Saturday, June 30, 2018

Project Saturday

Elder son came over today, along with son-in-;aw/  They gave me yeoman's service today for a solid eight hours.  If you asked them, they'd tell you that we were "bowed up like cut-worms: all day.  But, the fresh water is in the shop, the drains are installed and the sewer is almost hooked up.  I say "mostly, because something happened today that we've never seen. The saws-all broke in half.  Yeah, in half.

Elder son was cutting sewer pipe, and it just went "clunk" and the front half of the machine fell in the hole.  He was left holding the handle and the cord.  It's a cheap Harbor Freight device that I've had for fifteen years, and I"m sure I've gotten my moneys worth.  But we've never seen that happen.

But, we have water in the building.

The sink is installed, along with one of the stainless steel prep tables, and the water heater.

The vanity is installed in the bathroom.  Tomorrow after church, we'll finish installing the sewer, the set the toilet. 

We need the saws-all to cut out the old L fitting so that we can install the new sweeping Tee.  Then I can start putting dirt back in the holes.

Who ever heard of a saws-all braking completely in half?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hsppy Hour

It's Happy Hour on Friday afternoon, and I"v been in the vodka lately.  Belle went to the grocers earlier today and showed up at the house with something called Burnet's Whipped Cream vodka.

If you like flavored vodka, this is one you need to try.  It has a light sweetness, tasting remarkably like whipped cream.  Belle likes it with tonic, and I could drink it straight with a few cubes, in a highball glass.

If you're looking for something for a summer afternoon, see if this is in your local Class 6 store.

Going Underground

It's time for the project to get back in the dirt.  I started in the dirt back last October, with the dirt work for the foundation.  Now, I"m going back in the dirt for water, sewer, and drainage.  Later today, I'll go to a rental company for a trencher capable of laying  sewer pipe.  I have the existing plumbing exposed and tomorrow morning my family crew will be here for installation.

That is 3/4 inch water pipe between the meter and the house.    We'll tie in here with the line going to the shop.  We'll have to plan this job very carefully, because we're going to have to shut off the water to the house for some period of time.  The shorter, the better.

That is the existing sewer line.  We'll cut out that bend, Tie in with a sweeping Tee, then add a clean-out before we head over to the shop to install the commode flange.

I just got back from the plumbing supply house.  Spent a lot of money for various pipes and fittings that I'm going to bury and (hopefully) never see again.

This project is going to nickel-and-dime me to death.  But, we're going to have a very nice place to entertain when it's over.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Bear

Black bears are native to Louisiana, but they've been on the endangered list for quite some time.  I've known that there are bears, at least one mating pair in the area, because a mother bear with cubs has been seen not too far from the house.

Evidently, one has recently changed ranges, possibly a yearling that his mother has kicked out of the nest.  It's causing quite a stir on the local Facebook pages, even though the folks who live out here should be at least passingly familiar with the idea of a bear in the woods.

He ain't hurting o one, just wandering about.  This pic was taken this morning in the area of Philadelphia Baptist Church, which isn't far (as the crow flies) from where bears have been spotted in the past.

I just hope this bear doesn't do something stupid and gt himself hurt.  I kinda like the idea of bears in the woods.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

No Thumbs!

One of the things I don't do well, is paint.  I'm a three-coat painter.  One on the wall, one on me, one on the floor.  Belle has learned this, and doesn't ask me to paint.  I'll stand-by as a helper, but I don't weild a brush or roller.  It's better that way.

The dog likes to help, too, but he's got no thumbs.  He can't hold a roller, either, and his fur carries paint like a nappy roller.  Yet, the dog wants to be where Belle is, so what do you do with a dog who is  determined to be under-foot?

Put him in the sink.  He can superintend just fine from this vantage point.

He looks like he's in a lot of distress, doesn't he?

My Aching Butt

The project continues, with a hard deadline of July 14th.  It's coming along, according to plan.  Today, I spent the day doing inside plumbing.  Putting together the vanity that will go in the bathroom, adding the countertop and sink, and putting the interior drain lines together to plumb the kitchen sink.

Mu plan is to go right through the walls with the two drains, get them outside the building, the L down and take the drain into the dirt.  Everything outside the building will be 1 1/2 inch schedule 40 PVC, which I am told is code in these parts.  The guys at Coburn's Supply (our local plumbing supply house) are really helpful.  They've steered me right on more than one occasion for this project, and as a result, I buy my plumbing supplies there, if I can.

Most of the inside work is done, ad tomorrow, I start trenching for my underground work.  I have about 20 feet of trench to dig for the 1 1/2 drains, plus location holes on each end of the sewere and location holes on each end of the fresh water.

Friday, I finish holes and make a supply list.  Late Friday afternoon, I 'll rent a Ditch-Witch to sue Saturday.  Two of my sons will be here Saturday morning for a fun-filled day of  installing water and sewer.  That's the plan, anyway.  Elder son is a professional Sewer Systems operator, so he'll keep the old man out of trouble.  He normally doesn't work on pipe this small, but he knows how to make it flow downhill.

Did I mention how much I like working with PEX (as opposed to galvanized, copper, or PVC?

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dusty in Here

I've been working in the shop all day, and decided to come i and watch mindless YouTuve videos.

Damn!  It's dusty in here.  I may have to change the A/C filters.

Project Update

Belle wanted the walls to me made of OSB.  We're going for a rustic look, and she decided that the most economical way to get that look was painted OSB.  That's fine wit h me, it's economical.  Zach and I finished installing the OSB this morning.  Those horrid pink studs are forger encased in the walls.

Some of the joints are quite tight.  Some of them are amateurish.  I don't pretend to be a carpenter, and paint hides lots of flaws.

RIght now I'm on schedule.  I'm hoping my electrician buddy can make it over this afternoon, and then I"ll start roughing in drains tomorrow morning.

UPDATE**  The electrical installation is complete.  Thanks Brother Fred.

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Numbers

These days, we seem to live by our numbers.  In my case, the health numbers.  Blood numbers, A1C, triglycerides, those sort of numbers.

This past March, we had a mandatory health fair at work.  They drew blood, and I"m not convinced that their equipment was calibrated properly.  My numbers were all out of whack.    They, of course, shared them with my primary care critter, who went berserk. 

Belle got wind of it, and I had to change the way I eat.  No more white stuff, basically.  I haven't eaten a biscuit in four months, and the last baked potato I ate was in Amarillo, three weeks ago.  No fast food, although I am eating a  lot of Special K, and Raisin Bran.

Went to the doc today.  Early this morning, I peed in his cup, and his vampire took some blood.  I went back late this afternoon.  The numbers are in, and they're good.  My AiC is down three points, my triglycerides are fantastic, and my bad cholesterol almost doesn't exist.  I've lost about 20 lbs, and my blood pressure is excellent.  Everything, medically, is hunky-dory.

Doc, and I, not having anything else to discuss, spent the remainder of the appointment talking about bass fishing, school  shootings, and Achmed the terrorist.  Blood numbers I know nothing about, but those other things I have some expertise. 

Belle is pleased, and in the final analysis, that's all that matters.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gerald's Sentimental Journey

Great video of a 95 year old veteran flying a restored C-47, just like the one he flew into Normandy on June 6, 1944.

He still flies smoothly and confidently.

How Tabasco Sauce is Made

Tabasco Sauce is a staple on our table.  It's one of several we enjoy with different dishes.  Today, for example, Belle is cooking pork chips with rice, corn bread and purple hull peas.  You can bet that I'll either use Tabasco or Cholula sauce on my peas.

I didn't know that it takes five years to make Tabasco.

Bon apetit!

Saturday, June 23, 2018


The Cross Branded Pacemakers held their regular meeting today.  There were not enough people to hold a match.   Two of our shooters were in Texas, shooting with the big boys.  Other folds were on vacation, but after the club practice, Blue Eyed Belle decided to shoot some more, and I videotaped her. 

Regular shooters know that the stance and draw are very important.  Looking at yourself shoot is very  helpful in knowing what your're doing.  The camera doesn't lie.

For those of y'all that are curious, she's using a clone of the Colt Peacemaker, a single action revolver in .45 Colt, using wax bullet ammunition powered by shotgun primers.  The target is a 17 inch disk, 15 feet from the firing line.  On  the light, you have to cock, draw and fire the revolver and hit the target to get a time.  Today, she was shooting and hitting the target in about 8/10ths of a second.  Today, hr fastest time was 0.785, just a hair over 3/4ths of a second.

My gal is an expert with the single action revolver.

Comey Is Ashamed

As well he should be.  Comey is ashamed, disgusted, horrified.  We feel the same way, Jim.  Your performance as FBI chief made the whole nation ashamed, disgusted, and horrified that the greatest law enforcement organization in the world couldn't find reason to arrest and prosecute a career felon, after laying out the elements of the offense on television.  Trust me, Jim, we were all horrified and disgusted.

Oh.. wait...  he's talking about something else.
“I am ashamed of the way my country has acted with respect of those children. I am disgusted, I am horrified, I am embarrassed, I’m ashamed,” Mr Comey said in a public interview in Dublin on Friday.
It;s the law, Jimbo.  We can fix the law.  What we can't fix are guys like you, who turn their eyes away from highly placed politicians who think that they can get away with anything.

Comey is another one of those people who should just go away and  shut up.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Pink Studs and Shop Update

Today, while I was at Homey Depot, looking for stuff, I stopped i the lubber aisle.

They're awash in these darned tings.  But, someone asked to see the specs, so I took a picture of the scanning tab on the end of the boards.

Now, you know as much about them as I do.  They were made by Georgia-Pacific in Pineland,  TX.

Back at the shop, the work continued.  Grandson Zachary learned to crimp PEX, and pull Rome.  We have the wring roughed-in and the fresh water roughed in, and I'm almost ready to start installing drywall.

This thing is on schedule.  I have a drop-dead date of July 14, when we celebrate the birthday of Belle's mother, who will b 97 years old.

I"m starting to feel good about the completion of this project. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018


She's a good-looking gal, no doubt about that.

Those Pink Stids

Several of you have commented on the pink studs that we use here in Louisiana as framing lumber.    I've seen these things as long as I can remember and took them as a natural part of carpentry.  But, y'all expressed surprise, so I thought I'd do a little research.

These studs are not pink at all. Don't trust your eyes, they're purple, or magenta, as the specs from Lowe's tell us.  However, thy're so common in the South, and surprise people from other locations, so I tried to dig into it a little bit and see what I could find.

As it turns out, it's a marketing ploy, from a lumber mill in the post WWII housing boom, to differentiate their product of good, southern pine, from the erstwhile Douglas Fir studs that were competing in the market.  If you want good, Southern Pine, buy the purple studs.  From this source.
During the post-World War II housing boom, a company called Temple-Inland introduced the now infamous purple 2×4 studs as a marketing tactic to compete against Douglas fir studs from the Pacific Northwest. It seems a sawmill owner in Southeast Texas had been painting his product orange and had no trouble selling all he could produce. Temple-Inland’s Sales Manager at the time, Bob Westin, presented stud samples in five different colors of water-repellant paint to the other members of the sales team. They unanimously selected the magenta (or purple as it is now referred to) and the rest is history.
I don't know which mill made the studs I use.  I went out to look and couldn't find any marking at all on them, but it seems that the pink studs (sorry, purple studs) are a post WWII marketing ploy that endures to this day.  Down here in the South, we us pink (sorry, purple) studs and don't give it a second thought.  They're made of good, strong Southern yellow pine, and that's the way it's been for as long as I can remember.

UPDATE:  Anonymous asked in comments;
Am curious why the sink is that far from restroom plumbing - is it an issue with sewer line routing ? Not complaining mind you (its your place !), just curious.
The simplest answer is that is where she wants the sink.  My plumber says that it is not a problem and we've got a simple solution  for the drain.  If my gal wants the sink centered o the back wall, that's exactly what I'm going to give her.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Sometimes projects take a lot of time in planning and you really don't see it come together for a while.  Such is this bathroom/outdoor kitchen project I'm working on.  For the past two days, I've been doing a lot of prep and planning, going through the plans step-by-step to make sure I didn't forget anything.

Today, we made progress, although it's hard to see .  We did a lot of carpentry and started roughing in both water and sewerage.  It's all kinds of work that has to be done before you can do the things that really show.

We added the final stud wall, got the toilet set up and did the carpentry that is necessary for the toilet installation.  Tomorrow, I'm going to rough-in the fresh water plumbing, and make lists of what I need for the electrical installation.

Friday, I"ll rough-in electrical circuits and start getting read y for wallboard.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Greatest bartender in the world, she worked at the Fiddler's Green, the junior officer bar at Knox.  Kim was a slight, Korean woman.  She always wore tasteful clothing, and her bartender skills were legendary.  She know what everyone in the room was drinking.  And, trust me, Cavalry and Armor officers are exuberant drinkers.  Three hundred fools in her bar, and she knew what ever one of them was drinking.

One night in 81 I came in after three days in the field, teaching Guard soldiers tank gunnery..  I was parched, I was tired, and Kim was ready to serve.  Normally, I drank bourbon, but i told her I was ready to switch horses.  I wanted something different.  And I was hungry.

Kim looked at me with her inscrutable Asian eyes.  "You wanna vodka tonic, and a Ruben sandwich".  It wasn't a question, it was a statement of fact.

I trusted Kim.  She had been taking care of junior officers for many years.  "Okay", I told her.  "Vodka tonic and a Ruben sandwich."

I came back to Knox in '86 for the career course.  When I walked  into the bar, Kim looked at me, her eyes narrowed, and she asked "You drinking bourbon, or you want vodka tonic?"  Five years I had not been in her bar, yet she knew  what to ask.

I hope she's retired now, living happily with grandkids all around her.  She was a great bartender.

Mallard Hen

A mallard hen, playing in a mud puddle in the yard.  She had a whole lake to roam in, but she's rather be in this little puddle between the shop and the house.

Go figure.  There's no telling what goes on in that mallard's mind.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Safety Third

I hope he gets that light installed.

About Parole Conditions

Speaking about the goblin in Trenton, Daave says:
And the room temperature bad guy had been paroled even though he had committed, and been convicted of, a separate felony while in prison.
Speaking as a 20-year parole officer, it's hard to know the thinking of a parole board.  They are often motivated by things that we on the street don't consider.  But, on every parole certificate I've ever seen, there is a prohibition on firearms.

In Louisiana, for example, the parole conditions say in part:
5. I shall not have in my possession or control any firearms or dangerous weapons.
Over the course of my career, I arrested a lot of goblins for firearms possession.  I'd arrest immediately on a violation of parole, then refer the offense to the District Attorney to see if he wanted to press new charges for Poss Firearm by Convicted Felon.

The parolee would always be sent back on my violation, but I never once had a DA file new charges based on my report.  It seemed like it would be a pretty easy slam-dunk, but no DA ever took the bait.  Go figure.

Space Force?

Numerous sources are reporting that President Trump has directed the Pentagon to begin organizing a Space Force.  Yeah, really.

If the Army does land warfare, and the Navy does sea warfare, and the Air Force does aerial warfare, Space Force will do vacuum warfare.  Wow!  Talk about embracing the suck.

Shooting in Trenton

It seems that over the weekend, there was a mass shooting in Trenton, NJ.  You probably won't hear about it from the mainstream media.  It doesn't fit the narrative.

It seems that there was an art and music festival, and some gang-bangers had a beef with each other.  The main shooter (who is now room temperature) was a parolee, who had spent time in prison for murder.  The police knew that trouble was brewing, and was trying to close the event when the shooting started.

One dead, 22 injured.

This wasn't some deranged white guy with a rifle, this was gang violence with handguns.  It is probably the most common violence (except maybe domestic violence) that large cities have to deal with.  Bad guys with guns show up at a place where people gather to celebrate.

One dead, 22 injured, but don't expect to see politicians lining up to do interviews.  Don't expect to see high-school kids calling for new laws.  Don't expect to see senators holding committee meetings.
It doesn't outrage them, and it certainly isn't news-worthy.

The hypocrisy is galling.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Aftrnoon

It's Father's Day, the kids have come and gone and I'm nursing a vodka-tonic.  Listening to music onn YouTube.  Damned if I didn't come across and EmmyLou Harris song that is a Cajun waltz.  Anytime you combine a waltz beat, with accordion, mandolin, and fiddle, it's Cajun music.

Happy Father's Day, y'all.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Dardick

The Dardick was an interesting little gun that used something called trounds, which were triangular ammunition.  It was a space-age invention of the '60s.  Here's an NRA video about it.

For a deeper analysis, there are several YouTube videos online.  For example.

We were promised a lot of neat things in the '60s that never seemed to make it to market.  The Dardick and the Gyrojet were two that did make it to market.

I'm still waiting for my flying car.  The 21st century is pretty much a disappointment.

The Cimarron SA Frontier

Last June, casting about for a nice little club revolver, I happened upon the Cimarron El Malo.  It's a very nice little revolver, and I talked about it here.  What impressed me about the El Malo was that it was very smooth, right out of the box.   Very smooth.  It balanced well, and I showed it to some of my club members who were looking for revolvers.  They liked it, especially the price point, which was less than other suitable revolvers.

But, in March, the CFDA made the revolver illegal to use in sanctioned competitions, simply because the El Malo has an octagonal barrel.  The rules are the rules, and the octagonal barrel was banned on Colt clones, because we are unable to find any Colt revolver of the period that was manufactured with an octagonal barrel.  Hence, they are not  "faithful reproductions" for purposes of CFDA sanctioned competition.

I put a call to Cimarron, and asked if they made a revolver revolver identical to the El Malo, but with a round barrel.  The rep at Cimarron told me that they did have such a revolver, the PP410, that they market as the SA Frontier.    But, he told me, they were out-of-stock, and until they had sufficient orders, they wouldn't b making any.  I admit that I was perplexed, because the El Malo is mad by Pitta, and in fact, I wasn't aware that Cimarron made any firearms.

Still, I've been checking my go-to firearms dealer for the Cimarron PP410.  It's legal for comptetion, and while I fight the rules about octagon barrels on 1873 clones, it would be nice to have a leal revolver for my club members to evaluate.  My go-to dealer is and I"ve been checking them for the Cimarron PP410, which they tell me is the El Malo with a round barrel.  Lo and behold, they finally have them in stock, so I ordered two of them as club guns.

Hopefully, they'll be in next week, and I can show them to the club members who like the El Malo.

Four Hours

Zach and I mowed the lawn this morning then headed to the lumber yard.  After buying materials, we spent four hours installing a roof on the project bathroom.  I feel like we made good progress and we're taking the rest of the day off.  Tomorrow, we have to find the water line (I've got a pretty good idea where it is), and that's going to require shovel work.  While we're digging, we might as well expose the sewer line so we'll know what we are dealing with. 

Projects like this are daunting, because in a bathroom, you have to have incoming water, sewerage, electrical all installed before you can start putting up interior walls.  To the un-educated observer, it looks like you're spending a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Gyrojet

A short lived artifact from the early 1960s.  The Gyrojet was an attempt to make a small, handheld rocket launcher.

I remember seeing these things for sale in magazines.

Pride Month

It's Pride Month. - Who knew?  I certainly didn't before I read an article about the CEO of Twitter being harangued about eating at Chick-Fil-A.
"You must love the taste of bigotry!" one person wrote in response.
 "Why is Twitter boosting a notoriously anti-gay company during #PrideMonth?" another person wrote.
It's no secret that Chick-Fil-A is a Christian company that espouses traditional Christian values.  They also make excellent chicken.  I've eaten at Chick-Fil-A, when it was convenient.  Not for the politics, but because of the chicken.  Not every purchase has to be a political decision.

Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, has a no-gun policy.  I've never eaten in one, not so much for the politics, but because I make very good chicken wings at home.  And, the one BWW store in this area is all the way across town.  It's simply easier to cook them myself.  It ain't hard.

I've been a customer of Pregressive Insurance for years.  Not because of their politics, but because they've always treated me right.

But, hey!  If you want to boycott a company because you don't like their politics, it's a (mostly) free country

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Golden Buzzer

I don't know if you watch America's Got Talent, but it's a fun show, and I normally catch it on YouTube.

I'm also, like most of my generation, a Janis Joplin fan, and recently a little gal came on that reminds me of Joplin.

That was quite a performance.

More Tomatos

We still have fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, and I"ll be darned if I'm going to let them spoil.

Good, thick cut Wright's bacon with fresh tomatoes on fresh light bread.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Put lettuce on it if you must, but I'll take mine as bacon and tomato.

Wait... Wut? End Chivalry?

One male feminist in the news is... wait,... what?  A male feminist?
…the idea that women should be cherished and put on pedestals fosters what’s known as benevolent sexism, which subtly demeans women as fragile and less competent. It reinforces a sexual script in which a man takes charge while a woman remains passive.
He doesn't know any real women, evidently.  Strong, independent, capable women who deserve to be cherished.  Women who understand the difference between men (real men) and the women they love. I try every day to show my lady that she is cherished; the center of my world.

As a corollary to that idea, I try to extend that courtesy to all women.  I'll hold the door, I'll stand aside to let them pass, and I'll be as courteous as I can be.  That's what men do, or should do.  Strong, capable, independent women (such as the ones who fill my world), don't need the door held for them, but they've earned the right to be cherished.  Simple courtesy is never demeaning.

I would remind the reader that chivalry is a cultural system that requires standards of conduct for both men and women. 

Great Photo

Great photo of a soldier firing an AT4.

The AT4 is a light, anti-armor weapon designed and manufactured by BOFORS of Sweden.

It's a single-use weapon packaged and distributed as one issue of ammunition.  Once it is fired, the launcher is discarded.  It is intended to give light infantry an anti-armor punch, and I'm sure that it is useful against other hardened structures, like bunkers and buildings. 

Great photo!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The vine-ripened tomatoes are coming in, and it's that season.

These ain't no Mexican, hot-house tomatoes.  These are south Louisiana, ripened on the vine tomatoes.  Chilled in the 'fridge, sliced, with just a little salt and pepper and some mayonnaise.

It's what is for supper.


So, there's this raccoon climbing a St . Paul skyscraper.

After climbing 22 stories, he decided to find a convenient ledge and take a nap.  I don't know what he is looking for, but I hope he finds it.


Digging around in the public record, I find that my home parish (Rapides Parish, LA) has 84,174 registered voters.  The voters in this parish are primarily Democratic by a small margin, 34K to 27K, but a significant number of voters doesn't list a party, 21K are neither Dem or Rep.

However, in the last big gubernatorial election,  where we elect a bunch of state and parish offices (to include the Sheriff), only about 28,000 votes were cast in that election.  Only a third of those people who registered to vote bothered to actually go to the polls and make their vote count.

I'm just sayin'.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Texting and Walking.

I see stuff like this all the time at work.  People are funny.

Socialism - Lite

Reports of the demise of Social Security have been coming for many years.  This morning, in the Detroit News, we get another prediction of doom.
This week we learned Social Security will spend more than it collects this year for the first time since 1983. Unless trends change, the new go-bust date for the retirement program is 2034.
Social Security has never played any significant role in my retirement planning.  At age 65, I'll be drawing retirements from the military, the state, and local governments   Social Security is going to be an extremely minor player.  However, I am required by law to buy Medicare, another government ponzi scheme that will soon overspend its budget.
Even worse news is that Medicare, the retiree health care program, will be spent out by 2026 — I may not even be retired yet.
I have been forced, since I joined the workforce in the early '70s to participate in both these unsustainable schemes.  Anyone with a brain could see that that the systems were going broke.  These two programs are Socialism LIte, and everywhere that socialism has been tried, it has failed.

Yet, this still comes as a surprise to some people.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Shop Project Phase II

This afternoon, we began Phase II of the shop project.  Shortly after lunch, a club member who is also a professional carpenter came by and framed up a 6 ft by 8 ft bathroom. There is a lot left to do, both waters (potable and sewer), electricity, toilet installation, and trim, but the bones are up and I can start hanging the guts.

Two hours, forty minutes from a bare corner to this skeleton of a room.  Not bad at all.  It really helps to have a professional tradesman in the club.

Saturday, June 09, 2018


Maximus (Max for short) is a big ol' dog.  About 80 pounds, he's a German Shepherd who needed a home.  I don't know the full story, but my daughter-in-law, soon to be a DVM found him and just couldn't let him go.  Max needed a forever home, and second son Matt agreed to take him in.

DIL and Max.  Max is very attentive.
Max is seven (7) years old, and a very calm, very well behaved dog.  He's a guard dog by temperament.  I was hassling a grandkid on the patio and Max was very interested, making sure that I wasn't hurting the boy.

DIL was looking for a forever home for Max, and second-son decided to take him.  Second son lives way out in the country, with several acres.  It should be a prefect home for a big dog.  Plenty of room to roam, and lots of terrain to explore.  Once Max settles in, you can believe that no one is coming on that place without his permission.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Young'Uns Fishing

I've got a young fisherman down the road, and he walks over and fishes in the pond.  Earlier this week, he showed me the latest catch.

The big one is 5 lbs, 4 oz, the other two are in the mid 4 lb range.  Not a bad haul for an afternoon fishing.  They put them back in the pond so that they can catch them again.

The Maine Systm

It looks like Maine is going to try out a new system for statewide elections.  It works like this:
Maine will be the first place to use the system, called ranked-choice voting, in statewide races this June (it’s already used in some local elections). The system kicks in for contests that have three or more candidates. Here’s how it works:
Voters rank the candidates in their party’s primary in order of preference.
If no candidate gets an outright majority, the candidate who got the fewest first-place votes is eliminated.
The second-place votes of those who supported the eliminated candidate then get distributed to the remaining candidates.
The process continues until one candidate gets more than 50 percent of the first-place votes and is declared the winner.
Interesting.  Louisiana (and several other states) use what is called a "jungle" primary, where all candidates from whatever party compete in one primary.  The top two vote-getters move to the primary, regardless of party affiliation.  Our system lads to some weird results, but after several decades of using that system, we're used to it.

The ranked-choice system is innovative and certainly bears watching.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Utter Nonsense

I just saw this nonsense on the Book of Face.

I honestly don't give a damn.  I'm not boycotting them, I just don't care.  The last NFL game that I actually cared about was Super Bowl 2001, when I invited Belle to met me at the party.  She and I had never mt face-to-face (we were just messaging at the time) and I told her that I"d be at the party at JJs Lounge if she wanted to meet me face-to-face.

She showed up about halftime, and we had a couple of drinks, had a few laughs and she left before the game was over.  We went dancing the next weekend, and we've been together ever since.

Honestly, I don't give a shit what the NFL does.  It really doesn't matter to me.  They are a bunch of overpaid men, playing a junior-high game.

Just Wow!

Seen on the Brownell's Facebook page, I cannot imagine what caused this failure.

It appears to be a 1911 slide that went catastrophically wrong.


Evidently, the US Navy runs a dining facility in the White House.  According to reports, it is reserved for "White House officials, Cabinet members and other dignitaries".

Somehow, the press seems to think that Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, uses that facility a lot, and is using FOIA requests to find out how many times he uses it.  Somehow, the idea that a Cabinet member uses a dining facility reserved for Cabinet members is supposed to be some sort of scandal.  But, it's the First Amendment and if they want to waste their time chasing a scandal where a Cabinet member eats in a facility reserved for Cabinet members, good for them.

However, I don't blame Pruitt one bit.  The US Navy  puts on a pretty good feed bag, and when I get the chance, I would eat in a Navy mess.  The Standard Navy Breakfast is a thing of glory and will keep a fellow going all day.

Excited Delurium

Excited Delirium is a condition that I've seen may times during my tenure as a police officer.  But, we didn't have a name for it until the past several years.  It's a big deal in police work recently (the past two or three years) and officers are being trained on how to recognize it and deal with it.    It can be caused by any number of things, including chemical intoxication, and manifests in various ways.  But the affected person shows various signs.  Extremely irrational behavior, dilated pupils, sweating, often elevated body temperature (which causes them to shed clothing, often being partially dressed, or nude).

The police often get called, because the person may be hyper-aggressive or acting bizarrely.  But, excited delirium is more of a medical issue than a criminal issue.   But, the police are called because the person is "acting crazy".  So, we have to deal with the issue, normally when it is at its height.

The problem is that the subject is often hyper-aggressive, delusional, and has elevated strength. One officer, no matter how competent, fit, or highly trained, is often insufficient to deal with excited delirium.  So we call for backup.  It normally takes several officers to handle a person with excited delirium.  We don't want to hurt the subject, and we don't want to get hurt either.  This is more of a medical issue than a criminal prosecution, so we want to be as gentle as we can be.  It isn't an easy job.

The other problem is something that the medical and mental health professions are beginning to understand, and that is that these people often die as a result of their delirium.  These folks are often fragile, medically, and they exhibit some symptoms (elevated body temperature in the 106-108 range, rapid heartbeat, etc), and when they start coming down, the keep going down, and they die suddenly.

Death is a natural condition.  We're all going to die.  Lots more people die in hospitals than die in police custody, but you don't hear about the people who die in hospitals.  When someone dies in police custody, it is a headline, and it is often assumed to be our fault.  Very often, it's not our fault.  No police officer wants anyone to die in custody, but it happens.

Excited Delirium is a challenge to police officers nationwide.  We've all seen it, and now we're being trained on how to deal with it.  That's a good thing, both for the affected person and for the police officer.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Retrainer Day 3

Today was classroom.  First Aid, CPR, Excited Delirium (which is a big deal these days), and Chemical Agents.

I still have to do Ethics and Sexual Harassment as online courses, but Ill get those done over the course of the next few days.

Retrainer is over.  I am once again, a highly trained, completely qualified Peace Officer for the state of Louisiana.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Retrainer Day 2

Defensive Tactics today.  Strikes, hits, kicks, take-downs, handcuffing.

Yeah it sucked.  I t always sucks, but it keeps us alive.  My shoulders are sore.

That is all.

Monday, June 04, 2018

38th Retrainer

I qualified with the handgun again today.  Not as highly as I would have liked  but I qualified.  My excuse is that Belle and I rolled in this morning at 1:30, after leaving Amarillo, TX yesterday at 2:00 p.m.  And, of course, the macular degeneration, which never helps.  At any rate,  I managed to squeak out a qualification, so I can keep my POST certification. 

Next, force-on-force training, which was really a lot better than I anticipated.  The training was more realistic, which is always nice.  They simulated an active-shooter in a school (and yes, we were using a real school), with simunition.  These are little paint balls that run in a Glock.  They're cooler than shit.

Anyway, the way the scenarios played out, one SRO played the SRO, and the active shooter showed up.  Other SROs were staged outside, and we practiced making up tams on the fly, just exactly like the real-world situation would play out as more cops showed up to respond to the radio transmissions.

The first scenario, when I entered the building, the SRO had already corned the goblin and settled his hash, so I helped clear the remaining portions of the building.

The second scenario, I was the second guy in the building,   I was coming down the hall as the goblin tried to  ambush the SRO, so I got a shot on him.  Hit him square n the ass, which isn't normally covered by armor.  That shot induced a charlie-horse in his upper leg, and he fell over, complaining mightily.

I sat out the third scenario, to let other people play.  The fourth scenario, the goblin got away from the SRO, so we started seeping for him.  He tried to ambush me, but I put two in his ribcage.  He once again fell over,   Hes a good guy and wouldn't have gone down if

Tomorrow is DT (Defensive Tactics).  DT SUcks, but we  need it to keep out certification.

Here's what the front of a training pickup looks like.

Retrainer continues.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

US Nationals, Day 2

Belle and I decided a few weeks ago, not to shoot the US Nationals, for reasons entirely our own.  However,  Grandson Zach wanted to shoot it, so we paid his fees.  This is his first year to step up from the youth to th Junior division, which mans h shoots with the men.  Yeah he's running with the big dogs now.  And, he's holding his won

After 8 rounds, he's lost three, which means he's still in the match.   A shooter has to lose four (4) before you are out of the match, and Zach, at the end of day one, only has three losses.  Experience counts, and  we'll see what happens tomorrow, but right now, h'e's still in it.

I put together a highlight reel.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Emo Pain

Oh, I saw this over at Wirecutter's and had to laugh.

Oh, yeah, I got bullied and called bad names.  Before breakfast.    We called it Basic Training.  Seven weeks, three days of bullying and name calling.Then I went to other units where there was more bullying and name calling.  Then, through discipline and performance I started to earn respect.

You want respect?  Earn it.  As for sympathy, that falls in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Death and Taxes

Our legislature is in special session trying to find revenue, and I say to them "Good Luck", but I hope they fail.  Really, I do.  The problem is, the bastards don't know how to set priorities.  And, when we hear about budget shortfalls, we hear about cuts to the LSU hospital system, which serves the uninsured and the Medicaid folks. 

I have little sympathy for folks without medical insurance, and I"ll be the first to day that I can be educated, but I never had free insurance when I was raising kids, and I paid doctor's bills.  Lots of doctor's bills. 

Somehow, over the last 40 years, we've come to the  idea that medical care is a right.  I disagree. Medical care, for the most part, is an economic transaction.  I don't trust the medical proession (with a few exceptions ) and I certainly don't trust government bureaucrats who think that they know more about medical care than my doctor.

As far as I'm concerned, the state should do three things.  1) fix the damned road, 2)  Run a prison system, and 3)....  Well maybe there are only two things.

We should put all of our money in roads and prisons.  We don't need a department of Education, we don't need a department of Health and Hospitals.  We don't need anything but a Highway department and a prison system.  Everything else is frivolous.  Think of all the money we'd save.

But, hey!  What do I know?  I'm just a taxpayer.