Thursday, November 18, 2021

Want To Play A Game?

 Earlier this week, Fox News reported that rumors are swirling on the hill about the House of Representatives doing their due diligence on confirmation hearings.  

What?  The House doesn't d confirmation hearings.  Except for Vice President.

Two possible scenarios.  1) Kamala bails, leaving a vacancy to fill, or 2) Biden bails, making Kamala president, and a vacancy to fill.

So, the parlor game becomes:  Joe, Kamala, Nancy, or Chuck.  Who is still in office this time next year?

1 comment:

drew458 said...

the most frightening rumor I've read is that she'll resign - her poll #s are more than 10 points lower than Brandon's!!! - and be replaced by bootygig. And then slow Joe takes a dirt nap or strokes out, making the worst mayor of any small city in USA the next president.