Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Culture Wars

Two things.  First, yesterday there was an article at PJMedia about liberals bemoan "random" violence in those same places where they want to defund the police.

Imagine that.  In a place where people are generally disarmed, the liberal governing class wants to defund the police, and are yet surprised when the criminal element finds a way to inflict "random" violence on an unsuspecting population.  I would argue that it is neither random nor unexpected, but rather a natural consequence of liberal policy.  

In my perfect world, students could feel safe while studying in a park on a sunny afternoon.  The criminal element would feel just a bit reticent about plying their trade, because enough of the population was armed that those predators stood a real chance of being met with resistance. In my perfect world, the criminal justice system would not release sociopaths to threaten stalwart citizens who are defending property during a riot, or wouldn't release a sociopath to run down people at a Christmas parade.  

Second, Colion Noir breaks it down for us.

In 2000 I made a decision that I would carry a gun everywhere it was legal for me to carry a gun.  Thus far I have been very successful in that pledge.  My experience may not be a prescription for everyone, but I find it comforting.  Yes, I had to make some small changes to wardrobe, and had to spend some money on gear, but in the long run, it was money I was going to spend anyway.


Glypto Dropem said...

I do not limit myself to carrying a weapon only where it is legal, because those that would kill me or my loved ones don't care about such foolishness. The majority of time it is a firearm, unless I need to pass through a metal detector. For those times it is my Blackie Collins poly-carbonate "CIA Letter Opener." The only place that won't work is going through a TSA checkpoint, because it would get picked up on the full body scanners. But now that the ChiCom Xi Flu is among us, I don't see myself ever getting on a commercial aircraft again.

Howard Brewi said...

I try hard to stay legal but I also prefer to use cruise control unless it’s icy because the police in some places don’t like to see armed individuals. I rolled a truck a couple years ago on a hill just outside Anchorage Alaska and the cop that responded not only secured and unloaded my .357 but even secured my Swiss Army knife because he said around here it’s usually only bad guys that are armed. The roll over was caused by a patch of ice and I wasn’t even given a ticket and I wasn’t speeding but the officer had to drop me where I could get a taxi to a hotel. On the other side of that a friend of mine who carries open, which is legal in Alaska as well as constitutional concealed, was thanked by the manager of a popular restaurant because his carrying open calmed down some guys who seemed likely to get out of line. Since I live more than two hundred miles from Anchorage I’m more likely to need a heavy load to put down a severely injured moose or caribou that someone hit with their vehicle!