Sunday, December 26, 2021

24 Hours

 Belle and I left the house yesterday to travel t Jena (abut 45 minutes) to celebrate Christmas with her side of the family.  

Before leaving, we were in the shop gathering stuff we wanted to take.  I left my cell phone on the table.  After we had been driving for a few minutes, I realized I had left it, but continued.  Belle had hers, so we could communicate with the world, if necessary.

When we got home last night, we came into the house.  I haven' been to the shop, but will certainly be out there before noon.  My phone has been laying on the table fr nearly 24 hours.  And, it's fine.  I truly do not miss it.

My buddy Ternite, brought me Belle some oysters on Christmas Eve and we're cooking them today.  Some broiled, some fried, so I'll check the phone when we go out to c.  I spent the first 50 years of my life without a cell phone, and I have to remind myself sometimes that it is a convenience, not a leash.


Judy said...

Having worked a job where I was at the beck-n-call of the world with a pager and a radio, when on site. I just don't see the attraction. So my electronic tracking device/cell phone lives at the bottom of my purse usually off or the battery about to die.
My cell phone provider tells me they are about to stop supporting my dinosaur of a phone. Been look for the simplest of phones because that is all I do with it - call people or text when on the road. But everything I've seen has all kinds of BS I don't want.

BobF said...

Back cover page of my AMAC magazine (I'm an AARP hater) always tempts me with a no-frills flip style basic cell phone. One of these days,...