Saturday, April 30, 2022

Kennedy questions Choudhury about anti-police comments in Judiciary

My senator, John Kennedy of Louisiana is a staunch advocate for conservative values.

Below, he questions a Biden nominee over her past statements and tries to discern what she truly believes.  It's quite illuminating.  This gal seems to believe that voter ID laws are racist and that cops kill unarmed black men every day.

She claims that those statements were made in an "advocacy" role, and has no basis in truth, simply that she was lying to make a point.  Now, Biden is nominating her for a judicial job.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Elon Trolls

 Ya gotta love this guy, he's trolling everyone now.  A screen grab from Fox News.

He also said he was going to buy McDonalds and fix the broken ice cream machines.

Friday Errands

 My old truck is inspected.  I was going to get lawnmower fuel today and noticed that the inspection sticker was out of date, but on reflection, it hadn't left my acre since it expired.  So, on the way to get fuel, I had it inspected. It's a 2001 F150 with nearly a quarter-million miles on it.  I need a truck, but I don't need a truck every day.  I normally drive a Honda Odyssey as my daily driver, but I don't like putting fuel cans or butane bottles in the passenger compartment of the van, so there is the truck.

After filling the gas can with non-ethanol fuel, I put the nozzle into the truck and ran it until it hit $50.  That put about half a tank of gas in the truck. Because I don't use the truck every day, I run non-ethanol in it so that I don't have to worry about the problems with corn-based fuel.

I'll wait another hour until the sun moderates, then crank the lawnmower.  Or, I may wait until morning.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

One Wonders

 One might wonder why I maintain that the FBI should be disbanded in it's entirety.

We hear a lot about "good" FBI agents.  They should start arresting the crooked agents and clean the agency up from the inside.  The agency must be cleaned from the inside, or disbanded entirely.  The "good" agents can take their choice.

Reminds Me of a Story

Reminds me of a story

During Desert Storm, shortly after I got there, I was running the MP shop for Fort Pok.  Most of the active MPs had been deployed, so the reservists started running the law enforcement mission.  Fort Polk had doubled in size over-night.

Just outside one of the gates was a Subway sandwich shop in a little strip mall.  The manager contacted us and asked if we could have an MP car roll thru the parking lot when they closed at midnight, to make sure that the daily deposit got safely into an employees vehicle.  He asked how any MPs I had on the night shift, and I told him 12.  He said that the employee closing the store would have 12 foot-long subs in a bag for the on-shift MPs.

Those guys and gals on the night shift ate a lot of Subway

That's Odd

 It seems that the Santa Fe Sheriff's Office has released some video that they obtained regarding the shooting on the Rust set when Alec Baldwin killed  the cinematographer.  

That is odd.  I can't imagine a Sheriff releasing video that might be used in a criminal prosecution.  Which begs the question: Will there be a criminal prosecution?

Odder than hell.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Disinformation Board

 What is this fresh hell?

The ink isn’t even dry on Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter and make speech free again, and the authoritarians in the Biden administration are nakedly acting to lock down the flow of information. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is creating a new agency called the Disinformation Governance Board.

Orwell's 1984 was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not a how-to manual. 

DHS should be disbanded in its entirety.  Give Immigration to Dept of Interior, and disband the rest of it.


 Several years ago, a decade or more, I was clearing a trail on a deer lease and cut a bodock sapling that I thought had character.  So, rather than putting i in the burn pile, I dropped it in the back of the pickup truck.  When I got home, I put it in the corner of the shop and forgot about it.

Bodock, or bodark, or bois d'arc is a hard wood when dried, with a lot of toughness.  It's springy, but not very. It is tough.  It makes great canes or walking sticks, because it so light and tough.  I put it away a decade or so ago, thinking it had character and would make a ice walking stick.  It may be time to do something with that piece of wood.  It is certainly seasoned.

I'll start scraping the bark off of it during odd moments and see what it turns in to.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

"Garry Owen

Belle and I were talking over cocktails this afternoon, and I was reminiscing about the Cavalry, and abut Garry Owen, and then I found this clip.

Suddenly, it got dust in here.  I guess I need to change the filters.

He Bought It

 It looks like Musk managed to make a deal to buy Twitter, and he prepared a statement that seems reasonable.

The Left is going crazy and revealing their true motives.  Suddenly, the Democratic party is opposed to fee speech and open transparency.  They know that they are going to have trouble controlling the narrative without pushback.  There are competing ideas that may gain traction outside the beltway.

I don't quite know how to break this to them, but those competing ideas have already gained traction.  Teir eco chamber has suddenly had a good opened into it, and the chaos of the outside is soon to invade their previously quiet space.

Monday, April 25, 2022

The Drama Continues

 I was piddling around int he shop today, working on a couple of projects, and I realized that I hadn't looked at the news.

It seems that Twitter may be poised to sell itself to Elon Musk.  That would cause quite a stir in the internets.

I'll be watching this.  Not much going on in the local area, with rain showers coming and going.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Remembering Spiro

 Spiro Agnew was the running mate for Richard Nixon and became the vice president of the United States. His experience may be instructive to the current political situation.

Joe Biden's poll numbers are in the doldrums, and his VP, Kamala Harris isn't helping things one bit.  Her poll numbers are even lower than Biden's and many speculate that a Harris presidency would be an even more spectacular failure than Biden's (if indeed, that is possible).  A Harris presidency does not seem to be in the books, failing a medical crisis in Biden's health.

When VP Agnew became embroiled in legal problems in 1973, he eventually pleaded no contest to charges of tax evasion and resigned his office "in the best interests of the nation".  Nixon accepted his resignation and appointed Gerald Ford to fill the remaining term.    Nixon eventually resigned and Ford served the remainder of Nixon's term as President.  This provides the framework for an orderly transition of power when the president cannot fill the entire term, and the person holding the vice presidency is completely unsuited to ascend to the office.

With Joe's mental facilities deteriorating, and the specter of a Harris presidency horrifying everyone in the country, it is instructive to look at the Agnew experience.

I am certainly not a political strategist, and no conspiracy theorists, but I acknowledge that history ofen rhymes.  I am left wondering how the puppet-masters will handle the situation after the midterms, and some possibilities intrigue me.

Sunday Morning Dawg

 Sitting on the deck.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Back In The Day

 I was scrolling through Instapundit and saw a picture that reminded me of an old acquaintance.

We called him Skinny.  He was a short statured, black drag queen, who hung around the old Belmont Hotel in Baton Rouge.  At the time I worked as a parole officer in north Louisiana.  When we went to Baton Rouge for training or a conference, we stayed at the Belmont, which was just blocks from the State Police Barracks.

Skinny sold sex fairly cheap, according to the BRPD guys who showed up to arrest him.  He was a frequent flyer at the Baton Rouge jail.  He was such a frequent flyer that when we got to Baton Rouge and he approached us, we would just "roll the gold" (show hi the badge) and he would scamper off.

When I saw that sign, I thought about ol' Skinny.  I wonder whatever happened to him?

Friday, April 22, 2022

Gotta Give Him Credit

 Ol' Joe from Scranton is getting a lot of credit in this blog lately.  Earlier this week, he got credit for simply being ambulatory.  Today, he's getting credit for surpassing Jimmah Carter's level of incompetence.  That's the headline at PJMedia:

“President Joe Biden has accomplished in just 14 months what many thought was impossible — surpassing President Jimmy Carter as the most incompetent steward of the American economy,” wrote Perry.

That is quite a record of accomplishment.  I'm old enough to remember Jimmah, and it was terrible.

Quoth For Truth



 Consider for a moment, the ridiculous image of a football team that could never play offense, or a baseball team that never came to bat.  You wouldn't expect those teams to ever win a game, because while defense is important, it doesn't put points on the board.  Consider that metaphor for a while.

 The Democrats don't mind winning.  They put points on the board all the time.  The latest kerfuffle over Disney is the best example.  Disney decided to get out of the entertainment business and get into politics, led by the woke mobsters.  The Florida legislature is pushing back, hard.  Disney is abut to lose their special governance district, potentially  costing the millions of dollars per year.  Some squishy Republicans are saying that this move is vindictive retaliation.  No, it's not.  It's politics.  Disney would have been fine if they had not ventured into the world where lots of people see them as a threat to the children.

We have been playing defense long enough.  It's time to play offense.  It's not enough to simply stop the woe mob.  It's a play right out of the Obama White House.  Punch back twice as hard.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Gota Give Him Credit

 As much and I detest and deplore Joe Biden, I've got to give him credit for one thing.  He may be the most corrupt president in modern US history, but there is one achievement that truly surprises me.

When he was elected, I though he would be dead in a year.  Elected as a place-holder president for the far left wing of his party, I fully expected that he would expire within the first year of his presidency, would be mourned appropriately, and Kamala would take over.

As I watch him stumble across the second year of his tenure, I am shocked that he still exhibits what my wife calls "vital signs".  That is, he still has pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.  Whatever his other problems (and they are myriad), he continues to get up in the morning.

I expect any day now to get up in the morning, pour my cup of coffee, and turn on the computer to find that Joe has died peacefully in his sleep.  At that point, I will wonder for a fleeting minute who put the pillow over his face.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hey, Netflix!

 Hey, Netflix!  I see your stock is tanking and your business seems to be heading down the tubes.

You gave some lame excuses about why your stock is tanking, including the war in Ukraine.  Bullshit.

I cancelled you several years ago, when you gave a contract to Obama. Who knew that I was an influencer?

One little phrase, Netflix.  Get Woke, Go Broke.  In a couple of years, your only relevance will be as a study case in Business schools around the country on how to mis-manage a company into bankruptcy.

Price hikes, poor content, a woke agenda.  It couldn't happen to amore deserving company.

Bite The Hand That Feeds You

 Even a surly junk yard dog knows better than to bite he hand that feeds him.  Disney Corp may soon learn that lesson.  Disney has got themselves into a pissing contest with the state of Florida over a parental rights bill that sent the woke mob into a tizzy.  Disney's statement:

“Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ [sic] bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law,” Disney said in a statement. “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that. We are dedicated to standing up for the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ members of the Disney family, as well as the LGBTQ+ community in Florida and across the country.”

Disney needs to stay in their lane.  It is one thing to tacitly support a thing, it's another to actively get in a fight with a state that extends some fairly lucrative tax benefits  Disney is favored in some old legislation that extended some tax and governance benefits, What the legislature gives, the legislature can take away.

Disney should carefully consider how the loss of he Reedy Creek Improvement District may affect their bottom line.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Angst and Anguish

 Oh, the outrage from some on the Left, concerning the judge's ruling on the mask mandate.  Let's look at a few, shall we?

This is precisely the way it us supposed to work.  The CDC fudged the rules that let the d things, and a federal judge called bullshit.  We on the right are upset when a federal judge ignores the Constitution and the applicable law to uphold a liberal wet-dream and you on the Left are apoplectic when a federal judge calls bullshit on your favorite stalking horse.  That is the way the game works.

Then, there is this whiny post from some doc who thinks that her patient's rights trump mine.

That's sad, doc, but if she is immune compromised, maybe she should stay home.  If life is hard, hers just got harder, and while I can empathize with her, I have no sympathy.  Nobody wept for me last September in Phoenix when I was moving between terminals, gasping for air, and trying to make a connection.

On the other hand, doc, you totally missed the point.  The CDC exceeded their authority.  The judge called bullshit on the mandate.  I would think that someone with as many credentials behind their name would have taken a high school civics class, but I may be wrong.  Go back to your college and demand a refund.  They obviously didn't educate you.

UPDATE** Whatever commented, and it was pretty reasonable, I considered posting it, but then he drooped an F-bomb and I deleted it.  So, Whatever, good try, and keep commenting.  As long as it is reasonable, rational, and not obscene, I'll consider it.

Travel Mask Mandate Ends

 The show-rolling horror show that we have endured for the past two years may finally be coming to an end.  One of the last governmental over-reach was ended yesterday by a federal judge who struck down the mandate that kept people masked on public transportation.

Upon receipt of the order, TSA folded up like a cheap pocket knife.  I'm sure that it is a great  relief to them to be able to stop enforcing what was clearly a bullshit directive.

The order is here.

The one takeaway from the Court's ruling is that even if he government acts with the best of intentions during a public health emergency, it cannot go beyond the limits that the legislature sets on the governments authority.  The mask mandate was unlawful at its inception and remains unlawful.  The White House and the CDC never had the authority or impose a mask mandate, even at the beginning, and they do not have that authority now.

Monday, April 18, 2022


 Okay, let me get this straight.

If Elon Musk buys Twitter, it will be the end of free speech?  Is that what I'm hearing from the Left?

If Republicans manage to recapture the Congress this fall, it will be the end of democracy?  How does that make any sense?

Republicans cant get cocky.  We have to stay on message, we have to make strong arguments.  Basically, we have to point at high gas prices, inflation, open borders and all the other disasters that the Democrats have led us into.  But more importantly, we need a message with a plan. 

The Democrats message is patently illogical.  We need, at least, a message of sanity.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 I realize that I didn't post a Sunday Dawg last week, and I apologize to the fans.  He did get a tri plast week, and he seems to be a bit more comfortable.

At least the hair is out of his eyes, and he can see to pester Belle and I.  

After the trim, Belle upgraded his halter.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Who Is We?

 I'm sure you've seen the unfortunate incident where the former vice-president tried to shake hands with thin air.  If not, you can watch it here.

Then, the former vice-president was asked if he was ready to go to Ukraine, and he said he was.  The only problem is that Jen Psaki walked it back, sayinng that "We are not sending the president to Ukraine."

Really, Jen?  Who is We, and when did you get to make those decisions??

Who is running the country and when did the press-critter decide to make decisions for the President?

Friday, April 15, 2022

Moskva Sinks

 It is impossible to know, given the fog of war and the propaganda associated, but it appears that the Moskva, pride of the Baltic fleet, is now a destination for glass bottomed bots.and recreational divers.

It seems that the Ukrainians fired a couple of Neptune anti-ship missiles.  At some point later, the skipper gave the order to abandon ship.  She was taken under tow, and during a storm, she sank.

What caused her to sink?  I a totally ignorant of naval surface warfare, and even less knowledgeable about crew damage control, but I will bet that those missiles were  contributing factor.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Now What'cha Gonna Do?

 There is no doubt that Elon Musk has thrown a rhetorical, financial hand-grenade into the board room at Twitter.  The media is all over this thing.  I'm told that there is a board meeting this afternoon to consider the offer.  I would love to be a bug on the wall.

His offer is pretty straight-forward.  A simple cash buy of the whole company.  I am sure that the investors are intrigued, and the board has to do what is in the best financial interests of the shareholders.  However, Elon says that if his offer is rejected, he may have to re-consider his stake in the company.

If I weren't on a low-carb diet, I'd be popping popcorn right now.

Have Missiles Made Tanks Obsolete?

 That is the question that Stephen Green asks in his PJMedia column.  And, its a good question.

I was a tank officer for many years, and that question has been asked since the tank's unveiling in World War I.  Lots of folks over the years have talked about the demise of the tank.  And, it's true that a bunch of Russian tanks have been burned out i Ukraine.  Missiles can do a number on a tank.  Since the invention of the man-portable antitank missile in the '70s, armored warfare has been a continued source of innovation and reaction.  

The infantry loves tanks on the battlefield..  They call tanks "missile magnets", because a couple of tans on the battlefield tend to focus the enemy firepower.  The enemy wants those tanks knocked out, and they will pretty much ignore the foot soldier until the armored vehicles are defeated.

But, there is still a place for a tank on the battlefield.  It's impossible to carry as much raw firepower as a single tank routinely carries. It's why Stormiin' Norman led with the tanks in his end-run around the Iraqi army.

People have asked for generations if the tank is obsolete.  I do know that there is nothing that concentrates raw offensive power n the way that a company of tanks does.  It's all in how you employ them.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Well Played, Sir!

 It seems that Texas governor Greg Abbott is making good on his boast to bus illegal migrants to the streets of Washington DC.

A bus from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning, transporting dozens of illegal immigrants as part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new plan to counter federal immigration policies during an ongoing border crisis.

It may have been only severla dozen, but it sends a message.  I think that all the migrants should head to Washington DC and camp out on the White House lawn.  Or to Delaware.  Or wherever Kamala lives. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tax Day

 I spent the morning doing my annual patriotic chore.  I may start drinking early today.

I have to write them a check, I have for the past ten years.  I don't take out enough to cover the full tax burden, because I don't want them to use my money tax-free all year.  That refund you get isn't free money.  If you get a refund, you are sending in too much.

Funny thing is, Belle and I are comfortable, but not extravagant.  Our total fed tax bite is more than I made a lot of years.  The amount of pay I drew as a shavetail tank lieutenant is about half of what I pay in federal taxes each year..  Our tax bite is amazing.

It's enough to make a fellow want to throw his hat in the creek.

Monday, April 11, 2022



Monday Update

 What did we miss while we were relaxing this weekend?

Elon Musk decided not to join the board at Twitter.  He's a smart guy, and I'm sure tht he gamed this decision based on his own best interests.

Disney Inc is still in the news.  I think that Disney tried to move the needle too quickly and forgot who their core customer base is.  They have entered into a political fight that they should have avoided.

Ukraine is learning the Israel lesson.  They are learning who they can count on, and who they cannot count on.  More particularly, they are learning that to survive, they have to depend on each other.

History does not always repeat, but it rhymes.  In the shot term sense I am struck by the lesson that Lee learned at Gettysburg.  The Russians are learning the same lesson.  It's harder to coordinate from outside the hook than it is to defend from inside he hook.  One would think in this age of near-instant communications that this would not be true, but inside lies are always easier to coordinate than outside lines.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Reba's Pan

 After Belle's mother died last month, some of the family was at her house, cleaning and trying to figure out what to do with a lifetime of living.  Jane took an old skillet that she remembered from her youth.  It is a heavy stainless steel pan.   It did not have a handle oh it, but we could see where the handle once attached.

I remember from my youth, a traveling salesman going door-to-door selling this cookware.  He would sell them individually or as a set.  It was good quality, stainless cookware, and lots of the ladies in our neighborhood bout a set.  We're talking early 1960s.  Belle wanted to have the pan rehab'd, so she asked a buddy of ours if he could put a handle on it.  This particular friend owns a machine shop, and he told Belle he would see what he could do.

Belle thinks he did a smash-up job, and now the pan is ready tor another generation of service. The handle is knurled aluminum, threaded into the original boss, and covered with some sort of heavy shrink-wrap.  It is ready for another generation of service.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Learning About Video

During a practice session this morning, we started playing around with camera angles, taking baby steps to learning what we need to know to have a live-feed at our state shoot in July.

After several false starts, we got a camera angle we liked and produced a short video that we could look at and critique. For a bunch of rednecks with a cheap webccam, a ladder, and a roll of duct tape, I think it turned out okay.  We''ll learn from it.

Friday, April 08, 2022

The Ukraine Shovel Video

Jonathan H asked in comments if I had seen the Ukraine shovel video.  I had not, so I went looking for it.

Yep, that is the way an Army uses a shovel.

Dig In!

 It's a common Infantry practice.  When you stop, dig a hole. From the breastworks of the Civil War, to the trenches of WWI to the foxholes of WWII and Vietnam.  Dig In!  Anything that will stop a bullet, or provide protection against horizontal fire.  It's one of the reasons that I left what I call the "walking-around" army and got into the "riding-around" army.  I hate digging holes.  Still, it's a common infantry practice.

Now we are learning that the Russian army dug in around the Chernobyl nuke plant.

When rumors swirled that Russian troops who had occupied Chernobyl were being treated for radiation poisoning, experts scoffed. Yes, they said, Russians (and Ukrainians) in the vicinity would have been exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation as movement in the area kicked radioactive dust up into the air. And yes, if the reports were true that the Russians had spent time in the no-go zone known as the “Red Forest,” then they might expect to walk away with a higher long-term risk of cancer than the average person. But radiation sickness requires a truly massive dose. And besides, why the hell would they be digging trenches in the Red Forest? Surely they’d know better than to surround themselves with Chernobyl’s most toxic soil.

The link above has drone footage of fresh earthworks outside the plant.  In some of the most heavily contaminated soil in the world. 

Just Damn.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Old Dog, New Tricks

 I'm trying to learn to webcam, so that I can live-feed the finals at Louisiana State in July.  I have an el-cheapo webcam that will probably suffice, but it may not.  What I do know right now is that there is a helluva lot that I do not know.  It's a case of an old dog, learning new tricks.

Is there a fairly easy, free app I can get to help with things like color balance?  And one in which I can see the feed before I go live?  This is a case where I know that there is a lot I don't know, but I feel like I have the time to dip my toe in the water before the big event.

Mug Shots

 There is a bill advancing in the Louisiana legislature that would prohibit the release of booking photos (mug shots) prior to conviction.  I'm not sure how I feel about tht.

On the one hand, arrest records are pubic information, subject to public inspection. As a rookie officer I was taught that arrest records are public because we are not the KGB, and if we arrest someone, we don't make a secret of it, and the booking photo is a part of that record.

On the other hand, I understand that arrested persons are not yet convicted of anything, so a presumption of innocence applies.  Many news outlets splash booking photos across the headlines, causing problems for people who are later acquitted.

I see both sides of the argument, and I'm willing to be convinced.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Second Sacramento mass shooting suspect charged with possession of a mac...

Yep, prohibited persons.  Those were th ones who opened fire in downtown Sacramento this weekend.

Sacramento Police announced a third arrest Tuesday afternoon. Authorities say Daviyonne Dawson, 31, was caught on camera wielding a firearm after the shooting, 

It has been my experience as a long-tie police officer, that if you have trouble pronouncing a suspect's first name, or if it is amusing to try to pronounce it, he's probably a good suspect.  I'm sure that there are exceptions to that rule, good, honest people who simply have to deal with a f**cked up first name, but they are the exception to that rule.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Yes, Indeed

 juvat asked in comments:

Could you explain "Prohibited Person, please? (And excuse my ignorance?)

Yes, indeed.  A prohibited person is anyone, due to age or legal prescription, who is unable to own or possess a firearm due to state or federal law.  The most common examples are felons, drug addicts, or juveniles in some jurisdictions.  Basically, if you cannot pass the background check, you are a prohibited person.  This is an over-simplification, but it works well enough for this discussion.

If you cannot legally own or posses a firearm, you are a prohibited person.

Not Feeling It

 Nothing really to blog about today.  The world is crazy, but it has been crazy for months and I am neither amused nor outraged at anything happening today.

Biden dropped a gun control grenade yesterday, but I am not even enraged abut that.  He is simply barking at the moonbats, and it has no chance of going anywhere.  It' ain't happening, forget abut it.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Scope Bite Is A Real Thing

This is a food review channel that I enjoy.  In this episode, Sonny goes to Alabama to try wild pig.  In the opening minutes, he gets scope bite. Five stitches worth of scope bite.  I have to give him props, though, because the nex morning, he's out hunting.

Sacramento Shooting

 Drinking coffee on Monday, I click to the news feed and see  that the Sacramento shooting has "prohibited person" written all over it.  The death toll is still at 6, with 12 wounded.  Police Chief Lester says that investigators are continuing to interview witnesses, collect evidence, and are looking for multiple suspects.

Investigators were interviewing a number of witnesses and located hundreds of pieces of evidence from the scene, including a stolen handgun, Lester said.

The first 24 hours are crucial to any investigation of this type. That is not a critique of the officers working this case, it's simply a statement of fact.  After a while, even the best investigator runs out of steam.  After the first 24 hours, it becomes a grind of double-checking and waiting for the labs to process evidence.

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Would You Fly A Harley?


 It's being widely reported that there was a mass casualty event in Sacramento, CA this morning.  Six are dead and at least 10 injured in what is being reported as a mass shooting.

We know the What, When, Where, but don't yet know the Who, or Why. Or many details on the How.  We will wait for those and keep an eye on this thing.

And, of course, offer our prayers and condolences to those affected.

Sunday Morning Dawg

 I said last week that the dog needed a grooming, but when I started calling around, found out that dog groomers are in bigger demand than barbers. I can walk into a barber shop and get a haircut in just a few minutes, but dogs need appointments.

Below is the "before" shot.  He has an appointment for Tuesday.  I broached the idea of doing it myself, but Belle quashed the motion.

We'll see how he looks Tuesday afternoon.

Saturday, April 02, 2022

New Crater On Mars

 It appears that something slammed into Mars recently.

A powerful camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter — a satellite orbiting the red planet — spotted a relatively recent impact site on the Martian surface. The spacecraft detected a dark spot on the ground, and then the high-resolution camera (called the High-Resolution Imaging Experiment) snapped the detailed shot.

That is just cool.


That Disney Kerfuffle

 I've been seeing hits and pieces of that Disney kerfuffle, but haven't paid attention to it because I don't have a dog in he hunt.  I don't do Disney, and I feel like that they can do what they want to do on their own property.  But, it seems like they are going straight woke.

...executive producer Latoya Raveneau laid out Disney’s ideology in blunt terms. She said her team was implementing a ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’ and regularly  ‘adding queerness’ to children’s programming. Another speaker, production coordinator Allen Martsch, said his team has created a ‘tracker’ to ensure that they are creating enough “canonical trans characters, canonical asexual characters, [and] canonical bisexual characters.’ 

Well, okay then.  If Disney wants to go full-on gay and trans, that's their choice.  I don't necessarily agree that it's a good idea, but again, I don't have a dog in the hunt.  I don't have to give Disney my money, and I'm sure that a lot of people feel the same way. 

Disney's problem is that they have been operating under a special agreement with the state of Florida sine way-back-when.  And, when they came out against the Parental Rights act,  Florida noticed and is considering repealing the act that lets Disney act as it's own governing agency.

Again, I don't have a dog n that hunt, but Disney should pay attention to what is going on around them.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Did The Ukes Blow Up A Fuel Depot

 It's being widely reported that a fuel depot inn Belgorod, a Russian town, went u in smoke last night..  Reports claim that two MI-24 helicopters were seen in the area.

The question becomes:  Were these Russian or Ukrainian helicopters.  If Russian, it is a false-flag operation.  If Ukrainian, a fuel depot is a valid military target.

Either way, soe Russian general just lost a bunch of fuel. Armies run on fuel, food, and munition.