Sunday, July 14, 2024

Tree of Liberty

 Three people were injured at the Trump rally by gunfire from the lunatic on the roof.  One dead on the scene, two injured. Those three have watered the tree of Liberty with their own blood.  Let us not forget the role they played, and the sacrifice they made.  I'm sure that we will learn their names in the coming hours or days, 

If Biden has any honor left in his decrepit body, he would immediately award then the Presidential Medal of Freedom. They are much more deserving than the political hacks who seem to get that medal.

Saturday, July 13, 2024


 I'm watching the news about the Trump shooting.

Political violence is never the answer.  The shooter is to be condemned in the strongest terms.  We don't know who he is at this point.

CBS is calling this a "strategic failure" of the security detail.  I'm not going to blame the security detail.  There may have been a failure, but I know how these things happen.  This is the shooter's fault.  I understand that the shooter is dead, but we don't yet know who he was, which tells me that he wasn't a Republican.

Now is not the time for retribution.  We'll take that in the ballot box.  I'm just now hearing that the shooter was 200-300 yards away, using an AR style rifle.  We'll learn more later.

What strikes me as odd, CBS is not referring to the AR style rifle as a "high powered" cartridge.

Here is waht I'm listening to right now.

As we learn more, I'll have more.  I'd really like to learn how they reveal the identity and background of the shooter.

We'll learn more tomorrow.

Donald Trump Survives Assassination Attempt at Rally - LIVE Megyn Kelly ...

This Madness, This Cycle

Between normal day-to-day, and going to the doctor's office, I am struck by how weird this election cycle is getting.  It's so weird that even the Babylon Bee is stymied.

Every Republican I know wants Joe to stay in the race.  Popcorn sales are up, we're just watching the steady decline of a man who has won the Democrat nomination, fair and square.  Yet, there is an active coup d'├ętat among the mainstream media, Hollywood, and some members of Congress.  It's stunning to watch.

Biden went through the primary process, say about it what you might, but he won the delegates.  He deserves the nomination.  Yet, they are actively plotting against him,   Trying to disenfranchise millions of voters who pulled the lever for Biden.  This is the party that tells us that democracy is at stake?

Trump, on the other hand, is simply sitting back, watching this unfold.  To paraphrase a great military mind, Never interrupt your opponent when he is destroying himself.

I really ned to run to the store and pick up some more popcorn.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

It's Messy

 Joe's campaign is falling apart, even after the Monday letter where he doubled-down on staying in the race. Reports are coming in that Dr. Jill is the stumbling block, keeping Joe in the race.  She doesn't want to go.

It appears that the Democrat establishment is coming more closely to the simple fact that Joe no longer has what it takes to lead the country, much less to beat Trump.  The entire Democrat establishment has enabled this old geezer to get as far as he has gotten, but the debate two weeks ago showed the world that Father Time has caught up with Joe.

Joe told George Whathisname that only a message form God would take him out of the race.  Joe has a hgh-stakes presser this afternoon.  Everyone is going to be watching for any crack inthe armor, but I suspect that the armor has worn thin.  Joe still has the delegates, but later today it may become apparent to every delegate that they cannot in good conscience cast a vote for Joe.

Democracy is messy.  The next two weeks smacks of one connotational crisis after another.

I wonder who Trump is going to pick for his VP?  And, if the Angel Gabriel is going to show up at the debate tonight?

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Doctor's Appointments

 Nothing major, but a bunch of routine appointments in our near future.  I an the sibling that takes my Mom to her appointments, and I am happy to be able to do that.  Belle has a couple of appointments in the next couple of weeks, and Mom has at least one (I'll have to re-check the calendar), and I have a couple.

This getting old crap keeps us busy, just going to the sawbones offices.  I can recall a ten year period when I never cast a shadow on a medical office.  Come to think of it, this all started after I had been dating Belle for a while.  She's an RN and talked me into going to the doc simply to establish a baseline.

This is all her fault.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

The Plot Thickens

 So, the New York Times is reporting that a noted physician who specializes in motor diseases has been regularly visiting the White House.  The guy is the leading doc in Parkinson's disease.  But, the reporting from the White House doc leads to more questions than it answers.

For example:

Instead, Dr. O’Connor implied that most of Dr. Cannard’s visits were related to treating other people who work at the White House. “Prior to the pandemic, and following its end, he has held regular neurology clinics at the White House Medical Clinic in support of the thousands of active-duty members assigned in support of White House operations,” Dr. O’Connor wrote.

First question:  Why do we have thousands of active duty service members assigned to the White House?  I could see a couple of hundred, but thousands? 

Second question:  How many of then have Parkinson's?  Jeez, it sounds like an epidemic?

I sincerely doubt that we have thousands of "active duty members" assigned to the White House, who all have Parkinson's.  A more complete explanation is in order.

Monday, July 08, 2024

Biden Staying In

Driving to town this morning, I heard the news that Biden has told Democrats that he is staying in the race   Here's the deal.  He went through the primary process, and whatever else you may think about it, he won the delegates.  He is the only one who can release them.  It's his decision.  I'm sure that he was counseled by Jill, who really likes living in the White House, and by Hunter, who knows that when Dead retires, the gravy train is over.

Biden is convinced that he is the only person on the planet who can beat Donald Trump.  We all recall that Trump has been in only two political races in his life.  He won one and lost one.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris.  That should make the Democrats sleep better tonight.

Beryl Ashore

 Beryl coma ashore southwest of Houston, TX this morning as a Cat 1 hurricane.  Not a particularly big storm, as hurricanes go.  It is probably a tropical storm as I type this and will quickly downgrade as it passes over land.

For those who have never been in the path of a hurricane, it is hard to imagine how large these storms are.  I went to Google maps and measured a straight line distance.  The eye of Beryl is currently 285 miles from us in central Louisiana but it is affecting our weather here this morning.  As the storm moves north today, we will get a little rain, but we're not expecting much wind.

By tomorrow, tis thing will be a remnant, dumping rain on the Midwest.

Sunday, July 07, 2024

Constitutional Carry

 As one commenter noted, on July 4th, Louisiana became the 29th state to adopt Constitutional Carry.

Very nice to find out that Louisiana is now the 29th constitutional carry state. Somehow the tv news media here in the NE missed this story completely!

Honestly, it wasn't much of a story here either.  Louisiana is so very gun-friendly that this law was more of a hat-tip to culture than anything else.  It certainly won't change behavior.  


 Storm Beryl is barreling toward the Texas coast.  By all appearances, it should make landfall near Matagorda Bay and promptly devolve into a rain maker.  Landfall is expected sometime during the overnight hours.

 Beryl is still a dangerous storm, but it should move fairly quickly, bringing rain to most of Texas and then north towards the Midwest.