Thursday, December 16, 2021

Nearly Surgical

 Regarding the post below, and the recent polls that show many voters fear that crime is getting worse, with no end in sight, it may be time to reevaluate our posture.  On an individual basis, it is wise to not be a victim.  Don't go to those places where crime is rampant.  Maintain your situational awareness.  When faced with an uncomfortable situation, depart.

But, I've been thinking about those merchants who find themselves faced with smash-and-grab mobs, and I've been thinking about the nearly surgical precision of a good marksman with a suppressed .22LR rifle.  Many stores have a small office upstairs, overlooking the sales floor, and that might be a good place to over-watch the sales staff.  If a mob enters with bludgeons to smash the display cases, or threatens the sales staff, our marksman might be justified in placing shots into large muscle masses, like buttocks or thighs, or shoulders.   Think of those shots as marking rounds.  The police could canvas local emergency rooms to find anyone so marked, then arrest them.

I'm sure that the lawyers would go stone-crazy when approached with such a plan, but we do have the right to use force to defend lives and property.  If a miscreant shows up with lethal force, the marksman inn over-watch would be ideally suited to deal with that as well.  I'm just sayin'.


Termite said...

Jeff Cooper had the same idea concerning rioting/looting.

And I think the IDF once used just such techniques in Gaza until their high court stopped such actions.

Drew458 said...

Rent your own rooftop Koreans. Problem solved.

I don't know if could be retrofit to many stores, but an entrance hallway made from slab concrete with high speed auto-locking steel barrier gates might be a solution. Mob comes in, starts stealing. Hit the outer gate closing button. Mob takes stuff and tries to run out, hit the inner gate button. Trapped like rats in a cage. Next step is up to you.

Sabre22 said...

Shooting to wound in my opinion is not a good idea especially from a legal liability standpoint. Stores are PRIVATE businesses they could restrict access with barriers. Like they did with covid allow only a small number of people in the business at a time. They would have to modify entrances and exits and harden the whole building up.

Old NFO said...

Drew has it right. There 'are' some functional designs for 'mantraps' that are used for certain stores. I got a 'tour' of one near DC once. Interesting, in that it was totally innocuous, you have NO idea what it is until you're locked in. And it was big enough to hold probably six people.

BobF said...

I like the man-trap idea, but I also like the marking idea. However, it probably not only would be the lawyers up in arms, but also the insurance companies. But if the mob comes in with blunt instruments I would assume they mean lethal force to be applied to those in their way, a ressonable assumption I think in most jurisdictions. And any store owner who doesn't have a camera and recording system capable of face resolution is late the the program.

Anonymous said...

Excellent defensive mode. 22 cal is the right shoot for this type of arrangement. go for the parts of the body below the waist. Make it so they shit in a bag and piss thru a tube for the rest of their lives. Not shoot to kill but shoot remember. Become more savage than the savages. Let them leave with a small remembrance. Something they will live with for the rest of their lives.