Sunday, February 28, 2021

Who Ya Going To Call?

 What happens when your police force is overwhelmed?

On Saturday night, a mob of antifa rioters ravaged the Pearl District of Portland, smashing windows and spray-painting anti-police messages on businesses, including a Safeway, a Starbucks, and a Chipotle, among others. Police resources to deal with the riot had been strained by multiple shootings in the city that same evening.

When a police force gets overwhelmed, the logical management technique it to start prioritizing  the response.  A shooting scene is more important than  public disturbance.  Especially when the mayor really doesn't want yo to stop the disturbance.  The business owners whose businesses were wrecked have soe choices, either rebuild o the location or somewhere else.  That is ow cities get "hollowed out", when businesses can' survive in crime-wracked places, they tend to leave.  To go somewhere that they are more likely to not be damaged by uncontrolled rioting.

It sounds to me like Portland is becoming a lawless city.  I've seen it happen before, and trying to placate the rioters never works.  Roof Koreans, anyone?

Sunday BUrgers

 I know it's February, and we're certain to get some more cold weather, but today it's mid-70s and partly cloudy.  I decided to crank up the griddle and make burgers for the crew.

I cooked them early and dropped them in a crock pot filled with beef broth.  That's a trick I learned when I was helping the chuck wagon at the local rodeo.  But, a burger is no good without bacon, so I dropped a couple of packs of good hog=meat on the griddle.

Then I prepped some lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese.  When the crew gets here, all we have to do is say grace.  

Y'all have a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Gun Contrl Czar?

I thought last year, Crazy Joe promised Beto that in a biden administration, Beto would be the gun-control guy?  I might be mistaken, but I thought I remembered that.

Our Second Amendment is under the strongest atack in my lifetime.

Friday, February 26, 2021


 Right now, we're in Crawfish season.

Seen On The Book of Face

 I cannot attest to the veracity, but it certianly caused me to chuckle.

It could have happened, right?


 So, the House yesterday passed some sort of bill, the Equality Act, that would seem to give preferential treatment, indeed government protection to LGBTQ issues.

The bill would amend federal law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, among other things. It would expand the arenas in which non-discrimination law applies and explicitly gut religious freedom protections.

I know, locally, that there are a group of religious ministers who met several months ago, during the time that the government was imposing restrictions on church attendance, and decided that they felt that those restrictions were both unconstitutional and un-Biblical. As such, they agreed to ignore those restrictions.

I also know of one local pastor who has the stated goal of being the first pastor in the area to lose his church's tax-exempt status if there is a conflict between the civil law and the Biblical injunctions.

This Act would not only burden religious freedom, but would cause problems in women's sports.

We wait patiently to see how if fares in the Senate.

Today in History

 On this date in 19991, elements o the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment slammed into elements of the Iraqi Army's Republican Guard divisions at a place on a map called 73 Easting.  It was a classic Armor/Cavalry battle that destroyed several divisions of the Iraqi army.

Your humble scribe was not there.  I was on active duty as an Operations Officer at Fort Polk, wishing I was there.

It doesn't seem like 30 years, does it?

Thursday, February 25, 2021

When I Win The Pwerball

When I win the Powerball, I'll need a way to get around.  I didn't know that Beech made a King Ranch Edition of the King Air.

This would absolutely be the very best way to get from my home to various gunfights across the United States.  I'd need a pilot, but maybe I could talk Termite into early retirement so he could fly me around the country.

Hey, everyone needs to dream, right?

Remembering the M3A1

 A great article over at Recoil magazine about the M3A1.

The old Grease Gun was named for its resemblance to the tool still used by mechanics today. Inspired by the British Sten and German MP40, and developed during early WWII, “the Greaser” was made almost entirely of stamped metal with only a couple of machined parts. Production cost was $15 per unit in 1943, equal to about $220 today. The Army touted it as more accurate than the Thompson, claiming a soldier firing an M3 full-auto offhand would keep 90 percent of his rounds inside a 6×6-foot target at 50 yards. We like to call this claim “absolute nonsense;” the Greaser was appreciated for its ability to spray an area with heavy .45 rounds, but nobody ever called it precise.

Nobody ever called it precise, but you could lay down a base of fire with it, and it was fairly easy to hit a half-silhouette at 50 meters.

The M3A1 was my favorite personal firearm during my Army years.  It was cheap, clunky, and inaccurate, but it was a helluva lot of fun to shot.  There was something cool about spraying .45 ball across the lndscape. 


 I don't do Twitter, so I don't know, but PJMedia tells me that the hashtag #FireFauci was trending yesterday.  Here's the headline.

'Fire Fauci' Trends on Twitter as His Mixed Messages and Inconsistencies Finally Get Called Out

Here's the deal with Fauci.  I don't believe anything he says anymore, because if I wait a couple of hours, whatever he says will change.  I understand that what he is doing is not an exact science, but his understanding of it should not change on an hourly basis. 

But, he probably cannot be fired.  He's a government worker, and is probably so ensconced in the Civil Service that he'll be there until he retires.  But, we can choose to ignore him, or mock him, or even write blog posts about how utterly inconsistent he has been.  He loves the media adulation, and he wants to be relevant, and once this pandemic is over, he'll go back to being a faceless functionary.

The world will be a better place when people forget who Anthony Fauci is.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Laser Target

 Belle bought us a laser target for fast draw practice that doesn't require ammunition. We have some laser cartridge's that we've used in the past, but this system takes it up one level, so that we can actually get times, and score hits and misses.  The system is sold through the Association website,   I already had the timers, so we only had to buy the laser target.

I spent part of this morning learning to set it up and calibrate it.  The learning curve is pretty flat once you read the instructions, but it does have to be calibrated to the ambient light levels.

We can use this for dry-fire practice at the club, and for teaching new shooters how to manipulate the revolver without having ammo involved.  I can see that the grandkids might have a lot of fun with this thing.  The target is 8" in diameter, which is a good size for learning reactive shooting.  It won't give shot placement, but won't give you a score if you miss it.


 The US Supreme Court has once again punted on the Pennsylvania election case, claiming that now that the election is over, the question is MOOT.  

Here’s the thing about this particular case in Pennsylvania. The legislature had voted and passed legislation that mandated ALL ballots, including absentee ballots, be received by 8pm on election night. Any ballots received after that deadline wouldn’t be counted. This was a well-known rule throughout Pennsylvania. 

 But then, the State Supreme Court got involved after Democrats sued. Suddenly, in the midst of the election, after ballots had already been sent out, the court moved the deadline to three days AFTER the election. Their reasons? Covid and the U.S. mail. Stupid reasons if you ask me. But that is what Pennsylvania’s court did. They arbitrarily overruled the legislation because reasons. What’s even worse about their ruling is it also opened the door to allowing ballots to be counted, even if no signature nor a valid postmark. But nothing to see here, no potential of election fraud whatsoever. None.

Here's the problem as I see it.  The legislature allowed these shenanigans.  The legislature had recourse, after the election date.  The US Constitution requires that the legislature meet after the election, to certify the results. If the legislature had refused to certify the results of the election based on the changes made in election procedures, the result would have been that Pennsylvania would have sent no electors to the Electoral College.

Likewise, in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, et al, if those legislatures had refused to certify the results to the election.  There would have been a huge uproar, but it would have been Constitutional,  The legislature holds the responsibility to certify the results of the elections in their respective states, and that certification should be more than a rubber-stamp..

As much as I rail at the Supreme Court, they may have backed into the correct conclusion.  The certification of an election rests with the legislature.  If the legislature fails to hold the election officials accountable, then why should the Supreme Court hold them accountable?

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Elon Musk Responds

 There are reports that Elon Musk has moved to Texas.  When seeking conformation, Musk responded with a reply that many should use when talking to the media.

Oh, snap.

Illegal In The Topic Should Be A Clue

Senator Hawley asks Judge Merrick Garland if illegal border crossing should be a crime.  Garland acts like this is a brand-new legal concept.  Something he has never considered.

C'mon, Judge, this isn't a trick question.  The word "illegal" is right there in the description.

Is illegal border crossing a crime?  Merrick Garland doesn't seem to know.

Thank God he wasn't confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

That Vaccine

 I'm on the list.  Both Belle and I qualify, and I went to our local apothecary and signed up.  They'll call me in a couple of weeks.  However, the Great Southern Ice Storm made last week a No-Go, so I'll be that the timeline was pushed back a week.

I'm not scared of the vaccine.  The Army poked a lot of stuff in my arm that didn't make much sense.  One time they gave me a shot for Black Plague.

"Where are you sending me that I need a Black Plague shot?"

"Nowhere, but it's not in your records, so you get one."

However, ny buddy Termite sent me this interesting graphic that sums up the feeling of a bunch of people.

I'm sure this will be an instant classic among the pre-school set.

The New Industry - What Is Normal?

A year ago, we didn't know who Anthony Fauci was.  A faceless bureaucrat, with a known name among a very limited scholarly circle, he is now the face of Medical Science in America.  We now know that he is the highest paid civil servant in the US, making something north of $400K per year, and he's a darling of the news cycle.  There is no doubt that he is enoying his clelbrity.  Along with a bevy of "experts" who we knew nothing about a year ag.

Since the introduction of the Wu-Flu last year, we have learned a lot about a virus that has now killed more than a half-million Americans.  A year ago, I had no clue what an N-95 mask might be.  I remember seeing someone in a grocery store with a face covering and thought that was unbelievably odd.

We've now created an industry to fight the virus, and it spans the economy from the big giants who are making the vaccines to the tiny entrepreneur who is making face coverings on a  Singer sewing machine.  We have also destroyed some industries, and crippled others.

I am struck by the number of bureaucrats who have found good work in this industry, the industry of infection, and I"m wondering what they are going to do when we finally decide that we've had enough of fear.  They certainly don't want to lose their jobs.  Once we beat this thing, what will the Senior Advisor on Covid Response do for a  living.  All across state and local governments, are we ust going to fire these people?  Or, are they going to keep it going as long as possible.

Below, Dr. Anthony Fauci on when we might get back to normal.  He doesn't want this to end.

I am reminded of what Ronald Reagan said:
“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth!”

If we want to get back to normal, we're just going to have to make the decision to get back to normal, government be damned.  This "14 days to slow the spread" has lasted a whle year now, and I've had abut enough of it. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

'BE LESS WHITE': Coca-Cola's RACISM in 'Anti-Racism' Course | The News &...

If you're not watching The News And Why It Matters, on Blaze TV, you're missing out.  Tonight her guest is Cahd Prather, and they're talking abut Coke and other things.

Schumer Spews Stupididty

 It appears that Chuck Schumer doesn't have enough to keep him busy, so he spent some time this weekend talking smack about Texas.

“The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go it alone and built a system that ignored climate change,” Schumer said during a Lower East Side press conference, referring to the state’s decision to stay off the country’s national power grid.

“It was not what’s called resilient, and now Texas is paying the price,” Schumer said.

“I hope they learned a lesson,” he added.

I wouldn't bet against Texas, Chuckie.   If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Texas learns whatever lessons that come from this storm, and they won't be caught flat-footed again. I'd bet that Governor Abbot and the state legislature give this event plenty of attention and make plans to make usre it doesn't ahppen again.

Don't Mess With Texas.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Anti-Woke Backlash

 So, I'm reading about this "anti-woke" backlash, and I'm wondering.

I'm the most un-woke guy you ever saw, and frankly, I'm amazed that so many people buy into the idea that ... well... Let me give you an idea.

1619 Project - Bullshit
More than two genders - Bullshit.
Climate change - Bullshit
Cancel Culture - Bullshit.
Systemic Racism - Bullshit.

Most of what passes for liberal talking points today is Bullshit.  The beauty of America is that you have a right to spout bullshit if you want to.  And I have a right to call it bullshit.  You can call me a xenophobe, or a racist, or a misogynism, or any number of any other woke epithets, but if you have no concrete evidence, then you're a jackass.  And, at that point, your argument is bullshit.

A lot of folks have an advantage on me.  I can't cancel my Twitter account.  I have had one.  Likewise my Disney Plus account.  I never gave them my money anyway.

But,if what I'm reading has any basis in reality, the woke warriors are getting a little heat, and that is just exactly what they should be getting when they're spouting bullshit.

Shooting in Metarie

 It appears that someone walked into a gun shop in Metarie, LA and started shooting people.  It didn't end well for the people, nor the shooter.  Two people died before staff and customers gunned him down. 

I'm sure we'll learn more in the coming days, but opening fire in a gun store is a sure recipe for disaster.  Unless disaster is what he intended in the first place.  If the guy intended to commit suicide, hecould have done it in the privacy of his own living room.

What an utter waste.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Biden’s Press Secretary Who Tweeted Take Guns & Yes to Gun Registration,...

You gotta get a kick our of watching Jen "Circle Back" Psaki.

It appears, even at this early date, that the biden administration is one of elitists who want to remake America in their own interestts.  

Colion breaks it down.

Shoveling Ice

 By my reckoning, the last time I shoveled ice was during the winter of 1979 at Fort Knox,, KY.  I was 25 yers old.  Today I shoveled ice again, and now I'm 67.

I haven't been in the shop for a couple of days, and I needed to get in there today and make sure that we sustained no damage.  The shop is about a foot above the level of the house, and it was an uphill trek across slippery, thawing ice, so I found a flat shovel and started moving the inch or so of ice that remained on the north side of the building.  The north side doesn't get any sunsine and the ice might stay there for another day or so.

Now, I can get into the shop from the front of from the side.  Two days ago all that was covered in ice, but the sun came out for a little while yesterday  and it's shining nicely out there right now  Everything that is suny has melted, it is only the shaded areas that still have ice.

The roof of the shop has a 4:12 pitch and the ice on the roof is sliding during the melt.  All this will be gone in another couple of days and the Winter Storm of 2021 will pass into memory.

SuddenLink came back up today at 0930 local, almost precisely 60 hours after it went down.

SuddenLink still sucks.

The Ted Cruz/Andrew Cuomo Story

 Andrew Cuomo killed a bunch of people through his mis-guided nursing home policies.

Tedd Cruz took his daughters to Cancun for a few days.

What is the legacy media interested in?  You guessed it.  The unplanned trip to Cancun.

I agree that the optics are bad on the Cancun trip, but what was Ted supposed to do?  He's not the governor, nor even a city councilman.  He certainly doesn't have anything to do with the electric grid and he absolutely can't control the weather.  There was absolutely nothing he could do to mitigate the disaster, so he took his daughters to somewhere they could thaw out.

Cuomo, on the other hand, sustained a policy that led to the deaths of thousands, then actively fudged the numbers to hide it.

And now, the mainstream media wonders why nobody trusts them?  Why we think they are all a bunch of hacks?  Because they are a bunch of hacks.

In other news, we're thawing out in central Louisiana.  There is still plenty of ice haging around (and I do mean hanging.  Things might get exciting when it starts to fall.)  And, SuddenLink Communictions  has now been out since 2130, Wednesday 02/17/21.

SuddenLink sucks.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Two Earthquakes

 Two earthquakes today, one near Eagle Pass TX, the other near Manchester, OK.

I'm no geologist and have no idea what these two mean, or even if hey're connected, but it is interesting.

SuddenLink Is The Worst

 Here in he local area, the only cable TV provider is SuddenLink Communications.  Just as soon as the weather gets bad, they go offline for no apparent reason and stay down for several days.  SuddenLink provides my TV and internet..  They're the only game in town, and the corporate climate in that company is such that they hold the customer in contempt.

For the past 36 hours, I've been operating from a mobile hotspot, and that is not acceptable, not while I'm paying SuddenLink for services.  Using my cell phone for internet service, I can go online and find out that I have a service outage in my area.  But, they can't tell me when it might be restored.  If I want a service credit for an outage, I have to apply for it.

Yeah, I know that we just came through a winter storm.  But, we also came through several hurricanes last yea, and most of the cable and infrastructure is brand new.  During this winter storm, we had a couple of power outages, but they were understandable, and lasted a total of about four hours.  The electrical crews were out during the worst of it, making sure that their customers had power.  I cannot say enough good things about Cleco, our power provider.  

I can't say enough bad things about SuddenLink, our communications provider.

SuddenLink Sucks.

At this point, my TV/Internet/Phone has been down since 2130 local, Wednesday, 2/17/21.  I'll keep track until it comes back up.  I'll need this to apply for a credit.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Joe Biden Tells Congress To Ban AR-15s and Enact Other Gun Control to De...

Day Four

 Day Four of this continuing disaster that is Winter Storm 2021.  We currently have electricity, but the cable-TV is down, along with internet.  I'm currently working with a mobile hotspot.

The weather-weenies tell us that we should start to thaw out later today and it will progress quickly tomorrow.  That's great.  I got off this acre for an hour on Tuesday before it got rally bad, and cabin fever is a real thing.

Military and Police

 No, not the guns, although Smith and Wesson has been using hat trademark for years.

Those are two of the groups that president biden defines as "white supremacists".

It seems that the broad brush of "white supremacy" is getting wider.  It includes all supporters of Private Citizen Trump.  I, for one, an sick of it.

When the only tool in your box is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  When the only tool you have in your box is race, everything looks like racism.  That's the only tool they have left, and they're trying to divide everyone into two camps.  Racists and Them.

I'm not very astute, politically, but when those in power start dividing people along racial lines, I feel a storm brewing.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

2nd Amendment Talk

This is a daily podcast I've been watching for a couple of weeks.   The News and Why It Matters, on Blaze TV.   Today they are talking about the A and the biden administration plans for infringement on the 2nd Amendment.  Watch the whole thing.

Out of Power

 Out of power at 1355 local  Oh, joy.

Back up at 1445 local.  This is better.

Out of power 2045 local

Back up at 2330 local.

RIP, Rush

 It's being reported everywhere that Rush Limaugh is dead.  

Well.  My condolences to his family.  I've been listening to Rush since the late '80s.

AOC Is Daft

 Always good for a cringe-worthy laugh, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweetes this morning.

Governor Abbot of Texas got some kind of green award last week,  This woman is so crazy that even the mildly insane don't want to be associated with her.

Pretty Colors

 Our weather map is covered inn pretty colors.  Colors that I don't like to see.  Outside right now, freezing rain.

We're okay right now.  The power is on, the laundry is done,  and I'm about to make a big cup of hot cocoa.  If things go sideways in the house, my fall-back position is well stocked with propane and munchies.  We're going to be okay.

Pray For Texas

 When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time outdoors.  Much of it alone, or at least without adult supervision.  My Dad believed that I should have certain skills, and one of the skills he taught me was to build a fire,  If you're cold, build a fire.

I love Texas.  I think that it is a great state, full of hope and promise  If Belle hadn't found me when she did, I"d likely be in Texas right now.  Somewhere between Austin and Fort Hood.  It's beautiful country, well-watered, and very amenable to living.  But Texas forgot how to build a fire.

Can you make electricity with a solar panel?  Sure you can, that's not new technology. You can do lots of things with the power of the sun, when the sun is shining.  Can you use a windmill to generate power?  Sure, that's not new either.  As long as the temperatures are moderate, you can use the wind for lots of things.

But, when it gets cold, you need to build a fire.  It makes no sense to be so reliant on wind or solar that you can't generate electricity when it is dark or cold.  You still need the ability to build a fire.  With coal, or gas, or oil, a fire will generate electricity in the dark and the cold.  Texas is learning that lesson this week.  I understand that their governor waants emergency hearings in Austin next week, and that's good.

Wind an solar work great, right up to the minute when they don't.  Build a fire.

Kamala Lies

 Kamala Harris, the VP for biden, was caught in a lie.

Of course she was.  That is her trade-in-stock.  She's been lying for years.  The story here is that someone actually called her on it.  In other news, fire is hot and ice is cold.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

HR 127 - Because You Asked

Someone asked me to talk about HR 127, supposedly authored by that idiot, Sheila Lee (Dumbass-TX).  This is the most horrific piece of gun control egislation I've ever seen.  It's almost all the Democrat wet-dreams rolled intone infrigement after another.

I'd talk about it, but I'd get a Red Curtain of Blood moment, so I'll let Colion shake it down for you.

They are going to pull out all the stops to try and get gun control done.  The next two years may be a very trying time for the 2A community.

It's Mardi Gras

Oh, Mardi Gras, the Fat Tuesday before lent.  Many believe that the festival in New Orleans was the event that brought the Wu-Flu into Louisiana,

The parades are cancelled this year in many places, especially inn New Orleans.  I'm not sure how Mamou is celebrating this year, but we can enjoy this video from the celebrations past.

The inclement weather is keeping PawPaw at home today, but we'll listen to some Cajun music.

Weather Update

 So, on this bright, beautiful Tuesday morning, we get sunshine.  That's better.  Maybe things will start to thaw out.  Belle and I still have power, whichis a blessing.  I know lots of folks, especially in west Texas who are being challenged right now.

I did notice a weird spot on my Honda that didn't seem to take the freezing rain/sleet.  Odd that one place on the windshield is free of frost.  It's not under a drip, or is there anything else might explain it.

That vehicle hasn't been started since Saturday, before the ice storm started. Yet there is that one patch on the windshield that is ice free.  I wonder if something in the dash is warm ad causing a convection?

Online Dating

 The Bayou Renaissance Man has a post up about online dating sites.  It appears that some of them aren't honest about who is talking to who.  Imagine that!  Let me tell you a story:

Back in 2001, I had a female acquaintance who was convinced her boyfriend was cheating on her.  She knew what he liked, and she knew that he regularly traveled for business, and asked for my help.

I was amused at the challenge, so we set up a fake account on a dating site that we thought he might be using.  Over the course of a couple of weeks, she looked at the contacts on that posting, and began chatting with a man that she thought was her boyfriend, who was also using an alias.

She agreed to meet him at a lounge in a nice hotel near where he was on a business trip.  She did, in fact, drive across the state to keep the date, met him at the appointed place, and broke up with him on the spot.  I understand that it was quite a dramatic event, at least from her telling me the details later. Evidently, she caused quite a scene in the lounge.  It was an Oscar-winning performance.

So, the idea that dating sites are a false-flag operation is nothing new.  In online dating, as in all other affairs of the heart, caveat emptor.

Why I Don't Trust The Media

 I learned a long time ago not to trust anything I hear in the media.  It stems from a carer of experience when I was standing at the scene of a crime, and a reporter arrived.  Reading the report in the paper later, I was astounded that the reporter and I were standing on the same city block.  They were there, and we both saw it, and they got it all wrong.

On January 6th, we all witnessed the horrific scene of the US Capitol being overrun by rioters.  We're ntill not sure what motivated them, but we know the basic reporting was wrong.  And, the erroneous reporting was wrong for political reasons.  They told us that a police officer had been murdered, Officer Brian Sicknick dies as a result of his injuries after having been beaten with a fire extinguisher.

Now, as it turns out, we learn that he died from a stroke.  His death is no less regrettable, and as a retired police officer, I mourn his loss  Too many good officers die too young, and Officer Sicknick is a good example of a fine man who died too young.

But, this new information was kept hushed up for over a month. They knew what killed hi on January 8th, but the spectacle of him laying in state in the Capitol, and the political drama of Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer decrying his death was a magnificent political opportunity to use as a cudgel against President Trump.

They lied.  They used the regrettable death of a good man as political leverage.  He was not beaten with a fire extinguisher, he wan't covered in blood, the was not a casualty of the riot.  

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the New York Times, the Washington Post, all used the death of a good man to political advantage.  They lied to us.  That act alone makes them unfit for political power.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Weather Update

 Last night we got a combination of mostly sleet with a light dusting of snow.  About an inch, I reckon, or a little more.  Today was overcast and never got above freezing.  The sleet is still on the ground, and it's hard-packed.  Solid.  The roads are covered, and traffic is unbelievably light.  No one knows how to drive in this stuff, and (according to the local Sheriff's office) not even the wrecker operators are venturing out.

Seriously, I know my readers in more northerly climes are amused, but this is the worst winter storm that many of our citizens have experienced in their lifetimes.  They have no experience to gauge this event against.  Normally, we get a light dusting of snow or ice, then the sun comes out and it melts away by the afternoon.  Not this, it's still on the ground, and it's unprecedented.

Tonight should be a joy.  It's getting down to 12F, but should warm up to freezing tomorrow.

We're okay.  There have been very few power outages, and we're not affected at all.  The house is warm and we have food.  If it actually gets down to 12F tonight, that should set some kind of record.  Then we have a good chance of winter precipitation on Wednesday/Thursday.

But, by Saturday, it's supposed to be in the 60s.  So, we will have had one week of winter, and that's enough for me.

Dakota Access

 Fox Business is reporting that president biden is considering shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline.  The Dakota Access pipeline has been operating safely for three years and carries crude oil from the Bakken shale to Illinois.

There is no reason to shut it down.  It's operating just fine, and even if it wasn't operating, that 30: pipe would still be in the ground. Shutting it down now would be arbitraty, capricious, ad would hit all Americas in the pocket book.  

Agricultural economist Elaine Kub said in a legal filing last fall that shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline would cost Corn Belt farmers more than $1 billion in annual revenue and “drive up food costs for consumers” as oil would command key space on railroad cars needed to transport agricultural products long distances.

The most efficient way to move oil is by pipeline.  If it must move by rail, it will displace grain that normally moves by train,  driving up shipping costs from the grain belt to consumers. 

If president biden (not capitalizing him is a stylistic choice) closes this pipeline, he's simply being mean and hateful.


 I woke this morning to a good sign.  The lights are on, and I heard thunder.  Thunder?  Was it raining?

We're accustomed to thunder, it happens all the time.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside.too look at the weather.  20F, and that's pretty damned cold for us, and saw the ground is covered in white.

Stuck my hand out in the weather.  Sleet.Then I heard the thunder rumble again, off to the west.  A sleet thunderstorm.  I've lived around here a long time, and I've never seen anything like this.

The weather map is pretty, all blues and pinks.

We're okay.  We have power and food and the coffee is hot.  But this is the damnedest weather I've ever seen.

The S&W No.3 Russian Model Made at Tula in Russia

I didn't realize that the Russian .44 was the reason that a .44 caliber cartridge now shoots a 0.429 bullet. (Yeah, your .44 Magnum is really a .43 caliber, but that is just the way things are.)

Of course, the most modern example today of a heeled bullet is the .2LR

Fascinating stuff.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Winter Weather

 I don't think it's that bad out there yet, but when Joe Bastardi says it's going to be bad, I should probably pay attention.

It might get bad, or it might be 85F by Thursday. Anything is possible I guess.

Sunday Lunch

 On a cold dreary Sunday morning, the question becomes what we're going to do for lunch.  This type weather deserves quick, easy, hearty and warm, so we decided to make a dump soup in the crock pot.

Cheesy Enchilada Soup


One rotisserie chicken, bought at the local grocers.
6 cans Progresso Chicken Cheese Enchilada Soup
2 cans Original RoTel
2 cans whole kernel corn, drained.


Peel that chicken off the bone, shred or cut into bite-sized pieces.  Dump all that soup, corn and  RoTel into the crock pot.  Heat till warm.  Serve with corn chips, or saltine crackers., and top with shredded cheese.

Okay, Now What?

 The Democrats are officially in control of the  Albeit by the slimmest of margins. Their latest bout of insanity only showed that there are Republican senators who despise Donald Trump, for any one of a variety of reasons, but the wisdom of the Founders prevailed.

What are they going to do now?  For a party who won a presidency, yet lost ground almost everywhere else, they sure seem to be angry.  They don't have time to be angry.  They have work to do.  For example, ISIS is suddenly back.  A review of the gas pumps shows us that fuel prices are climbing.  The Biden administration is slighting our staunchest ally.  And, Tehran is getting closer to developing nukes.

And, of course, Covid still stalks the land.  I would think that with all these challenges, the party in power would start to focus o the real issues that plague the country, not bugaboo issues like trying to impeach a private citizen.  But of course, that issue is settled, at great expense, both monetarily and psychologically. 

The US has a lot of problems that should be immeiately resolved, but it appears that all the Democrats want to do is chase bugaboo issues.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Senator Bill Cassidy is Despicable

 Fox News is reporting that Senator Bill Cassidy (RINO-LA) has voted to convict Private Citizen Trump in the Senate kangaroo trial.

Bill Cassidy is despicable, a Democrat who ran as a Republican.  to get elected, then ran on Trump's coat-tails to get re-elected.  

I voted twice for Bill Cassidy, but I'll never make that mistake again.  He does not represent Louisiana.  

If it is possible to eject him from the Republican Party, we should do so immediately.  

Weather Watch

 We're hunkering down for a cold weekend.  Not so cold to y'all in the frozen North, but cold to us Cajun bayou dwellers.  Honestly, we normally don't have cold weather except for a couple of hours, several ties during the winter.

I ain't complaining.  Just stating the obvious.  As a young man, I lived in Kentucky, and was there during the blizzard of 78, when the temps never climbed out of the 20s for 25 consecutive days.  When that tie was over, I came back to Louisiana ad threw away most of my winter gear.  Most of the time a light jacket and a flannel shirt is all that I need.  Yesterday, I dug out a heavy coat that I put away several years ago.

I'n hoping that 14F on Monday is a mis-print.  Since Belle and I moved into this house, the coldest it has gotten was 17F.  Several years ago  We didn't enjoy that much.

Belle did send me out to the store to puck up cat food, and I was amazed at the other shoppers.  The parking lot was full, and it looked like they were gearing up for an apocalypse.  I've seen it calmer just before a hurricane.

It's like I tell the dog.  We're going to be okay.  Just maybe uncomfortable for a little bit.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sunday Weather

 It appears that this weekend is going to be truly crappy.  NOAA is calling for freezing fain, ice, and all manner of Frozen North type joyousness.

We ain't cut our for this.  We're good at warm, humid, and blistering sun.  I see a big pot of chili and soups in my immediate future.


 Pore ol' Jen Psaki, the press secretary that is filling Kayleigh McEneny's spot.  By that, I mean standing in the spot where Kayleigh used to stand. In many cases, Psaki shows daily that she is in over her head, and the Peter principle is strong in her career.  Psaki is both amusing, and cringe-worthy on a dark level.  She is clearly inept, yet they keep trotter her out.  She "circles-back" so much she must surely have vertigo.

For some reason, the issue of the school re-opening is being discussed at the daily briefings, and she clearly does not understand that schools are a local issue.  People elect school board members to represent them at the district level, and they decide things like school opening and closing.  The school boards work with the to coordinate activities.  The has no play here.

I was listening to Psaki the other day, and she laid out some metrics for successfully reopening schools, and I noted that my particular school district is already surpassing the metrics.  We're open.  My youngest grandson is in school five days per week.

Psaki needs to quit pretending that schools are a federal issue.  The local school boards are quite adept now at reading CDC guidelines and deciding when to open or close schools.  

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Yawn Fest

 It seems that while the Senate Dems go through their kabuki theater, the Republicans aren't really into it.

Some Republican Senators are being criticized for not sitting in rapt attention as Democrats make their case for impeachment. One Republican was seen chewing gum on the floor. Another was nodding off (just like half the viewers).

I haven't watched it today and don't intend to.  As a cop, I have sat politely through many hours of arcane legal proceedings, watching attorneys take care of he procedural minutia of the Courts.  It's all important work, but not unlike watching paint dry.

Were I a sitting Senator, I'd probably be in my office, doing something productive.  I suppose those Senators who are dozing off are giving th proceeding the attention it deserves.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Is There Anything Coffee Won't DO?

 New research tends to indicate that one or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day may lower the risk of hear failure.  That's great news.  I may never die.

We note that coffee has other attributes as well.  Several years ago when one of the grandkids was  an infant, his momma noted over Sunday dinner that the baby might be constipated.

"Give him a cup of coffee ad a cigarette."  one of the uncles remarked, "That always works for me."

Belle told us to mind our manners.

The Mavericks?

 The Mavericks?  Never heard of them.   But I understand that they're owned by some guy named Cuban, who simply decided to not play the National Anthem before home games.

His team, his rules.  Like I say, I've never watched them, and I decidedly do not have a dawg in this hunt.

Back in the day, I used to pester the basketball coach at the high school that basketball was a girls game.  Girls played it.

"How about baseball?" He'd ask, knowing that I love baseball.

"Nope.  Girls play softball.  Totally different game."

"Well", by this time he was starting to get pissed.  "How about soccer?"

"Yep, girls game."  I'd reply.  "Boys play football and baseball.  Everything else is a girl's game."

And that's how I made friends aong the coaching staff.

But, whether or not Mark Cuban wants to play the National Anthem?  Doesn't matter t me.  Basketball is a girl's game.

Ice Storm?

 There are some things we never want to see on a Louisiana weather forecast.  Ice Storm.  And, it's on the forecast for Monday.

Oh, yeah, that's what we need. An ice storm.  That'll be great.

What Next?

 The drama of the Senate trial is continuing, as the Democrats lose their collective minds, joined by six squishy Republicans to continue this Stalin-esque show trial.  I feel that the glue of their unceasing hatred for al things Trump is all that's keeping the party from arguing amongst themselves at this point.

The point, of course, is to sully Private Citizen Trump so that he won't run for office again.  Honestly, I could't blame him for fading into political obscurity and spending his golden years in semi-retirement.

Anyone with a lick of common sense can see the blatant unconstitutionality of this trial.  With Senator Leahy acting as both judge and juror, the supreme moot-ness of the proceedings, we have to ask ourselves what the Democrats hop to achieve.

I know that for myself, this entire proceeding has revealed some flaws in my own voting record.  I once voted for Mitt Romney; that will never happen again.  I once voted for Bill Cassidy, and I'll not make that mistake ever again.  Having an open mind is one thing, having an empty mind is something else entirely.

So, knowing that a conviction is all but impassible, we have to ask ourselves what the end-game might be.  Next week, they won't have Trump to hate on anymore, and they will have to settle down and govern a terribly divided nation.  For all Biden's talk of unity, I admit that I haven't seen anything that makes me want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

This week, the political process is like watching paint dry.  It's pointless.  Next week, what else are they going to come up with?

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Bill Cassidy Swaps Sides

 CNN is reporting that Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy voted that the impeachment of  Private Citizen Trump is constitutional.

Bill Cassidy is about a worthless sonofabitch.  He purports to represent m in the US Senate, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I just got on his Senate website and sent him the following message.

I see that CNN is reporting that you voted that the impeachment of Private Citizen Trump is constitutional. What the hell is wrong with you?  You ran on Trump's coat-tails and gained re=election, and now you vote against him?  Why don't you go ahead and change your party to Democrat?

I'm sure I'll get an email from his staff. 

It's a Puzzle

 It seems that folks are trying to figure out why the Super Bowl had the lowest viewer count in 15 years.

The puzzling drop in sports TV viewership continues with the Super Bowl falling to its lowest numbers in 15 years.

Puzzling?  Okay, start taking notes.  There is a significant portion of your viewers who don't want to listen to social justice, wokeness, virtue-signaling, and protests on Sunday afternoon.  They want to watch football.  Just football.  They want to take a break from everything and just watch football. 

Lately, watching the NFL is all about social justice bullshit, with lefty-leaning commentators.  I don't want to watch that, so I don't.  I haven't watched and NFL gme in over five years.

So, there is your answer.  Don't let it be a puzzle, hiding an enigmas, shrouded in mystery.  It's simple.  

Arctic Blast

 As we turn from watching the train wreck of politics and the Biden administration, we watch the weather.  It is February, after all, and purportedly winter.   Today on the back porch, it's foggy and in the 60s.  The daytime temps are supposed to climb into the 70s.

But, the weather-weenies are telling us that an arctic blast is on the way, and are still in disagreement about when  it will get here and the severity, and the precipitation.

Here is a GFS ap that purpoorts to show the front line on Thursday morning.

This could get real interesting, real quick.  The models disagree on the speed of the front, some tell us that it will be here on Sunday, others that it will slow down and get here on Tuesday.

I have guns to clean, so I'd best be getting after it.

Monday, February 08, 2021

Break My Will?

David Ismay is a Massachusetts climate official who believes that it is the government's responsibility to "break their will" when it comes to climate change.  

“60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person up the street, the senior on a fixed income, right? There is no bad guy left. At least in Massachusetts to point the finger at or turn the screws on and break their will so they stop emitting. That’s you. We have to break your will.”

Don't believe me?  Watch the clip below.  It comes from a Zoom meeting. 

That's the goal of climate change now, to break my will.  

Dave says that he can't say it publicly, but I bet that the MA officials are having some very interesting meetings this morning.  Hopefully, they will break Dave Ismay's will, and let him join the ranks of the Biden unemployed.

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Putting Together a Lower

 A buddy of mine showed up today for lunch with a mostly-stripped lower, and a complete parts kit.  I've never put one together, but I happen to have a grandson who eats at my table, ad is a school-trained Small Arms Repairer, MOS 91F.  It took a bit over an hour, and there was a learning curve.  It appears that in MOS school, they never started with a stripped lower.  But, we got it all together.

There seems to be a problem wit the bolt hold-open.  My buddy believes that he got a defective part in the kit.  I don't know.  But, we put my upper on it and ran three rounds though it.  It goes bang, and that's done.

I wished I had taken pictures, but I didn't think about it unit the chore was over.

I see that there are some tools that would have made the job a bit easier, so I went over to Brownells and ordered the kid an Armorers Essential Kit. and a set of screwdrivers.  He's worth it, and it would have made this job a whole lot easier.

That's how I spent my Sunday afternoon.  

Be Careful What You Wish FOr

 Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman Republican Congresswoman out of Georgia.  She has made some incendiary statements in the past, and was still elected by her district to represent them.  Last week, she was stripped of her committee assignments by the Democratic majority.  You an make of this what you will.  Some are arguing that our lawmakers in Congress should express sound political thinking, and that stripping Greene of her committee assignments was the proper thing to do.

But Greene is an elected member of the House of Representatives, an elite lawmaking branch of the U.S. government. There are only 434 other people in the country who hold this position. If it’s wrong to punish her for the views she expressed on political subjects, then democracy itself is wrong: Picking and choosing leaders who have sound opinions is the whole point.

Fair enough, if that's what he believes, bu everyone should remember that political power is a tenuous thing, and that it ebbs and flows over time.  Others of us are taking notes on how that power is wielded.

“He wanted Democrats to do what he was too afraid to do — remove Greene from committees — and a political boogeyman to blame so it wouldn’t fall on him, which is what he got,” he said. “And he wanted the precedent so that he can exercise the same power without any limitation or reservation if he ever has a Speaker’s gavel.”

I hope that Kevin McCarthy got what he wanted - for the Democrats to strip Greene of her committees.  We know that some Democrats are known for making outrageous statements about politics   He should be taking notes  Power ebbs and flows, and one day he might be the Speaker.  As my mother used to say, "Turn about is fair play."  Democrats may rue the day.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

What's Fer Lunch, PawPaw

 Grandson Quinton and I decided to play on the griddle today, so I cut up some chicken, bell peppers and onions to make fajitas.  Quinton made something he calls a "southwestern sauce" with Ranch dressing, sriracha sauce and bacon bits.  After the chicken and vegies were cooked, he put the sauce over the chicken and let it cook down with the chicken, then added sharp cheddar cheese to melt across the whole mess.

We ate it with flour tortillas, washed down with soda pop.  My belly is full now, and I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of the day.


 So, this column in the LA Times seems just a little bit sad.  Perhaps it deserves a response.

Oh, heck no. The Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway, who seem as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans, just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.

And?  He's being neighborly.  He doesn't expect anything except a thank-you.

 But I can offer a standing invitation to make amends. Not with a snowplow but by recognizing the truth about the Trump administration and, more important, by working for justice for all those whom the administration harmed. Only when we work shoulder to shoulder to repair the damage of the last four years will we even begin to dig out of this storm.

So, the question becomes: Who did the Trump administration hurt?  I'm not asking about hurt feelings, I'm asking about quantifiable harm?  I'm happy to stand with anyone and demand redress, but first we have to define the harm.   From my perspective, I can show that the Biden administration, through acts of intent or neglect, have harmed more people in two weeks than the Trump administration harmed in four years.  I'm willing to be convinced otherwise, but I need specific evidence 

But, in the fianl analysis, your neighbor doesn't want to make amends.  He has done nothing wrong.  He only plowed your driveway so that you could get into your "pandemic getaway", which happens to be net to his home.  He's a nice guy, let's leave it at that.


 I hear-tell there is a football game tomorrow.  I haven't watched the NFL in abut five years.  Not because I care about much of anything that they do or don't do, but simply because I often have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon.  I'm not anti-NFL, I'm just supremely indifferent to it.

The one memorable Super Bowl I remember happened on January 28, 2001.  One of my favorite Honky-Tonk's was hosting a Super Bowl party, and I didn't have anything better to do, so I went to shoot pool, drink beer and hang out with rednecks.  I met Belle at that party and my world changed. Belle and I consider Super Bowl weekend an informal anniversary, even though they've move it from the last Sunday in January.

Y'all enjoy the game.  

Friday, February 05, 2021

Lunch On The Road

 Belle and I were out, plundering around today in the Shreveport area, checking out hotels for Louisiana State.  After we had done our quota, we headed over to Bossier City for a little refreshment.  Ralph and Kakoo's is an old restaurant on Old Minden Road in Bossier City, just down the road from Barksdale AFB.

During the '80s and '90s I ate there frequently, while I was doing Reserve duty.  But, I hadn't been back sine circa 1994.  Belle had never eaten there.  But, they were open, and nothing much had changed.  I had the catfish and shrimp plate, and she had the crabmeat-stuffed shrimp.

We're back home now, about to declare Happy Hour.  Y'all have a wonderful Friday.

I LIke My Senator

My favorite Senator, John Kennedy of Louisiana was on Carlson talking about the "Tuna Tartar" crowd and how to lead by example.  As one wise man once said, "When the elite starts acting like it's a problem, I'll start to believe that it's a problem."  To miss the opening monologue, skip ahead to 7:45.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Even Snopes

 Even Snopes is calling AOC a liar over her "near death" experience during the Capitol riot.

AOC reminds me of several chicks I've known over the years.  Drama Queens, who would rather climb up a tree to shout a lie, rather than just stand on the ground and tell the truth.  As it turns out, the riot didn't have anything to do with her.  She wasn't even in the neighborhood.  She was down the street in her office

Some folks have to be the center of attention, and when they're not, they make up shit. And tell lies.

And, as every raconteur knows, there is a difference between embellishing a story for the sake of a good laugh, and telling a lie that hurts other people.  AOC tells lies for political gain.  She should be censured by the House.  But that ain't going to happen, because they are all guilty.

Trump Won't Testify

 Everyone is reporting that former President Donald Trump won't testify at the show-trail next week.

During my years in the criminal justice system, I learned a couple of things about trails.  First, a defendant has the right to remain silent.  Any good that might accrue from testifying is overshadowed by the fact that the state has an opportunity to cross-examine.

Second, there is a jurisdiction issue.  It appears from a plain reading of the Constitution that the Congress has no jurisdiction over a private citizen.

Third, many Americans believe that this is a show trail, ginned up by the Democrats, who seem to be morphing into Stalinist era tactics to suppress opposition.  Government is becoming more Orwellian by the day.

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Not Likely, Guv'nor

 Our idiot governor is challenging all Louisianans to download an app on the phone that will tell you if you have been around someone with Covid.

From his Facebook page:

Today, I am challenging my fellow Louisianans to download the COVID Defense app, an anonymous tool that notifies you of potential COVID-19 exposures. Protect yourself and protect your community. Are you up for the challenge? #lagov

Not likely, asshole.  I don't trust you when you tell me you want to put a tracking device on my phone.

I have a better idea.  Why don't you start figuring out how you are going to re-start Louisiana's economy after the disaster that was 2020?  You have wrecked the tax base, caused massive out-migration, and made Louisiana solely dependent on Federal money.  Your buddy, Creepy Joe Biden is threateing to wreck Louisiana's oil and gas industry, and you don't have a plan for that, either.

I think that John Bel Edwards is a scurrilous scoundrel who intends to wreck Louisiana completely before his tern is over.

Psaki Phones It In

Like most of the White House, the daily press briefing has changed dramatically since the new group took over.  I really liked the style of Kayleigh McEneny, President Trumps last press secretary.

This new chick, Jen Psaki (the P is silent), seems to be calling it in.  She isn't ready for her press briefings, and I doubt if she thinks much about it after she leaves the rostrum.

Psaki (the P is silent) took flak earlier this week for wanting the questions from reporters submitted in advance, but evidently even with that request, she is not well prepared for the presser.  Below, she mocks a question about whether or not Biden was going to keep the Space Force.

It's a valid question ad deserves a valid answer.  This administration is even more far-left than the Obama administration, and I doubt that the military will fare well under their tender mercies.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Six More Weeks

 With all my running around this morning, doing leg work for Louisiana State, I failed to notice that Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow this morning.  He probably does as well as the weather-weenies, so I guess we're in for six more weeks of winter.

Of course, I linked to CNN, and I normally don't trust them to know the alphabet, or the color of the sky, but I suspect they got this story right.  We'll see.

I have a leadership meeting at the church tonight, so I guess I should get ready for that.

The Republican Crisis (Not So Much)

 Reuters is reporting that some Bush-era officials are leaving the Republican Party because Trump.  They claim that the party has changed so much that they can't support it any longer.  It's too Trumpy.  Well, bye!

But, I think it is instructive to look back at your humble scribe's voting record to see what motivated me to vote the way I did.  I wasn't always a Republican, switching over during the Carter administration.  So, let's start there.

1976 - Carter/Ford.  Gerald Ford didn't stand a chance.  He pardoned Nixon, probably for all the right reasons, but a lot of folks held it against him.  Including me.  I voted for Carter 

1980 - Carter/Reagan.  By  1980 I thoroughly despised Jimmy Carter.  He wrecked the Army I loved, presided over an energy crisis, high unemployment, high inflation, and said that he lusted in his heart.  I didn't know much about Reagan, but I despised Carter.

1984 - Reagan/Mondale.  By 1984 I really liked Reagan.  He said the right things and seemed to love America.  His challenger, Mondale (who?) never seemed to resonate with anyone. I voted Reagan.

1988 - GHW Bush/Dukakis.  At the time, I thought that Bush had done a creditable job as Reagan's VP, and ho had ever heard of Dukakis?  I knew that Bush had some foreign policy experience  Bush was an easy pick.

1992.  GHW Bush/Clinton.  I wasn't thrilled that Bush raised taxes after saying that he wouldn't, but I never trusted Clinton  He seemed to me to be a standard Southern Democrat.  He'd say anything to get elected, and didn't care who he hurt on the way up.  I voted for Bush because I didn't trust Clinton.

1996 - Clinton/Dole/Perot.  This was the year of the three party ticket.  Ross Perot didn't think that Bob Dole represented the working class, so he ran on the Reform ticket.   Yeah, that was a disaster. America elected a serial sex offender.

2000 - Gw Bush/Gore.  I liked Bush, because I so liked his Dad.  I thought I'd give the boy a chance.  The election boiled down to a knife-fight in Florida, and Bush narrowly won.  I do think that he was the right guy to be in charge during 9/11.  Al Gore went on to make millions as a snake-oil salesman pmping Global Warming.  Many on the left consider Gore to be a prophet, and they're still selling climate change even today.

2004 - Bush/Kerry.  John Kerry is such a monumental sleaze that his own shipmates didn't want anything to do with him.  They even questioned his last Purple Heart.  I learned a long time ago to trust a guy's battle-buddies.  If they don't trust him, I don't either.

2008 - Obama/McCain.  America was ready fora black president, and McCain couldn't overtake the momentum that Obama built.  Obama represented the globalist view of the cultural elite.  Suave, debonair, he sold out America for a globalist agenda.  Under his watch, China thrived, Iran thrived, and America didn't.

2012 - Obama/Romney.  Obama enjoyed massive support for his policies, although I'll never understand why.  Romney was Republican-lite.  Romney enjoyed the support of the Republican elite, but he never resonated with a base that.... well.... he never had a base.  He was ust the other guy running.

2016 - Trump/Clinton.  Donald J Trump came out of New York a successful businessman and reality TV star, saying what a large part of America wanted to hear.  Clinton represented the corrupt wing of the Democrat party.  America decided to take a chance on Trump, and the political establishment hated him for it.  They immediately set abut trying to destroy him.  His first term brought a record economy, low unemployment, and a revitalization of the middle class.  Yet, his abrasive and combative political style made the opposition howl.

2020 - Trump/Biden.  This was the damnedest election I have ever seen.  Biden campaigned from his basement, but Trump had so pissed off the Democrats and the Republican elite that only the base of Americans despised by those who want to be the ruling elite voted for Trump.  Yet,he garnered more polar votes than any Republican candidate had ever earned.  

So, if the Bush-era guys want to bail on the Republican party because it isn't the party they remember, that's fine.  It is no longer the party of Bush, or Romney, or McCain.  The Republican party is no longer the class of the country-club set.  It's the party of the working stiff, the middle class businessman, the farmer and the rancher.  Many times we voted Republican as the lesser evil.  And, if you're the lesser evil, you are still evil.

Monday, February 01, 2021

The Veil Is Lifted

 I'm sure that we will be hearing more of this in the coming days, but it appears that House bill 127 is a doozy of  a gun control wet-dream.  Authored by Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), it contains just about everything that the Left has been pumping for decades.

What do they want?  I'll let the FPC explain.

Summary: Establishes a nationwide gun registry that is searchable by the general public, mandates licensing to own or possess a firearm and requires a psychological evaluation prior to obtaining such a license, and institutes magazine & gun bans. 

That's just the summary.

Gun bans, magazine bans, mandatory licensing 

A gun registry that is searchable by the general public. 

Then, it goes full Orwell.  Ninety days after the effective date of the legislation every firearm in the US must be registered.  There is no grandfather clause.  That's right, 2A advocates.  Give made/model/serial numbers to the government.  All of them.  Within 90 days.

About that mandatory license you're going to need.  You'll need a psychological evaluation, and you will pay the government $800 for insurance.

The Democrats currently control the House, the Senate, and the White House.  If you thin that this can't pas, you are wrong.  Creepy Joe would sign this in a heartbeat.  The Democrats don't care one whit for the Constitution, and they are showing us every day.