Monday, December 06, 2021

Do Not Attribute

 Generally, the simplest answer is the best, and we should not attribute to evil intent those things that can be more simply attributed to simple stupidity.

It seems that lots of people are sour on our current vice president, Kamala Harris.  I've been sour on her for a while, but that's just my bias about trusting an incompetent, conniving, manipulative harpy with the power that is one heart-beat away from the presidency.  I'm just saying.

Other folks are starting to notice.

It has been difficult to not notice that the frequency of the “Wow, Kamala Harris is kind of a train wreck…” articles has been picking up quite a bit lately. We’ve led the Briefing with that once in October and November, the most recent being around three weeks ago.  In reality, there is enough material to do a daily diary about this political nightmare, but we probably do need to keep focusing on her even bigger train wreck of a boss.

I'm not sure if Joe is a bigger train wreck than Kamala, but it's a near-run thing.  Creepy Joe backed himself into a corner when he promised to choose a minority woman as his running mate, and there stood Kamala in the wings, waving a small Biden flag.   Did Joe really think that Kamala would make a competent president in the event that he keeled over, or was he simply displaying his own base stupidity?

After watching Joe bungle the job for a year, I'm forced to go with base stupidity.


Daddy Hawk said...

I have to go with “you can’t ignore the man behind the current” theory here. I can’t believe that Biden, who pretty clearly is suffering from dementia had much, if any, input into the VP selection. I would look behind the puppet to whoever is pulling the strings. Harris is weak, because the powers behind the current WANT a weak executive.

Daddy Hawk said...

Curtain!!! Not current. Stupid auto parts. AUTOCORRECT!!!

Termite said...

And yet there was a totally competent, centrist, "woman of color" available to be his VP candidate...who would have pulled a lot of military votes.

Tulsi Gabbard.

Yet "they" shun her.

Things that make you go..."Hmmmmmmmm......"