Friday, July 23, 2021

House Votes to Evacuate Afghan Helpers

 Hot Air is reporting that the House has voted to allow the evacuation of those Afghan citizens who helped the US military during the 20-year struggle in that country.  They served as translators and in other capacities, and some of them were vital to our operations.

Now, they are being hunted like animals and deserve our help in getting our.  It's the right thing to do.  We can debate whether or not we should ever have been engaged in that country, but to abandon our allies to their fate would be the ultimate cruelty.

Lawn Mower Blues

 My damned lawnmower.  It's causing me to have the blues.  One small strip of grass left to ow this morning, and it dies.  Just dies.  No warning, it's like someone turned off the switch.  And now, it won't even try to start.  It's like it got tired and said "The Hell With It."

I don't know what I'm going to do with that damned thing.  I'm inside cooling off now.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Facebook Frivolity

 It seems that the Biden administration has asked Facebook to crack down on unwanted social media posting, which means postings that they don't like.  This has led to some interesting frivolity.  A gardening  group was discussing implements to week a garden, and the monitors cracked down on it.

Facebook flagged the word hoe in a gardening group.

Of course, every gardener should be familiar with a hoe.  Sometimes we use a spade for prep and a hoe for maintenance.   And what do we use to maintain both the spade and the hoe?  Why a flat bastard, of course.

I can play these games all day.

Meet The Senators

 Meet the senators in Louisiana who voted against their constituents wishes and went with the Governor on Constitutional Carry.

It was a brazen ploy.  They voted for the bill in the regular session, suspecting that the Governor would veto it, but they could go home and tell their constituents that they voted for it, and make the Governor the bad guy.  But, the people of Louisiana demanded a veto session, and the Constitutional Carry bill failed by two votes in the Senate.  We will never know if it would have passed int he House, because these Senators voted against it.

I don't know why Louie Bernard voted against it, but I always thought that he was a stand-up guy.  I know now that I was seriously wrong about him.

Judas John , on the other hand, didn't even bother to show up for the vote.  He had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and claimed that his doctor wouldn't let him attend.  That is a flimsy excuse.  What we do know, and was confirmed by the Governor, is that he is the lead candidate for the State Gaming Board.  Judas Johns should remember that he has to be confirmed by the Senate, and he has pissed off a bunch of Senators.

These five guys are despicable.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Louisiana Republicans Fail Again

 The Louisiana Republicans had an opportunity to succeed today,and once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  With an overwhelming majority in the House, they failed to swing two Democrats in voting to protect little girls from playing sports against men.  Really, it was that simple.

Once again, the Republican leadership failed, which casts derision on the entire Republican party.  Failure is their byword.

I have expressed my displeasure with my elected representative, whom I now consider a laughing-stock.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Veto Session

 The Louisiana State Legislature meets today to commence a veto override session after Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed a number of bills after the legislative session. Many outlets are calling this an "historic" session, but it is historic only because it is the first one we've ever had.  The Constitution requires it if the governor vetoes a bill, but the legislators can vote to skip the session.  In the past, they have done so.

The Louisiana legislature is heavily Republican, but many of those are RINO Republicans.  Governor Edwards calls himself a moderate Democrat, but I call him a patty tyrant who does the bidding of the DNC.

Two vetoes that pissed off everybody are the driving force behind this session.  One bill that protects our daughters and grand-daughters from competing against males in sports, and another that acknowledges our God-given right to bear arms.  The grass-roots outrage over these vetoes was so loud that our legislature could not ignore the cries for justice.

However, the Governor has huge power to withhold money for pet projects and he has projected considerable influence to try and derail this session.  He did not succeed, but his minions are making back-room deals to try and derail the votes on individual bills.  By the end of this week, we will know which legislators stood firm and which could be bought.  We'll know which are patriots and which are unspeakable pond scum.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Drive-Thru Daiquiri

 The kids were in last week, and evidently they forgot about a quaint custom we have here, the drive-thru daiquiri shop.

Here's how it works.  The business gets a liquor license and buys the equipment.  The customer drives up and orders.  The bartender makes it up and puts it in a container with a lid. At that point it is package liquor. The customer gets a straw as part of the package.  As long as the straw is not in the lid, it is not an open container.  What happens after the customer leaves the parking lot is between their conscience and the local constabulary. You are on the honor system.

In the photo above, that's my daughter-in-law rediscovering the joys of a drive-thru daiquiri shop.  These things are all over Louisiana and do a thriving business. Even at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

Weekend WrapUp

 It was a busy weekend here on PawPaw's acre.  We hosted a birthday party for Belle's mother, who successfully made it to 100.  A whole century.

While we were partying, it seems that some of the Texas Democrats who fled Austin to perfect malfeasance in Washington DC, came down with gonorrhea Covid.  Coincidentally, after meeting with those same Texas Democrats, our Vice President had a cautionary visit to Walter Reed.  Purely routine, I'm sure.  I bet that they gave her a gonorrhea Covid swab while she was there.

On the other coast, the LA cops (those who are left), finally got a gut-full of silly-assed Antifa protesters and opened an old-fashioned can of Whoop Ass.

But, the big news around here this weekend was the Century birthday party.

I had one good friend keeping a headcount and she came up with 70 attendees.  There was lots of food,lots of neck-hugging, and lots of good-natured enjoyment.

This was the largest crowd we've had in the shop since we built it, and I'm pleased to say that the air conditioners held up just fine through the whole affair.  It was a very festive event.

Today, the main focus will be converting the shop from a party house back into a working wax bullet range.  I'm in no particular hurry, but we do have a club shoot this weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Opposition? Not So Much

 Yahoo News is asking how Republican opposition to the Covid vaccine got to this point?

And this past week, Republican state lawmakers in Tennessee successfully pressured health officials to stop outreach to children for all vaccines. The guidance prohibits sending reminders about the second dose of a COVID vaccine to adolescents who had received one shot and communicating about routine inoculations, like the flu shot.

I can't speak for all Republicans, but I do believe that the vaccination effort has become extremely politicized, and I believe that a child's medical treatment,including vaccines should be a decision between the parent and the family doctor. 

For the record, both Belle and I have gotten the vaccine.  Many of our friends and neighbors have likewise gotten the vaccine.  Some have not, and that is okay,to.  It's a personal decision that each adult should make.

So, to all my liberal friends out there, we get it.  The vaccine is readily available and free for the asking.  However, the FDA has not yet approved it, and in fact it is still under an emergency use authorization.  We will learn abut its safety and effectiveness in the coming years, and the decision to get it should be between each adult and their physician.  

Quit making it about politics.

Friday, July 16, 2021


 Grandson Elyas is in for a visit.  He and his folks live in Los Alamos, NM, and cane in for a week to see family.  Elyas has expressed an interest in aviation.  My buddy Termite is an aviator, so I asked Termite if he would show Elyas around.

The weather wasn't conducive to flight, but we did get to hang out in the hangar and explore Termite's Cessna 172.

It was time well spent.  Elyas got to ask a bunch of questions, and explore a small airplane.  He wiggled the yoke and waggled the rudder petals, and went over all the instruments on the panel.  It was a morning well spent.

Thanks, Termite!