple in Natchitoches and many recipes abound.  Belle has about the best recipe I've ever tried, and you can find it in the blog archive.  A recipe will make about 18 meat pies, depending on how big you cut the crust.  Belle uses a coffee-cup saucer, and today we made 38 pies.

Meat pies are traditionally served with dirty rice, which is also in the archives.  Make a nice tossed salad and maybe a cold beer, and you have supper.

Watching Elsa

 Hurricane Elsa is gaining strength, and we're watching her.  She is the fifth named strom of this season, and the first to get much attention.

That's the five-day tropical wind outlook and it bears watching closely.  This thing will change over time, and by Sunday afternoon we should have a better idea of who might be affected.

Dead of Night

 It seems that the US forces have pulled out of Bagram Air Force Base in the dead of night.

“It shouldn’t be too surprising that we left in the dead of night without coordinating our exit with the locals. While American officials have traditionally hated to admit it, our Afghan allies in both the local government and the military are rife with spies and saboteurs who coordinate with the Taliban against us. If we had coordinated our exit with them, the Taliban might have been ready to launch an attack on the departing forces. Still, this likely won’t be going down in the history books as one of our proudest moments.”

Operational security and force protection are important, but I agree that this is probably not one of our proudest moments.

Full article here. 


 Mark Tapscott writes of a coming schism in the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Southern Baptists are the largest protestant denomination in the US.  I'm not going to say that Mark is wrong, because he pays closer attention to such things than I do, but I will observe that such rumors have come before, and didn't pan out.

Mark's argument is that some of the leadership of the church have succumbed to "wokeness".  That may be, and if in fact they have strayed from the Gospel, they are on sinking sand.  Any Christian church that strays from the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ is in danger of being irrelevant.  

Our little church is non-denominational by its charter, but we follow in the tradition of the Southern Baptists.  Our last two pastors "grew up" as Southern Baptist, and our current pastor serves two churches.  His other church is a Southey Baptist church.  Ours is not.  "Wokeness" plays no part in either congregation.  

As our pastor said in a recent sermon, he is Christian, but not particularly religious.  He teaches the Good News of Jesus Christ without regard to a particular denomination.  "If a little Christian church across town starts healing the sick and raising the dead, you won't see me here on Sunday morning.  I'll be across town with them."

I don't worry about the Southern Baptists.  All I'm concerned about is my discipleship.  Once we cross to the other side, denomination will be left behind.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

First Fruits

 It was a wet spring, and we were late getting the vines planted.  For a while, I did't think that the ground would dry out enough to plant.  But, we finally got them in the ground.

One little tomato and three bell peppers, but the season is finally here.  The vines are loaded, and it looks to be a good year.  Belle told me to pick up a loaf of fresh bread today. She intends to eat that tomato for supper.

Watch: Flying car completes historic first inter-city flight

Okay, this is cool.  Evidently BMW is working on a flying car.

Old law enforcement joke:  What is the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?

With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Kavanaugh Goes Liberal

 Mister Justice Kavanaugh sided with he liberals in a 5-4 decision involving the CDC's moratorium on evictions.

While almost everyone agrees that the CDC had no authority to issue such a moratorium in the first place, Kavanaugh let it ride.

As he often does, Kavanaugh wrote to explain why he voted to allow the moratorium to remain in place. On the one hand, he said he agreed with the District Court that the CDC exceeded its statutory authority by issuing a nationwide moratorium.

 But, he said, because the CDC has said it will end the moratorium in a few weeks he would allow it to remain in place. He said the extra weeks will “allow for additional and more orderly distribution of the congressionally appropriated rental assistance funds.”

This is precisely the wrong decision.  If Kavanaugh believed hat the CDC over-stepped its authority, he should have  slapped it down.  But, he seems to have been hanging out with his liberal buddies too long, and now believes that his job is to do some sort of feel-good social engineering.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Delta Variant

 Evidently, there is anew strain of Covid that is going to kill us all.  The Delta Variant.  Oh, it's bad, and we're all going to die.

Well, both those statements are true. although probably unrelated. We are all going to die, that is inescapable.  And, the Delta variant is probably bad.  All illness is bad.

If we've learned anything over the past eighteen months, is that government can't be trusted with the freedom of The People.  Just as we are starting to climb out of the economic disaster that was foisted upon us last year, we are being told of a new threat, much like the old threat.  While I do not doubt that there may be lingering problems associated with the virus, I also do not doubt that the government has no clue how to deal with it.  The government, in the form of the WHO, the CDC, and the other alphabet agencies who track such things, have simply become background noise, an incessant chatter that 

What they want, what they have shown over and over, is that they are simply unable to control the spread of any disease, so they will settle for controlling people.  It is all abut power, and they have shown that they are simply incapable of relinquishing power.  They have tasted it, and they are hungry for it.

As for me, I'm done with letting government have any more power.  I won't be controlled, I won't be demeaned, and I won't be ruled.

Monday, June 28, 2021

shooting on 87th and Dan Ryan

Okay, this is wild.  Instapundit highlighted it,and I clicked over to see it.  Supposedly a shooting in Chicago, some dude sprays traffic with full-auto.


Constitutional Carry going to veto override session?

Louisiana adopted its current Constitution in 1975.  One of the provisions of the new constitution was a process to over-ride a veto by the governor.  As I understand it, when a governor vetoes a bill, that veto automatically triggers a veto session unless the individual legislators vote that a session is not necessary.

In the past weeks, our Governor vetoed two bills that passed with strong bipartisan support.  First, a bill that prohibits biological males from competing against biological females in high schools or collegiate sports.  Second,a bill that allows Constitutional carry in Louisiana.   Conservatives across Louisiana are outraged

Legally Armed America looks at the political dynamic in Louisiana today.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Governor Edwards Vetoes Constitutional Carry

 During the recently ended legislative session, the legislature passed a constitutional carry bill with overwhelming bipartisan support.  WBRZ is reporting that the governor has vetoed the bill.

"I simply cannot support carrying a concealed carry firearm without proper education and safety training," the governor said in a statement released Friday.

Earlier this month, the governor also vetoed a bill that would forbid biological males from competing against biological females in high school and college sports.  This bill also had overwhelming bipartisan support.

The next question is when the legislature will meet for a veto session.  As I understand Louisiana law, a veto automatically triggers a veto session, but legislators can vote to not meet and allow the veto to stand.  By my understanding, the letters have already gone out to the legislators.

The legislature should meet at the earliest opportunity to rebuff the governor and pass both these measures into law.

On his facebook page, which I follow, the governor put up a statement concerning his veto,citing law enforcement concerns, to which I responded.

I spent 37 years as a police officer on the streets and roads of Louisiana and not once did I feel threatened by a law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm. This bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, and you, John Bel, are despicable.

My next actions will be to call my legislators and tell then to get their asses down to Baton Rouge and over-ride both these vetoes. 

Kennedy: ATF nominee a zealot

I like my senator, John Kennedy of Louisiana.


It appears to even a casual observer that there are a lot of zealots in the Biden administation.

Simon Campbell Calls Out Pennsbury School Board During Public Comment

This guy gets it right.  I saw it a couple of days ago, and thought it might be useful to leave it here so I can find it later.

Some Links

 Courtesy of Instapundit:

Republicans Are Not Responsible for the Democratic Party’s Crime

To hear the press tell it, Democrats are facing a political conundrum (distinct from a genuine and organic problem of maladministration) in the form of rising violent-crime rates. And that problem is primarily a result of the fact that Republicans just won’t let the issue go.

There is no reason to let it go.  For the past year, the Democrats have fostered a climate of disdain for law-and-order.   The result is rampant crime in the larger cities in the country. 

Homicides Have Skyrocketed in These 6 Democratic Cities. Black People Are Disproportionately the Victims, Data Shows.

Democratic leaders of most of the cities examined voted to greatly reduce police funding amid widespread Black Lives Matter protests last year. In the wake of the death of George Floyd, who died after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck in May 2020, thousands of protests and riots took place across the country.

 Experts tell New York Times’ Mara Gay that spike in crime is due to ‘trauma, grief … and just general upheaval’  Perhaps Gay needs to read her own newspaper..

The Democrats profited from mayhem last summer and now they have no idea how to shut it down.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

That First Shot

 I didn't do as well as I wanted to in Kansas last week.  I'm not blaming anyone but myself.  It was a good match, run by good people.  I simply didn't hit the target enough to stay in the win column.  The CFDA uses an elimination system where if you win, you get a W in the scoring column, and if you lose you get an X in the scoring column.Generally, a sanctioned match will be a 4X match.  When you lose four matches, you are through.

The standard target these days is a 17-3/16th inch target at 15 feet.  The center of the target is 47 inches above the ground.  We shoot from 15 feet. The target is electrically powered, with both a start light and a hit sensor.  When the light comes on, the shooter draws, cocks and fires the revolver   If the wax bullet hits the target, it trips the sensor and give yo a time. Individual shots are normally in the half-second range. Three winning hits determines a match.

It's fast.  It's real fast, and the shooting is done from muscle memory. Sights are seldom used.

It is said that you cannot miss fast enough to win n the game, ad I proved that this weekend,

The first shot is vitally important, because it shows that you have set up properly on the target.  On the long drive home, I started thinking about that first shot in every match, and was intrigued enough to get our some old match score-sheets and do some digging.  When I got home this week, I took out the Monthly Match sheets from the last two club shoot, and the first two rounds from the Louisiana State Championship we conducted in April.

I asked the question, "If a shooter hits the target with his first shot, how often will that hit translate into winning the match?" The results were fairly compelling.  I learns that if a shooter hits the target with the first shot, in 63% of those matches, that first hit translates into a W in the win column.

There a number of things that might affect the outcome of an individual match,  Hitting the target with the first shot is not absolutely predictive, but I think that my limited analysis shows that if you hit the target on the first shot, ou are well on your way to winning the match.

Biden Announces DOJ Program on Gun Dealers

In his opening line, ol' Joe demonstrates his deep misunderstanding of current gun laws.  Yes, Joe, if I want to, I can buy a cannon.  I'm not sure I could buy an F-15, but I know I could buy a C-130.

This is the guy who believed that the January 6th stroll trough the Capitol almost over-threw the government.  Our president is a complete and total buffoon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Fauci Lied To Us

An interesting clip about Fauci, funding, and how the media is malfeasant in their coverage of the Covid pandemic.

Most Americans don't have time to do the deep background, so they trust the media to learn the answers to the questions that need to be asked.

Follow The Science

 In this post-Covid world, science is starting to understand what we did during the pandemic, and what our response to it actually accomplished.  

A new Harvard study reveals that while leaving the elite relatively unscathed, the lockdowwns played havoc with the working folks.  This study examines the lockdowns mainly from an economic standpoint.

And, those who argued that the shelter-in-pace policy was designed to save lives have no data points to stand on.  People are going to die, and shelter-in-place orders increase the risk of death.

“We failed to find that countries or U.S. states that implemented SIP policies earlier, and in which SIP policies had longer to operate, had lower excess deaths than countries/U.S. states that were slower to implement SIP policies,” the authors explain. 

It's been sixteen months since Covid battered it's way into my consciousness  I railed against government excesses, regulatory over-reach, and how those policies limited economic activity, diminished personal freedom, and expanded government.. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

“Vaccinate!” Chorus

Okay, this is truly weird.  In either a poorly conceived parody, or an incompetently executed imitation, tese folks seem to be emulating North Korean propaganda.

They are neither dressed-right, nor covered-down, exhorting everyone to do something that should only be done in consultation with a physician.

This is my dose of weirdness for today.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Selling Weed

 Evidently, its's hard to make ends meet in the legal weed business in California.

California’s $100 Million Marijuana Bailout Tells You All You Need to Know about Its Government

The opening sentence tells you all you need to know.

 California’s legislature recently approved a $100-million plan to boost the Golden State's struggling legal marijuana industry, which is floundering under an oppressive tax and regulatory climate.

I bet that the botleggers are doing fine. 

I seem to recall a story where the took over a brothel once-upon-a-time and failed at it.  Some sy it's true, some say it ain't, but it's a story of government regulation.

Audit Everything

 There is a lot about last November's election that didn't pass the smell test.  We should audit everything until we restore faith that our elections are free and fair, accurately reflecting the choices of registered voters.

Also, this:

If signature verification is a good thing, then it is always a good thing.

Bribing The Sheep

 Our Louisiana governor, John Bel (hack, spit) Edwards has come out with a new scheme to try to get people to get the jab.  Make it a game, with prizes.  Oh, yeah, if you get vaccinated, you can get a million dollars in cash or prizes.

This needle-prick lottery appeals to all the worst instincts.  Which is of course whey our Governor latched on to it. Medical decisions should be solely the responsibility of a physician and a patient agreeing on a proper course of action.

In full disclosure, I got the vaccine after consulting with my physician.  Last year, I also got a tetanus booster, after discussing it with my physician. I'm not anti-vaccine.  I was around for Dr. Salk's vaccine, which I believe was one of the greatest medical breakthroughs in human history.

Bribing people to get vainated, especially when the vaccine is still under an emergency use authorization, is simply bonkers, and may be evil, which describes our governor completely.

We're Home

We made it in last night.  Today will be dedicated to unpacking the car, washing laundry and scratching the dog.  It was a good shoot, and a fun weekend, but now we return to the mundane aspects of Monday.

Howard asks in comments:

Dumb question, does very hot temperatures affect your wax projectiles?

Short answer?  Yes, and No.  Wax melts, normally at temps between 160-200 F.   There are five brands of wax that are approved for sanctioned competition; Bandit, C&R, Deadeye, Royal, and Spitfire.  There are also hobbyists who make their own wax for practice.  Each of these manufacturers have their own proprietary blend to make their bullets.  One guy I am aware of mixes plastic shopping bags in his melt to give the bullets some perceived property.  These guys take their wax recipes very seriously, and protect their recipes very closely.

What we have learned is that wax bullet ammo, if let int he sun, will soak up heat.  The bullets won't completely melt, but they will start to get soft.  I have seen, in extreme conditions,  the bullets will simply drop from the casing.  But, these are extreme conditions, where the loaded ammo has been left in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

I remember one shoot in north Texas several years ago, on the 4th of July, where melting wax became a problem.  We simply stored the ammo in an ice chest until we were ready to take it to the firing line.

Our targets are made of mild steel, normally 11 gauge, and they soak up heat too.  Sometimes in extreme conditions, the bullet will simply stick to the target rather than bouncing off when it hits.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Kansas - Day 2

 Saturday dawned bright and pleasant in Wichita, KS.  However, the heat soon began to build and we were fortunate to have shade and an occasional breeze.  

I didn't realize until after I snapped the picture, but both gals in that photo have the same last name.  The lady in the hat is the inimitable Texas Rose.  She is the better half of Gentleman George, my first cousin.

Belle and I had a good time yesterday, but didn't shoot as well as we would have liked.  We both went out in the 6th round, and took that as karma to seek more hospitable temperatures.  We finished the day in a craft brewery.  Me with a French dip sandwich, and she with a big bowl of chip-and-dip.

We'll start home in another hour or so.  The car has A/C and Belle has to be at work tomorrow.  We're ten hours from home, and having all day to make the drive should be okay.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Day 1

 Today was Day 1 of Kansas State, under a hot, breezy sky.  We had shade, and plenty of cool water.  But it was hot, in the low triple digits.

Really, a beautiful venue.

I managed to find a spot in the shade to put Belle's chair, and shortly afterwards, the shooting began.

After the shooting was over, we went to find a rib joint.  We're back in the hotel now, soaking up the AC and getting ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Old Town

 We're in The Hotel at Old Town, in Wichita, KS.  We got here about 5:00 this afternoon.  Tomorrow morning, we begin the Kansas State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw.

It's a nice hotel, in an old, historic building.  We were on the road for 19 hours today.  Just about what we expected.

This is a nice place, but like every other place in the country right now, they are short-staffed.  We'll get over it.  The weather is hot, and we're shooting outdoors.  When Belle and I crossed the OK/KS border the gauge on the dash said 102F.  Of course, the humidity is only 25%, so that's better than at home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Quinton Goes Flying

 Grandson Quinton is a PFC in the Louisiana National Guard, and the other day, they told him that they wanted him to get a chance to fly in a Blackhawk helicopter.  Some sort award for being a super trooper. So, he showed up at the appointed time.

US Army Blackhawk helicopter.

He was able to get a door seat, and they didn't close the doors.

An areal view of Camp Beauregard, LA, just outside of Pineville.

Flying in helicopters is fun.  Most of the time.  He said they were in the air for a half-hour and he really enjoyed it.

One Upsmanship

 In the game of foreign policy, it's nice to know who is in charge.  From what I'm reading and hearing today, it appears that Putin was firmly in charge during his meeting with Biden today.

I love America with all my heart.  I fly the flag.  Today, Joe Biden revealed himself to be incapable of dealing with Russia's strong man.  It's like being in the Carter years again, with a weak, ineffective president who doesn't put America first.  

Watching The Tropics

 It looks like the disturbance they are calling 92L is gaining momentum.  

There seems to be some wind-shear in the northern Gulf that will hinder cyclonic activity, so this thing will l probably turn in to a rain-maker.  However, the next name on the hurricane list is Claudette.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

It's Hurricane Season

 It's hurricane season, and we have o start worrying about such things.  There is a disturbance down in the southern Gulf that has everyone's attention.  It's not named yet, but they are giving it a good chance of ginning up into a named storm.

Most of the weather-weenies think it will be a rain-maker.  But, we've already had two named storms this year, so who knows what is likely to happen.    It's summer in the tropics, and here we go.

I am told that Montana is having a heat wave.  Can you believe it?

Vlad Makes A Point

Vladimir Putin makes a stunning opening point, just ahead of his summit with Biden.

 Ahead of his summit with Joe Biden in G7 in Geneva, Switzerland, Russian President Vladimir Putin implied that the United States government had ordered the assassination of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Capitol Police during the Capitol riot on January 6.

It's an interesting take on the issue.  We still don't know who killed her, and we don't know the circumstances behind her death.  I'm sure if she were a black guy named George, we'd know all the details.  But, she was a white woman killed by a Capitol police officer, so we get ... crickets. 

It's way past time for the government to tell us who killed Ashli and the circumstances behind her death.

This Is Funny, Right Here

It's amazing what we couldn't talk about last year, but suddenly, it's showing up in left-wing comeday sketches.  This is funny right here.

It's also a sad reflection on our present culture that folks have been "cancelled" or called conspiracy types for saying the same thing that Stewart and Colbert are dealing with today.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Good Deeds

 I spent all day doing good deeds for a church member.  Nothing special, unless you are him.

And, I'l be helping him in he morning for several hours.  Hopefully, about noon tomorrow, I'll have time to catch up on posting.

I'm not ignoring y'all, I'm just trying to get an ox our of a ditch.


 As we continue to recover from the horrible disease that the Chinese government, we're learning the long-term effects of the government imposed social engineering  that came with the virus.  It seems that over one-third of all small business in the US is gone forever.  According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science:

“Previous studies have claimed that shelter-in-place orders saved thousands of lives, but we reassess these analyses and show that they are not reliable. We find that shelter-in-place orders had no detectable health benefits, only modest effects on behavior, and small but adverse effects on the economy. To be clear, our study should not be interpreted as evidence that social distancing behaviors are not effective. Many people had already changed their behaviors before the introduction of shelter-in-place orders, and shelter-in-place orders appear to have been ineffective precisely because they did not meaningfully alter social distancing behavior.” 

There is some analysis at PJMedia, but what I glean from this is that the pandemic revealed that some governors are power-hungry and loath to give up emergency powers.  We also learn that more than one-third of US businesses are gone forever, and the portion of the economy most harmed was the hospitality and entertainment industry. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Narrative

 I'm sure that you've all heard abut the shooting in Austin early Saturday morning.  Some people were wounded when gunfire erupted on Sixth Street in Austin, which seems to be a nightclub/entertainment area. A bunch of folks were wounded, and a manhunt ensued.  But, the Austin paper didn't want to print a discretion of the suspect.  Because it was too vague.

Editor’s note: Police have only released a vague description of the suspected shooter as of Saturday morning. The Austin American-Statesman is not including the description as it is too vague at this time to be useful in identifying the shooter and such publication could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes. If more detailed information is released, we will update our reporting.

The description was not particularly vague.  The police said they were looking for a Black male with dreadlocks and a skinny build.   That narrows it down to a specific sub-set of the population.  The police were not looking for a bald, fat, white guy.  And, other folks are starting to notice.

In other words, the Statesman knew that the police knew who the suspects were. If police said the suspects were black, why didn’t the newspaper take the APD at its word? I’ll tell you why: the Statesman wants to perpetuate the fictional narrative that dangerous, gun-toting white supremacist rednecks are roaming the city of Austin, hunting black people.

As it turns out, the police in Austin have made an arrest, and it was a skinny black guy with dreadlocks who was busing caps on Sixth street. But this doesn't fit the preferred narrative and the Austin Statesman had to keep the narrative going or as long as possible.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Global Chip Shortage

 I have a buddy who needs a new pickup.  Needs, as in his was totalled this past week.  It seems that he can't find a new Chevy pickup anywhere. It seems that there is a global chip shortage that is playing havoc with pickup truck production.

GM isn’t the only automaker facing setbacks and even layoffs due to the shortage. In March, Ford said the chip shortage, along with weather conditions, left the company canceling shifts and building some vehicles without all their parts. Honda, Volkswagen, and Toyota have similarly warned of supply issues or reduced production in recent months.

Talking with the fellows in the club, it seems that everyone but me was aware of this.  It's a good thing that I'm not in the market for a new pickup truck. 

Friday, June 11, 2021


 People are leaving Louisiana.  A poor business climate, coupled with a Democrat governor and a huge welfare population, and Louisiana is mired in the bad mix of poor roads, bad taxes and mo job prospects.  For many years we have bemoaned the lack of candor from our politicians.

There is an article that ranks the states for out-migration, and they have Louisiana listed as the 12th worst state for out-migration.  The other contenders are Massachusetts, Iowa, North Dakota, Michigan, California, Ohio, Kansas, Connecticut, New York, Illinois, and (drumroll) the state with the largest our-migration problem, New Jersey.

Lots of folks want to blame the hurricanes for the problem of people leaving Louisiana, but I note that both Texas and Florida have the same climate, the same hurricanes, and they're attracting people.  The weather has nothing to do with it.  It is the business climate and the politics, plain and simple.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Doc Fauci, Again

 Poor ol' Doc Fauci, the media darling, is once again the news, getting testier and testier as his work is revealed for all to see.  I was watching Fox Nation this morning, and listened to an interesting episode of Hannity, where I caught this screen-grab.

And, because I need a couple of sources, I went over to National Review and found the article in question.  It's got links and if you're interested, jump on over.

In a newly resurfaced paper from 2012, Dr. Anthony Fauci argued that the benefits of gain-of-function research are worth the increased risk of a potential pandemic-causing lab accident. 

Really, Doc?  How's that working out for you?  Millions dead worldwide from a lab leak that many people believe that you funded with American taxpayer dollars.


Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Aviation 101

I've been watching this guy's channel for a month of so, and I really enjoy it.  He's a general aviation enthusiast, and he tours the country in his Cessna Skyhawk, 80991.  He talks about safe, adventurous aviation.  Staying current and proficient.

If you like this sort of thing, enjoy.  It's a huge channel, and you could binge it if you're stuck out on a production rig somewhere.

Shooting A Tire

I didn't know that Widener's had a YouTue channel.  And, I didn't know that they had a blog.  Cool stuff

At any rate, they decided to shoot a tire for the fun of doing that.

Thanks, Jason, or the heads-up.

I'm Not Paying For That

Say what you will about Bill Maher, but sometimes he stumbles on to a real gem.  Like this rant about the current state of higher education.

Thanks, Termite.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Doing Chores

 I've been doing chores most of the day, taking care of domestic tasks that need doing.  Belle still works, probably will never fully retire, but I've become fond of retirement, so the household chores revert to me.  No matter, I didn't marry her for her house-keeping.

Between chores, Ill sit down at the computer (I said I was working at it, I never said I was working hard at it.) and surf the news.  It looks like that dick-head, Fauci has been lying to us.  

Dr. Anthony Fauci spent over a year publicly dismissing the theory that COVID-19 originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but more than a year ago he briefed world leaders that the virus may have leaked from the lab.

I can understand the science changing.  But, telling us one thing, and telling Europe health leaders something else is called lying.   Like mush of America, I've been watching the revelations coming out of the intelligence from China, and I'm convinced of a number of things.  One, it is entirely possible that Chinese scientists were fiddling with the genomes of that virus to make it more lethal.  Two, it is also entirely possible that Fauci was knee-deep in funding that research, simply because it is illegal to do gain-of-function research in the US and he thought that the knowledge gained was valuable to know.  Third, it is entirely possible (indeed, probably beyond any reasonable doubt) that the virus accidentally leaked from that lab. Fourth, and most damning, I believe that everything that Fauci has done in the past year was to reduce his visibility as to his deep knowledge and funding of  that research.  He may not be guilty of the crime, but he is certainly an accessory.

Fauci should be immediately fired, discredited, and his medical license (if he has one) revoked.  But, that will never happen. Fauci fits in perfectly with the Biden administration.  He's just another lying prick with a huge ego.

Monday, June 07, 2021

To Kill A Mockingbird

 No, not the novel.

Belle has been having a running battle with a mockingbird that thinks our backyard is his/her personal domain.  That bird harasses the cats, swoops down on Belle, and generally makes herself a nuisance.  Belle doesn't like mockingbirds to start with, and this one has gotten on her last nerve.

Yesterday, that bird was being a pest, and Belle says, rhetorically, "I need a BB gun."

I looked at her, and asked, "Really?:

"Yean", she says.  "That bird can't take a hint.  I need a BB gun."

When I was a stripling youth, I had a Crossman pellet rifle.  It was a wood-and-steel model, and it pumped up and I shot all manner of varmint with it.  Squirrels, blackbirds, starlings, that sort of thing.  I carried it and shot it for years, until it was completely worn out, and I had graduated to bigger weapons.

So, today I hied myself down to Wally-world and found a Crossman.  The Legacy 1000.  It comes with an el-cheapo scope. Really, a horrible little scope.  While my old Crossman was wood-and-steel, this one is plastic-and-plastic.  I suppose there is some steel in it somewhere.  And, I picked up some pellets.

It works like my old rifle.  Pump it to the desired level and load a pellet.  I checked the manual and it tells me that two pumps is about 550 fps, which should be sufficient for an errant mockingbird.  

Then, because I was in the shop and couldn't help myself, I took down an old campaign sign, put it against a steel backer, and let fly.  Three shots at 30 feet.

That's one ragged hole.  Not bad for a cheap rifle, a horrible scope, and an old man with bad eyes.

I'll teach Belle how to use it this afternoon.  I believe that the mockingbird just got a whole new set of problems.

Electric Cars

 Eaton Rapids Joe has a post up about electric cars.  It's a good read, and while not comprehensive, it highlights the problems we're going to have when we finally make the switch from gasoline to electric. The problems with that switch are legion.

It's bad enough that the batteries are expensive, and will surely wear out.  They use rare-earth minerals that are hard to dispose of, and the supply chain is simply not set up to deliver the amounts of raw materials and finished batteries that the market will demand.  On the other side of the supply chain is the question.  Many experts tell us that we will have to increase the capacity of our electric grid to deliver the kilowatts that the widespread use of electric cars will demand.

The short answer is "much more of everything".

These challenges are not insurmountable, and eventually we'll get there, if the market demands it.   My hope is that the next big leap will come, not from a big corporation, but from some dreamer tinkering in his garage.  Someone who has an inspiration and the perseverance to fail a thousand times before he finally gets it right.

The most common, most vital substance on this earth is water, and it is composed of two elements with high energy potential.  Oxygen and hydrogen.   My grandfather tinkered for years on an engine that would run on the hydrogen and oxygen generated from a bank of batteries.  He could make it run, but he could never generate enough power to make it pull itself.  He finally abandoned the project.  But, it worked, if not in the fashion he wanted it to work.  

We may get to electric cars one of these days, or we might have a tinkerer who has an "Ah-ha" moment and leads us in an entirely new direction.  Somewhere, someplace, and at some time, a Dr. Brown will invent a Mr. Fusion.  Then, we'll be off and running.