Saturday, December 11, 2021

Thanks, Joe!

 When I started cooking brisket 40 years ago, brisket was the cheapest cut of meat in the butcher's case.  Three things mitigated against brisket.  It was big, it was hard to cook and it took time.

Back in those days, a packer-cut briket would go for about a dollor a pound, sometimes less.

I bought a brisket last week to cook at a club event, and nearly stroked-out when i saw the price.

$4.55 a pound?  My Gawd!  Thanks, Joe!  You are putting Jimmah Carger to shame.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

"Brandon:. I am sure you mean Brandon.

-The other Joe

Old NFO said...

WTH??? That is RIDICULOUS!!! Gah...

Joe said...

Inflation sucks, but to be fair... everyone has a pellet smoker in their backyard now and is a slow cooking expert. Demand is driving the price increases, but inflation is taking the prices to the ridiculous along with everything else under the sun.