Wednesday, December 08, 2021

New ID Cards

 Since I joined the Army in 1973, the Army ID Card looked about the same.  In differing colors to denote, active, reserve, or retired status, the retired ID Card was grey, an ironic color to denote being retired.  It looked something like this"

This past weekend, Belle mentioned that her ID card had expired, so this afternoon we went over to Camp Beauregard to get it updated.  Imagine my surprise when the took my ID Card as el and issued us two new cards.

I don't know how long the old ID Cards were used without substantial changes, but I know I carried one from 1973 until an hour ago.  Now, my ID card is changed, and I feel like it's the end of an era.


Justin_O_Guy said...

First thing that hits me is
Just needed to spend some money? Were they doing it Wrong this whole time?
Hell,I'm still trying to understand why people go to
Human Resources to apply for a job instead of
You have any idea how much all the signage and forms change cost?
And for what?
I don't work in Personnel any more. Now I work in Human Resources.
Same office, desk and co-workers. Same job.
Human Resources,,, as opposed to what?

Old NFO said...


Jonathan H said...

Looks like they're echoing the CAC used for all government employees for the last 15 years.

Steve Sky said...

I noted the statements on the right & bottom:
Authorized Patronage
Commissary, MWR
Unlimited Exchange

Identification and Privilege card

It sounds like they are trying to limit areas on base where you are 'legally' allowed to visit as the old card had no such statement. Also, privileges can be granted and revoked. Have you complied with the latest Gov't mandates?
Further, an expiration date where the old card was "INDEF" also goes along with an attempt to assert control over the retirees.

Dave said...

Well, my blue card doesn't expire until 20239, and as I live three hours (of Texas driving) from the nearest base, I won't be exchanging it any time soon.

DocV said...

Yup. My wife went in to get a new one and they "updated" mine. No more INDEF. I feel like I just got an expiration date.