Tuesday, December 14, 2021

In The Barber Shop

 I drove down to the neighborhood barber shop this morning for my Christmas hair cut.  It's a #2 cut, like always.  The shop was packed.  The conversation was constant.  Who has mustard greens?  Where can a fellow find a rick of firewood?  How is Joe Biden doing?

The assembled men in the barber shop decry the job Joe is doing.  The mustard greens and firewood got more comment than Joe Biden, who is universally disdained in this part of America.

Didn't see a mask anywhere.  It may be that common sense has finally broken out in the US.  Interestingly, I was in the shop for over an hour, and no one even mentioned Covid.  Not once.  Like a bad divorce, or a crazy relative, no one brought it up. It's not a topic for polite conversation.  Nor even barbershop conversation.


be603 said...

Meanwhile here in the PRK yesterday, Emperor Newsome declared mandatory masks be reintroduced inside all businesses starting 15DEC thru 15JAN.

Meanwhile he'll off to somewhere out of state and likely south of the border for the Holidays (sans mask I'm sure).

Old NFO said...

Yep, Kommiefornia and NYC are going full WuFlu mad, full masking everywhere all the time!

be603 said...

Mayor Bill Wells announced that El Cajon, CA will not be enforcing it.

I will NOT comply. I will not give business to those who try to enforce it. Ever. Again.

Jonathan H said...

I'm surprised he hasn't done that already. Some other liberal states put their mask mandates back in place two months ago.

Of course, they are being widely ignored also!

be603 said...

Mayor of Coronado now saying they won't be enforcing. A bit surprising he has the support. Coronado has been a bit of a KovidKaryn hood. To the extent we really pulled back from visiting/spending there. Still a lot of masks in evidence. Still a lot of fear.

Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego proper will be -- he's all in with Emperor Newsome.