Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gain of Function Research

Instapundit links to an article that says our own Dr. Fauci was ...
Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with Millions of U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research
The linked article goes on to describe Gain of Function research as:
 “Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release. SARS-CoV-2 , the virus now causing a global pandemic, is believed to have originated in bats. U.S. intelligence, after originally asserting that the coronavirus had occurred naturally, conceded last month that the pandemic may have originated in a leak from the Wuhan lab. (At this point most scientists say it’s possible—but not likely—that the pandemic virus was engineered or manipulated.)”
It appears that Dr. Fauci chose poorly.

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 46

On this beautiful Thursday afternoon on Day 46 of the Covid lockdown, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health for the numbers.

We currently have 28,001 total reported cases.  That's 341 more than yesterday.
Fatalities tally at 1862.  That's 60 more than yesterday.
Hospitalizations continue at 1602, that's 27 less than yesterday.  Of t those, 231 are on a ventilator.  That number continues to drop as well.

I've been making leaflet drops on my State Senator.  He talked like a real conservative when he campaigned last year, but I'm not hearing much out of him right now.  Evidently, his office isn't getting mail from the US Post Office.  That's the excuse his assistant is giving me, and frankly, I'm not sure why we hired this guy.

Our Governor met with President Trump yesterday, and he's making hay out of that visit.  It will be interesting to see what he reports today.

Forty Four Years

On this day in 1975, the national prestige of the United States in Vietnam had contracted to a single rooftop, a pinpoint landing zone where American helicopters were extracting as many allies as we could from a nation in collapse.

Helicopter pilot O.B. Harnage reaches out to help Vietnamese evacuees escape Saigon on April 29, 1975.
I was a college senior, doing all the final things preparatory to graduation, and about to accept a commission as an Army officer.  Gerald Ford was President.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Woods Holster

In Cowboy Fast Draw, we're always looking for an edge.  An edge in competition, anything to take another hundredth of your time.  And, the rules are very spectific for holsters and guns.

A year or so ago, my son cane by and dropped off a holster he had built as a woods-cruising holster.  I put it in the holster box and forgot about it.  Today, digging through dunnage, I spotted it and took it out.  Strapped it on.  It fit well.  It felt good.  I finished straightening the bench and dropped a revolver in it. 

Then I took it off and inspected it carefully for violations of CFDA rules.   I measured the cant ad all the little details.  It falls withing the rules, so I turned on the range, grabbed some ammo, and strolled to the line.

I normally shoot in the 6s, which is six-tenths of a second.  When the light came on I drew and fired.  0.713.  Not bad for a new holster.  Second shot was a miss.  Third shot was 0.573, not too shabby.  Fourth shot was 0.580.  Fifth shot was 0.620.  I cleared the revolver and put the ammo away.

This season has been a disappointment due to the covid scare.  The next scheduled shoot is in Amarillo, the first week of June.  I believe I'll shoot this holster in Texas and again in Louisiana in August.  My old Ken's holster will go in the "extra" bag for club shooters.

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 45

On day 45 of the pandemic, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health to see how we're doing.

Total cases today recorded at 27,660. That's 374 more cases than yesterday's total.
The Dept hasn't update recoveries for three days, we're stuck at 17,303.
Fatalities are recorded at 1802.  That is 44 more than yesterday.
Hospital census is 1629, which is 37 less than yesterday.

Our petty tyrant governor met with the President today.  He leaves Louisiana for a press event, while much of Louisiana is in open revolt.  Some parish governments are considering reopening against his advise.  The citizens of Louisiana are tired of his shenanigans and slowly relegating him to the status of irrelevant.  His administration is trying to hold it together, but I don't know how long they can hold the line.

There are reports everywhere of Louisiana hospitals operating at severely reduced capacity, to the pint where they are furloughing nurses and staff because of so many empty beds.  We started this so as not to overwhelm the medical capacity, and they are not overwhelmed.  Much the contrary.  Local nurses here in Rapides parish tell the same story.


I passed through Camp Beauregard yesterday.  Camp Beauregard is a post of the Louisiana National Guard in Pineville, LA.  As a retired officer I have access to post facilities.

When I approached the gate, I greeted the MPs at the gate, showed them my ID.  The Sergeant at the gate (wearing a mask) pointed a little device at my ear and took my temp.  98.4, and she waved me through.  So far, so good.

I proceeded to the post barber shop and walked to the door to find it locked.  A notice on the door told me that the barber shop was closed until the Covid has passed.

What?  When I entered the service in 1973, the very first thing the Army did to me was cut my hair.  They were serious, and it was mandatory.  During my entire career, I enforced the hair regulations.  Period.  Once a month I sat in a barber chair and complied with a regulation that made sense.  Soldiers were clipped and clean-shaven.  Shortly before my retirement in 1998, I stopped by the brber shop and got right.  It was the military thing to do.

I need to call the Post Sergeant Major and ask him what kind of pissant post he's running.  I am outraged.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 44

Belle and I have been doing improvements on the hospitality of our shop today, adding another refrigerator and tying in an ice maker.  We've been busy.

We turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health for today's covid numbers.
We have 27,286 cases reported today. An increase of 183 cases
Fatalities to date are 1758.  That's 61 of our neighbors who passed away.
Hospital census today is 1666, that's 17 less than yesterday.  Of those, 244 are on ventilators, a fair decrease since yesterday.
17,303 Louisianans have recovered from Covid-19.

By every rational standard, we're through the worst and our case count is declining.

I was listening to Moon Griffon (a talk show about Louisiana politics), and it seems that the legislature is pissed.  Evidently Governor Edwards told them that he intended to re-open the state, then changed his mind.  The legislators are planning to over-ride the governor, and they can do it on a simple majority vote.
State Rep. Alan Seabaugh talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about his legislative petition, that, if  passed, would overrule the stay-at-home emergency order of Governor John Bel Edwards.
Louisiana politics is always interesting, but may get more interesting i the next several days.

Let Freedom Ring

It seems that Texas governor Greg Abbot trusts the citizens of Louisiana more than the our own governor does.  Our Governor, John Bel Edwards, yesterday extended the stay-at-home order for another 14 days, currently set to expire on May 15th.

On April 5th, Governor Abbot of Texas signed an executive order limiting travel from Louisiana (and several other places), by ordering travelers into Texas to self-quarantine for 14 days.  He put up border checkpoints on the TX/LA borders to enforce his order.

It appears that those checkpoints will be taken down on May 1st.  He doesn't explicitly say so, but that seems to be the gist of the order.

Whereas, Governor Edwards of Louisiana has extended his order until May 15th.

Texas is opening up.  Louisiana is stil on lockdown  Compare and contrast.

Petty Tyrant Extends Stay-At-Home Order

Our petty tyrant in Baton Rouge has extended his stay-at-home order for two weeks,

The feeling on the street is that this extension is complete and utter bullshit. 

The worst par is that he is term-limited and we won't vote him out.  He'll likely stay in office until he completes his term.  However, this governor has presided over the worst contraction of liberty in this state since Reconstruction.

He claims that this next two weeks will give him time to ramp-up testing ad get his little Gestapo ready for contact tracing.  I hope that he instructs them thoroughly on the Patient's Bill of Rights, and the protections in the 5th Amendment.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update - Day 43

It's day 43 of the Louisiana Covid lockdown.  Let's look at the numbers, shall we?

We have 27068 diagnosed cases, an increase of 295 since yesterday.
Of that number, 1683 are hospitalized, with 262 on ventilators.  That's a decrease of 18 in the hospitals, and a decrease of 3 on the vents.
Our death toll stands at 1697, which is 27 more than yesterday.  That surprises me, because I expected a Monday jump.

The numbers are going down, and our governor is expected to make a big announcement at 4:00 central time.  Of course, our President is expected to make a big announcement at the same time.

I'll bet that the President will be upbeat and positive, and our governor will be a serious drag.  That man can suck the air out of the room.

Victor Davis Hanson

If you don't study history, you are doomed to repeat it.  And, there are huge lessons to be learned from classical history.  I've read Dr. Hanson for many years, and I've learn to value his opinion.

It's an hour long, what else do you have to do?

It's well worth the hour.

Five Million Per Week?

As I'm sitting here waiting for my doc to call on a tele-med appointment (nothing serious folks), I'm looking t the intertubes regarding the next steps in the covid lockdown.

It seems that our medical experts wan to test 5 million people per week, to try to get ahead of this thing.  A little math tells me that they want to test about 7% of the entire US population in a single week.  (5 million divided by 328 million times 5 working days).  That ain't going to happen.

It's simply unreasonable.  That same article, linked above, says that we have approximately 3.8 million primary care visits per week, on average.  If everyone that walked into a doctors office or urgent care facility got tested, they probably would ot get to 5 million per week.  And, at what cost?  It's preposterous.

They say that they want to do contact-tracing.  Good luck with that. 

I carried a Miranda Warning card for 27 years.  If PawPaw goes to the sawbones, and they tell me I have the Covid, that still does not compel me to tell then who I have been in contact with.  It ain't none of the gummint's business.  I will do the responsible thing and tell my loved ones that I have the Covid, but whether they go get tested is on them.  Not me.  I will not reveal my contacts.  Period.

Public Health - Or Power?

In early March, the corona virus was in my consciousness, but I really didn't consider it a threat.  On March 16th, the state of Louisiana locked down, and I became painfully aware that my life, and the life of much of the state had changed.

We were told initially that the lockdown was necessary to slow the spread of the virus, and to give our medical community a fighting chance, to limit our contact with others so that the medical system would not become overwhelmed and collapse.  First, it was "14 days to slow the spread", then it was 30 days.  Our governor's lockdown order expires on April 30th, three days away.  But, we in Louisiana know that April 30 isn't the end of the lockdown.

By my count, we are in day 43 of this lockdown.  Six full weeks, and we're starting week seven.  By-and-large, we've done what we were told to do. We've changed our society in ways that I can't even start to detail.  And, by any rational measurement, we've slowed the spread, we've flattened the curve, we've kept the medical community from collapse.

At this point, we have done what they asked us to do.  The government has had six weeks.  Everybody I've talked to is tired of it, and if you read the national media, the phrase "lockdown fatigue" is becoming common.  What this lockdown has taught me is the amount of control government at every level has over our lives. Churches, restaurants, barber shops, and other retail shops are closed.  On government edict.  Ministers are being arrested and we're all wearing masks, like we're ready to rob a liquor store.  It's bizarre.

Our governor says that we have to re-open slowly, so as not to experience a second wave, that medical experts tell us we are surely going to endure.  On this, the 43rd day of his shutdown, he still hadn't given us a plan to re-open. 

At this point, it's about power.  The government can couch it in whatever verbiage they'd like, but it's now about power.  They've shown that they can control us.  They've learned that most Americans will put up with whatever they say.  They can close churches, bars, lounges, casinos, barber shops, and all manner of venues where people congregate.

Fankly, I've had enough of it.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

After a big ol' lunch, ad talking with friends, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health for the daily dose of covid numbers.

Diagnosed cases are listed at 26,773, a jump of only 261 since yesterday.
Fatalities tally at 1670,  that's 26 more tragedies than we listed yesterday.
Hospital census is at 1701, only one (1) more than yesterday.  That's great news.  Of those, 265 are on ventilators.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Rocket Man - Pininng For the Fjords

It seems that a Chinese news network is reporting that the North Korean dictator is deceased.  Defunct.  Near room temperature.
A female vice-director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, a Beijing-backed broadcast network in Hong Kong, claims that Kim Jong-un is dead, citing a “very solid source.” TMZ reports the woman is a niece of the Chinese foreign minister.
Cool.  The death of a tyrant is always good news.  I'm not sure what this means in the short run, because North Korea's power transfer mechanism is fairly... medieval.  I'm sure that the top generals are all looking at each other sideways.

The story is that L'il Kim went in for a stent and the doctor botched the operation.  That doc will either be considered a hero of the revolution of will be found dangling from a convenient light pole.  Either way, so much for socialized medicine.


A couple of weeks ago, grandson Lucas was eating lunch with us, the standard Sunday dinner.  I had made an apple pie for dessert.  Nothing to it, easy-peasy.

After Lucas had hammered his piece of pie, he asked me if I knew anything about chocolate pie.  I allowed as how I did not, but I'd think on it.  Over the past days I've been cogitating about an easy, no-bake chocolate pie, and I think I mght have it.  Someone else may have already discovered this recipe, but great minds think alike.

PawPaw's Chocolate Pie

1 can 14 oz, sweetened condensed milk
1 box instant chocolate pudding
1 tub, 8 oz whipped topping (think Cool-Whip)
1 pre-made graham cracker pie shell.  I chose chocolate.

Mix the pudding and the condensed milk in a large bowl.
Add whipped topping and mix thoroughly
Put mixture in pie shell.
Put it in the freezer till tomorrow.
Makes one pie.

If that doesn't suit him, he can come up with his own recipe.  It's not like I indulge him or anything.

Louisiana Covid Update - Saturday Edition

I don't know if the state workers at the Louisiana Dept of Health are working today, but we'll review the numbers anyway.

Total diagnosed count is 26,512, up 372 from yesterday.
Fatalities are listed at 1644, only 43 deaths since yesterday.  We mourn for the families.  Each death is a loss.
The hospital census stands at 1700, up 3 from yesterday.  Of those, 268 are on ventilators. This is eighteen (18) less than yesterday.

My home parish, Rapides, is showing 239 cases today.  No word on how many of those are hospitalized.

There are five more days in the Governor's stay-at-home order.

Smoked Cheese

I have smoked a lot of things, brisket, chicken, ham, sausage, you name it, I've smoked it.  However, I was always just a bit confused abut how to smoke cheese without it melting into a puddle.

Well, Kent Rollins shows us how.

Thanks, Kent.

Rocket Man In Bad Shape?

Fox News is reporting that Kim Jong Un is in a "vegetative state", according to Japanese media.
Reports emerged earlier this week that Kim was gravely ill following heart surgery, although that has since been disputed. However, Japanese media now claims that Kim is in a vegetative state following a stent procedure.
 Shukan Gendai subsequently detailed how the surgeon in charge of Kim’s operation was not used to dealing with obese patients and was too nervous during the operation, leading to delays that left Kim in a “vegetative state.”
Under the Kim regime, he was probably the only fat  man in North Korea.  Everyone else is starving.

Of course, being in a "vegetative state" might qualify him as a reporter at MSNBC or CNN.

That's About Right

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Ventilator Shortae

Remember just a few short weeks ago when everyone was screaming about the shortage of "live-saving ventilators".  Well, it turns out that they're not so life-saving after all.
Nearly all Covid-19 patients put on ventilators in New York's largest health system died, study finds.
Well, that's certainly not good news.  Of course, the story is from CNN and I've learned to only believe about half of what CNN reports.  As opposed to MSDNC, wich is only about 10% accurate.

Louisiana Covid Update - New Data

For out daily Covid update, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health, and see that they have included new data.
26, 140 people have been diagnosed, an increase of 401 since yesterday.
The new data is Recoveries, which tallys at 14,927.
Our fatalities stand at 1601, an increase of 61.
The hospital census is at 1697,  which is 30 less than yesterday.  Of those,286 are on ventilators.  That's an increase since yesterday of a dozen patients.

Knowing recoveries is interesting, because if we do the match (Diagnosed minus recovered minus fatality)  we learn that 11,323 folks are currently diagnosed, with 1697 in the hospital.

My home parish or Rapides is reporting 228 cases, up 8 from yesterday with the same eight (8) fatalities that were reported yesterday.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update - Tornado Edition

Looking at today's Covid numbers, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health.
Today's case count is 25,739. that is 481 more than yesterday.
Fatalities are listed at 1540, an increase of 67 since yesterday.
Hospital census stands at 1727. a decrease of 20 since yesterday.
The vent count is at 274, a decease of 13 since yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 220 cases, three (3) up since yesterday, and the death count has increased by one, to eight (8) total.

Interestingly, we had one woman killed by a tornado last night.  And, the covid death count increased by one.  We're not saying that everyone who dies of anything is counted in the Covid victim column, but it looks awfully suspicious.

We got whacked by tornadoes last night, but PawPaw and family are safe.  It seemed to have come out of Texas, waltzed across Vernon parish, and come into the western part of Rapides.  It tended south of Alexandria and did millions of dollars of damage to the Ag center at LSU-Alexandria.  Tractors destroyed, vehicles destroyed, sheds and buildings demolished.  They'll be finding building steel in the trees for months.

No damage on PawPaw's little acre, unless you count  leaves and the pool chemistry getting screwed up my about 4" of rain water.  We're fine, really.

Nicotine Knocks Back Covid?

I just heard this on the local CBS affiliate, and simply had to Google it.  But, if seems that:
The study at a major Paris hospital suggests a substance in tobacco – possibly nicotine – may be stopping patients who smoke from catching Covid-19. Clinical trials of nicotine patches are awaiting the approval of the country’s health authorities.
That's not the craziest thing I've heard today, but today ain't over yet, either.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How Many Have It Now?

I've been posting the daily Covid numbers from the Louisiana Dept of Health, and the question came up; how many have it now in the Bayou State?

So, I turned in my chair, and asked Belle, a long-time registered nurse, what the appropriate length of time might be for a person to recover or die from the Corona virus.  She estimated 14 days, based on her available understanding.

Okay, then, if we know that today's number is 25258 and we subtract those who were reported on April 7th, (16,284), we learn that only 8974 people are suffering under the effects today. 

We need the LDH to start reporting the number of people currently under infection, not everyone who got it in the last six weeks.

And then we need to start asking the question; whythehell are we still locked down?

Wednesday Covid Update

If you've been listening to the news, you know that some states are talking about re-opening, sooner than later.  It seems like Georgia will lead the charge.  Governor Kenp thinks that the shutdown is un-sustainable, and I tend to agree with him.  We should re-open with the same vigor we shut down with.

The naysayers, of course, are losing their minds.

So, we turn to the daily numbers from the Louisiana Dept of Health.
Total case-count in the bayou state is 25,258, only 404 more thn yesterday.
Fatalities are at 1473, which is 68 more than yesterday.
Hospital census is currently at 1747,  down 51 from yesterday.
Ventilator count is 287, down 10 from yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 217 cases, up four from yesterday, but we keep the same seven (7) deaths on the books.

Belle said that she wanted a BLT for lunch today, so I trekked down to the local grocer to get some supplies.  It appears that their restrooms are closed for the duration.

Yep, those are porta-potties in front of the grocery store.
No matter, I got the bacon and good, fresh bread, and headed home.  In a few minutes I had the griddle hot, cooking bacon for my lady.  With fresh tomatoes.

Now, we're back in the house hunkered down.  There is thunder off to the west and the weather-weenies tell us that we're in for a good, hard blow.

Earth Day

I am reminded that today is International Earth Day.  Another meaningless leftist-green-touchy-feely day that has no real meaning to most people.  However, it is good to reflect on what Mother Nature thinks about us.

Not much.  She considers us with extreme indifference.  She really doesn't care if we live or die, and in fact  starts trying to kill us from the very moment of our conception.  Nothing personal, but she really doesn't care if we live or die.  Mother Nature knows that eventually she will use our protein to feed other creatures, and she'll keep spinning along, either with us or without us.

Those of us who believe in the Christian condition know that we're here only for a little while, and everything we accomplish is temporary.  We will spend eternity in another place.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Nothing New Under The Sun

T here was a time when we needed a bronze bearing to fix a starter on a 1960 Ford.  My grandfather and I went to an auto parts store with the old bearing he had hammered out of the starter, looking for a replacement,  They didn't have one, and the parts guy and my grandfather tried to match it from existing stock.

Finally my grandfather said to the parts guy, "Bring me one from a 1952 Studebaker."  The guy did, and it was exactly the correct diameter and thickness, but twice as long as we needed.

Grandpa cut it down in his shop and we fixed the starter in the Ford.  It took a maser mechanic to know what to ask for.

We learn today that an ancient vaccine might help in the fight against Covid-19.  The old polio vaccine that we all took as kids.
In addition to protecting against polio by inducing antibodies that kill the virus, OPV activates other protective mechanisms, including an innate immune system, thus making people resistant to infections caused by other viruses and bacteria. For example, in large scale multicenter clinical trials conducted in the 1970s during outbreaks of seasonal influenza, OPV protected more people from influenza than most flu vaccines do. Furthermore, observational studies in many countries suggested that the hospitalization rate and the overall mortality among children immunized with OPV were consistently lower compared with unimmunized children, even in the absence of poliovirus in communities.
This is good news, but I thought medical doctors were smart people  Sometimes you have to use all the tools in your box, and  if there is a special tool that you've only used once, it might be a good idea to remember it's in the box.

Faster, please.

Louisiana Covid Update

It's time to look at the numbers posted by the Louisiana Dpt of Health.
We show  24,854 positive.  an increase of 331 since yesterday.
Fatalities are counted at 1405, a jump of 77 souls since yesterday.
Hospital census stands at 1798. an increase of four since yesterday, however, the ventilator count is 297 today, down from 332 yesterday.  That's good news.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 213 cases with the same 7 deaths we've been reporting for a week.

There are nine (9) days left in the governor's Stay-at-Home order.

I made a loop today, making a wine run, a stop at Sam's Club, a stop at the pool supply, and got fuel for the car.  Price for unleaded was $1.59.  My van was on a quarter tank and the pump clicked off before it got to $20.00.

Covid In Louidiana

An interesting screen-gab form the Louisiana Dept of Health, showing where Covid-19 is currently whacking Louisiana.

The data shows that Orleans and Jefferson parishes are the state's hot spots, followed by East Baton Rouge and Caddo parishes.  Not surprisingly, the largest metro areas in the state.  My home parish of Rapides, by contrast, is reporting 210 cases with 7 deaths.

After over five weeks of the Stay-At-Home order, folks are starting to get restless.  The legislature is wondering why we can't reopen on a regional or parish basis, but the Governor is balking at this suggestion.  The governors order expires on April 30th.

I left the property for the first time yesterday in several days.  Went to the grocers and got what I needed.  I wore a bandanna like an old-time stagecoach robber.  Very fashionable.  All in direct violation of La RS 14:313.

The Dept of Health updates their figures at noon each day.

Watching L'il Kim

We're seeing reports that North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un is faring poorly.  Evidently he had heart surgery that didn't go exactly to plan.
The report in part cited Daily NK, an online newspaper based in South Korea, which reported on Monday that Kim had undergone a cardiovascular surgical procedure on April 12 at Hyangsan Hospital in North Pyongan Province. The facility is exclusively for the use of the Kim family.
There are conflicting reports, and you can click on whatever link catches your eye.  For myself, the idea of a tyrant dying from old age is particularly troubling.  Better that tyrants should suffer their fate at the hands of their victims.   I consider Mussolini as the proper example of a tyrants death. 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Crude Takes A Dump

The price of crude oil bottomed out today, with West Texas Intermediate winding up  in the negative range for the first time ever.  The price quoted at the time of the link was -16.20 (USD) for WTI, a benchmark crude oil.

We seem to be in a glut.  I'm not sure what this means, but I doubt they'll be giving away unleaded at the pump.  The combination of the price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, in conjunction with the reduction in demand due to the Covid lockdown is wreaking havoc on both the supply and demand.

Personally, I"m ready to take a road trip.  A short, four-hour round trip to take a photo of the border checkpoint on the Pendleton Bridge at the Texas/Louisiana border.  I think I may do that tomorrow.  I literally have nothing better to do.

Louisiana Covid Update

It's Monday, and the Louisiana Dept of Health reports the following numbers:
Case count is 24,523, an increase of 595 since yesterday.  They've been reporting this number since mid March.  You would think tat some have recovered?  This seems like a total number of persons infected.
The fatality count is 1328. Another 32 of our neighbors ave succumbed.
Hospital census is 1794, an increase of 46 since yesterday.  However, the ventilator count is 332, down 17 since yesterdays numbers.

I spent the morning doing my income taxes.  The less said about that, the better.

And I just realized that I'm hungry and it is pas the lunch hour.  I'm going to sdo something about that, pronto.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

It's Sunday afternoon and we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health for the daily numbers.
We have 23,928 reported cases today.  349 more than yesterday.
Fatalities are recorded at 1296. Only 29 more than yesterday
Hospital census is 1748, a decline of 13 since yesterday.  Of those,  349 are on ventilators.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 210 cases, up 9 since yesterday.

Belle and I cooked for a small family gathering today.  She made her signature chicken and dumplings.  And while she was rolling dumplings, I made an apple pie for dessert.

Grandson Lucas tells me that I need to figure out a chocolate creme pie.  We might have to work on that.

My Personal Favorite

My personal favorite submachine gun.  The grease gun.  Specifically, the M3A1.  Very simple gun, it was something that could be made in any competent machine shop and cost the Army about $20.00.

I was issued one as a tank commander.  Well, actually, there were two assigned to the tank.  One in the loader's area and one in the commander's area.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Always More to Learn

If you're a fan of he Winchester Model 12 shotgun (and I am), there is always something more to learn.

There is always something more to learn.

Louisiana Covid Update - Saturday edition

On this cloudy, cool Saturday, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health.
Current Covid Count is 23,580, based on testing.  462 more than yesterday.
Fatalities are reported at 1267, that is 54 more than yesterday
Hospital census is 1761.  That is down 107 since yesterday.  Of those 347 are on ventilators.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 201 cases with 7 deaths.  That's five cases identified since yesterdays numbers, but we still have the same fatality count that we've had for several days.
Orleans parish continues to be a hotspot, with nearly 6000 cases and 324 dead.  I understand tat the mayor has extended the Stay-at-Home order into May.  She doesn't have to worry about me showing up anytime soon.

Pay Attention to Liberty

President Trump, we have to give him credit.  He said early in the week that he has sole authority to reopen the economy.  Everyone recoiled, governors and constitutionalists alike. The next day he had come to the conclusion that the governors should be the final arbiters of things in their hoe states.

He made everybody roar, then backed down to the proper conclusion.  Now, the governors own reopening their states.  It's pretty smart.  Now, they ow it.

Different states will take different approaches, and it will be interesting to see  how it comes about.  Texas opts for liberty, which is exactly the correct approach, while other states are opting for something less.  It is too early to know when Texas will remove the border checkpoints from Louisiana.  We'll see.

Our governor will continue to maintain his Stay-at-Home order until it expires on April 30th, and we are still a hotspot here in Louisiana.  We have started to end the curve, but I agree we ain't quite there yet.  There are some hopeful signs, but our governor is behind the power curve.  He says that he is establishing a commission to study the process of reopening.  I say he should have already done that, but h is a Democrat, after all.  True liberty is not in his nature.  He will drag this out as long as possible, trying to suck up federal dollars.  That's what he does.  Eventually, Louisiana will get a gut-full of his dallying and drag him across the finish line, and he'll claim victory, true to his nature.  I truly despise that man.

For myself, I opt for liberty every time.  We had cancelled our gun club shoots during April because it seemed prudent.  Now, we've learned enough about this virus to practice safe practices, so we'll resume our shooting schedule in May.  It will look a litle different than it did in February, but we'll be shooting.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

Today's numbers, according to the Louisiana Dept of Health
Total cases today, 23.118, that is 586 more than yesterday.
Fatality count is 1213.  that's 57 of our neighbors lost.
Hospital census is 1868,  That is 46 less than yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 196 cases.

Belle and I left during the pre-dawn hours to drive to Jena and chick on her invalid mother.  She's doing fine.  We stayed there till 1:00 and headed home.  There is a great gun shop in Jena, and I wanted to prowl the racks, but they were closed today.  The sign in the window said that they were closing on Fridays until the Covid debacle is over.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

According to the Louisiana Dept of Health
Active cases today total 22,532, 581 more than yesterday.
Fatalities total 1156, an increase of 53 since yesterday.
Hospital census is 1914, a decrease of 29 since yesterday.

Our governor gave a pretty good briefing today, focusing on his plans to reopen the economy.  He admits that this is a work-in-progress, because he has a lot of work to do, but he is making all the right noise.  Evidently, he's looked at a lot of the grass roots protests going on around the country and realizing that Louisiana is one o the most heavily armed states in the nation.  The last thing he wants is having us  all up in arms.  The man is a petty tyrant, but he's not stupid.

The Forward Assist

If you are familiar with the AR-15 platform of rifles, you are familiar with the Forward Assist assembly.  It's a little button on the right side o the upper that acts as a lever to push the bolt carrier forward in case of a failure to fully seat the bolt.

When I was a young grunt in basic training, I was taught the Slap, Tap, Bang method of immediate action. Slap the bottom of the magazine to ensure that it is fully seated, Tap the forward assist to ensure that the bolt is fully seated, and squeeze the trigger to make the rile go Bang.  Nowadays, the Army teaches the SPORTS acronym.  Slap the magazine, Pull the charging handle, Observe that the chamber is clear, Release the charging handle, Tap the forward assist, and Squeeze the trigger.  Hopefully, the rifle will go bang.

Each of the M16s I was issued, and all of the AR's I subsequently bought, had a Forward Assist.  It was part of the upper assembly, but I never much thought about it.  It was simply there.  Until I picked up my latest AR, bought used at a pawn shop because I realized that point I didn't have one in the house. 

I've never had much of a love affair with the AR series, considering them simply as a tool.  Useful, indeed, but extraneous to the rifles I really liked.  However, no good tool box is complete without a wrench of some sort, and no good gun cabinet is complete without an AR, so I made my way to the local pawn shop and picked one up.  It was several months later that a friend was inspecting it and commented that it didn't have a forward assist.  I had mounted an optic, sighted it in, and put a couple of hundred rounds through it, and frankly had never noticed the lack of that little button on the right side of the upper.

So, I started questioning if the little button was necessary.  The rifle fires flawlessly is absolutely accurate, is very light weight,   It's nimble, a classic carbine in a very familiar package.  Yet, it doesn't have a forward assist.

And, I realized that in 25 years carrying one for my Uncle, I never really used the Forward Assist.  If the rifle failed to go into battery, I'd conduct immediate action, but the idea of jamming a cartridge into a chamber that didn't want to accept it wasn't something I was likely to do.

I understand why it was included in military contract rifles, especially in the early years before the platform was dead-nuts reliable.  I am certainly not going to run out and buy a new upper simply because I don't have a Forward Assist.

So, has the familiar little button become extraneous on the AR platform?  What say ye?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Here lately, over the last week or so, I'm noticing a run on tonic water.

I drink vodka and tonic during the warm months, and over the past week or so the stores are out, or have a very short supply of tonic water.

Are people thinking that the quinine will act as a prophylactic for Covid?

That's Just Creepy

Termite reminds us that the Crowley PD recently used a creepy siren to enforce a 9:00 to 6:00 curfews.  It raised eyebrows and caused a great deal of antagonistic commentary.

The Crowley PD promises it won't happen again.

Louisiana Covid Update

On this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, we turn to the Louisiana Dept of Health to see how many of our neighbors have been affected by the Wuhan virus.  The case count stands at 21,951, which is 433 higher than yesterday.  Our death toll is currently 1103. which means that 90 souls have been added to the count.  We have 1943 of our neighbors in the hospital which is 34 less than yesterday.

We are told that the death count sometimes lags, which I don't understand.  We are also told that they're counting everyone who dies, who might have been affected by the corona virus.  I suspect that if I were infected with a mild case, and got run over by a garbage truck, I"d be counted as a Covid death.

I cranked the lawnmower this morning and mowed the lawn.  That is a solitary chore, but it felt good to be out in the sun and the fresh air.

The news what I've heard this morning, is all about getting past this and opening the economy.  Our governor is spreading gloom and doom, because he's a petty tyrant, deserving of our utter contempt.

Petty Tyrant Count

The one extremely troubling thing about this lockdown is the rise of authoritarianism.  Petty tyrants  with control issues who believe hat they can use the government emergency orders to infringe on basic civil liberties.  The constitution was written for times exactly like this.

This morning we look at Raleigh, NC, where some protesters peacefully assembled to redress a grievance, and the Raleigh police told them that protesting is a non-essential activity.  Really?

The first amendment was written just exactly for times like these.  Whoever is in charge of that Raleigh twitter feed should be compelled to take a course in American history, focusing on the Federalist papers.

But, it's not just Raleigh.  Below is a short compilation of the rise of the Petty Tyrant across the past five weeks.  If the governments at each level are not paying attention, they may find themselves in a bad sport when the suits start making their way through the legal system.

And, I would remind the Petty Tyrants that when the 1st Amendment fails, then we're left with the 2nd Amendment, and that might get ugly,, indeed.

Michigan Governor restricts family visits.

Dad arrested for playing with his little girl.

Texas restricts domestic travel.

Louisiana Stay At HOme Order

DC mayor: All shoppers at grocery stores must wear masks

In the finest traditions of the police stat e, snitches get rewards.

Man Dragged Off Philly Bus for Not Wearing Mask

Churches Are Fighting Tyrannical Government for the Right to Celebrate Easter While Social Distancing

Kentucky State Troopers Ticket 50 Cars at In-Person Easter Service

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Louisiana Elections Pushed Back, Again

Louisiana normally has two elections per year.  One in the spring, normally in April, and one in the fall,.  I am on the ballot for he election that should have been held in April.  That didn't happen.  I'm running for a small, unpaid seat on the Republican Parish Executive Committee.

It was reset for June.  Now, it's been pushed back till July.
The Presidential Preference Primary election has been rescheduled from June 20 to July 11. The municipal general election scheduled for July 25 has been moved to August 15.
Evidently, our governor, John Bel Edwards doesn't believe that  we'll be out of the Covid lockdown by June.  That's a sobering thought.

John Bel Edwards has been a disaster since day-one of this debacle.  Louisiana used to be a free state.  Now, we're operating under government edict.  While other governors are trying to figure out how to open the state, Bel Edwards is holding daily press conferences and chastising citizens for not doing more to knuckle under.

Frankly, he's turned into a petty tyrant.  Before the shutdown, he was driving residents out of Louisiana.  Now, he's shut businesses, cancelled all manner of  of recreational opportunities, and is actin like he's some sort of Napoleon

John Bel Edwards is a complete and utter disgrace.

Louisiana Covid Updte

On this beautiful, sunny Tuesday morning, the Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 21,518 cases of corona virus in the state.  That is 502 more cases than we reported yesterday.  The hospital census is 1977, down substantially from the 2134 reported yesterday.  Regrettably, the death toll today stands at 1013.  Yesterday, the state reported 884 dead.  I find it troubling that today we've broken 1000 dead.  I wonder how far the reporting is lagging the actual event. 

Here in Rapides parish we're reporting 175 cases with 5 deaths.

We had some bad weather in North Louisiana yesterday, with serious property damage.  Our governor went and toured that area, and then did a press conference.  He told us we were doing a lousy job on social distancing.  Evidently, he's using cell phone data to track movement of individuals.

Click on the link above for more info, but evidently, there is some ability to track individuals using cell data.  That's problematic from a big government standpoint.  Both troubling and disturbing.  By clicking links, we can go down to  county level.

At a time when the President is talking about reopening the country, Bel Edwards is talking about keeping Louisiana locked down through May.  He's a petty tyrant who really likes being  the Big Boss Man.  All he wants to do is suck federal dollars and keep Louisiana in economic servitude.

Louisiana deserves better than John Bel Edwards.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

On this cloudy, cool, Monday after Easter, the Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting  21,016 confirmed cases of Covid-19 statewide.  This is up 421 cases since yesterday.  The hospital count is  2134. only 50 cases up since yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 168 cases, a net gain of 3 since yesterday.

I've been out in the shop today, doing small-wood carpentry for a project that's been hanging-fire for a couple of months.  I've been wanting to build a small stand for the CFDA timers, and I finally found the motivation to get it done.  I assembled it three or four times getting it like I wanted it, then disassembled to paint it.  The paint will be dry later today or early tomorrow, and I'll assemble it for the final time and put it into service.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Louisiana Covid Count

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 20.595 active cases of Covid-19 today.  That is 581 cases more than yesterday.  Those hospitalized today tally 2084, and increase of 17 cases since yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 165 cases, up 6 from yesterday.

Today, we cooked the standard Easter fare.  A big ham with baked beans, potato salad, and yeast rolls.  It was a fine repast, and I am back indoors, reveling in my sloth.

The weather seems to be changing.  It looks like rain, bu the weather weenies are unable to tell us when it might come through.

He Is Risen

From the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 24:
4 And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments:
5 And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?
Let us, like the disciples, ponder what it all means, and in the context of this pandemic, ponder what comes next.

May the Peace of our Lord be with you all.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Iran? Who Gives A Damn?

Since shortly after I helped train Iranian officers in the '70s (they loved the Shah), Iran has been chanting Death to America.

Now, they want us to lift sanctions because the Covid is kicking their collective butts.  Now, I see that Senator Dianne Feinstein is taking their cause.

I have a better idea.  How about we tell the Iranian people to rise up hang a few Ayatollahs, and a bunch of Republican Guard generals,  and we'll think about it.  just about the time they allow liquor stores and strip clubs, and show that they are willing to join other civilized countries.

Otherwise, deal with it.  Allah Akbar!

Louisiana Covid Count

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 20,014 confirmed cases of Covid-19 today, an increase of 761 cases since yesterday.  Our hospitalized count today is 2067, up only 13 cases since yesterday.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 159 cases.

Belle and I ate crawfish today.  She had to get out to get stuff for Easter tomorrow, and she stopped by a boiler on the way home.

We heard from grandson, Quinton.  He is currently at Fort Lee, VA.  On Monday he begins training for MOS 91F (Small Arms Repairer).  He reports that he is a two-man room and likes his roommate.  A two-man room is a little bit different than what I used in AIT.  I was billeted with 40 of my best friends.  He also reports that when he has completed servicing or repairing a firearm, he will have to perform a function-check, but this will be with blank ammo in an indoor range.  No live fire during AIT.

Tomorrow is Easter, ad I wish you all the peace and joy that comes from the risen Christ.  It's a holy day, and while the churches may be empty, the tomb was empty on that morning, too.

Who Is This Heifer?

I admit I've heard the name, but I also admit that I have no clue what makes her an expert, nor even an educated commentator on medicine or constitutional law.  Yet, she feels compelled to give advise during a pandemic.  And, she seems to be upset that Americans are exercising their God-given rights.  It seems like an odd message.
Americans bought over 2 million firearms in March of 2020, over a million more than this time last year. We have to keep each other safe by social distancing and washing our hands and not bringing dangerous firearms into our homes.
Celebrity does not equal expertise.  It also does not convey an ability to give rational advise.  In her case, it comes across as rank hypocrisy, because she does the very things that she tells others to avoid.  Whatever side of a controversy is most fashionable is where she falls, regardless of what she said last week.

Colion takes her down solidly in this video.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go out to the shop.  I ned to clean a few guns and take stock of my amo supply.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

Today's report from the Louisiana Dept of Health shows that Louisiana has 19,253 cases of Covid-19 in the state today.  That's up  970 cases since yesterday.  Our hospitalized count is 2054, an increase of 40 cases since yesterday.

Belle and I spent some time at her mother's house in LaSalle parish, taking care of her.  Then we looped around to onesville to check on a friend.  It was good to be out, looking at scenery.

We'll stay close to he house tomorrow.

Open America

Five weeks ago, I lived in a free America.

Five weeks.  Since then, by government edict, businesses have closed, travel restrictions have been imposed, our ability to congrats has been limited, government has expanded dramatically, freedom has contracted, and it's all because if we don't do this people might die.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now.  It's a national emergency.  If we don't do these things, we're all subject t to being wiped out by a pandemic, a horrible disease that will kill us all. - - Okay, I get it.  For the most part, Americans have acquiesced, and mostly in a voluntary manner. 

I remember my Dad telling me abut the restrictions imposed during WWII.  Rationing of goods, travel restrictions, not because of disease, but because all the assets of America were needed for the war effort.  You simply could not buy  a train ticket, or a plane ticket, or tires for the family car because it was all needed for the war effort.

Today, I have good tires on the family car, but I can't drive to Texas, of Arkansas because of travel restrictions related to the spread of a disease.  I get it.  I understand it, but I"m not okay with it.  I chafe at any lack of freedom.

"But, but:.... some folks say, "People will die."  Well, let me tell you a little secret.  Death is the one constant of the human condition.  We're all going to die.  In the meantime, I'd like to live.  And, in large part, what I'm doing right now is not living.  It's simply not dying.  And, I hope you are smart enough to know the difference.

The government can, I understand, impose these restrictions for a clear purpose, for a limited time and for a limited scope.  Yet, what we are starting to see is the rise of the petty tyrant.  Folks are being arrested for doing things that, five weeks ago, were perfectly acceptable.    We must, as a nation, demand that those petty tyrants be disciplined, whether they are at the state or local level. 

Attorney General Barr says that we must be vigilant to preserve civil liberties.  I tend to agree with him.  I for myself, am pretty much reconciled to waiting until April 30th to see how this disaster plays out. My patience won't extend very far into May.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 18,283 active cases of Covid-19 today.  That is 1253 more cases than reported yesterday.  The hospitalized number is 2014, an increase of 31 since yesterday.

I did some Covid-correct carpentry today, screwing together a sign that w'll use at Louisiana State in August.  Then, I put together a big dirty rice to have something to nosh on.

Now, I'm back indoors, prepping for Happy Hour.  Belle and I have a big day planned tomorrow, and we're looking forward to it.

Sanders Is Out

I see that Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign yesterday.  He's out, and the last person standing is Joe Biden.

This must be a disheartening  development for my Democrat friends.  I'm sure that Biden is a nice guy, but that's not the choice.  I"d love to drink a beer with him, we'd probably have a few laughs.  But, President?  Seriously?

Tucker Carlson sums it up:
"Ask yourself, is Joe Biden ready to lead this country? Could he find his car in a three-tiered parking garage? Could he navigate a salad bar? And by the way, what exactly is his position on the Coronavirus pandemic? Those are the mysteries Democrats now face."
I was watching Joe's Town Hall meeting yesterday, and he was talking about the corona virus.  He said that we have learned that the virus attacks black people at a much higher rate than it attacks white people, and that is just unconscionable.  Unconscionable?  Does he even know that the word means?  The virus doesn't have a conscience, it attacks hosts where it finds an opportunity.  It's tragic, but it is not racist.  It simply is what it is.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Nation's Paper of Record

From our nation's paper of record, we learn that President Trump has upgraded the press briefing room the White House.

Trump Installs Ejection Seats Throughout Press Briefing Room

I think it's a remarkably timely idea.

Louisiana Covid Update

Today, the Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 17,030 cases of Covid-19, up 746 from yesterday.  Of those with the virus, 1983 are hospitalized, a decrease of 13 since yesterday.

Those figures are interesting.  We may be bending the curve on this thing.  We can't stop doing what we're doing, but maybe we're seeing an effect.  So far, 652 people have died inn Louisiana.

Rapides Parish is reporting 135 cases with four deaths.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

 The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 16,284  of the corona virus today, an increase of 1417 since yesterday.  Perhaps we should focus on hospitalizations, since that is the metric that the medical folks are watching.   Today, 1996 folks are hospitalized across the state.

This morning I was piddling around in the shop, and looked in the frige.  There was a rack of smoked ribs that needed attention, so I pulled the meat out of the fridge, and boiled four (4) big dried red chili peppers.  While the chili peppers simmered, I peeled the meat off the rib bones and chopped it, then chopped the chili peppers.

I heated a little oil in a big skillet, then added the meat and peppers and let them saute a bit.  Then opened a can of Rotel tomatoes and a can of red beans, and dumped both cans in the mix. 

I let everything blend on a slow simmer for about 30 minutes, then served it on a flour tortilla.  On my finest Dixie Ultra table ware.

Mighty fine eating.  Now I'm inside, continuing to be Covid-correct.  If  this afternoon continues as planned, I foresee a nap in my immediate future.

Monday, April 06, 2020

Customer Service

There's this tiny little spring in some Colt-clones, it is a tiny coil, and it puts pressure o the hand of SAA revolve.  Because they are so tiny, they are easily lost, and after you take one or two o those revolvers apart, you learn to keep track of that tiny spring.

 buddy of mine lost one and called to ask if I hand a spare.  No I didn't but I was planning to call Cimarron anyway.

Cimarron Firearms imports cowboy style firearms.  I own several of their 1873 SAA reproductions, both from Uberti and Pietta.  The parts generally interchange, because they are Colt reproductions.

On Thursday I called Cimarron, fully expecting to get a machine, but I was pleasantly surprised when a person answered.  A fellow named Greg.  I told Greg that I wanted a couple of hand springs, the coil spring, and if he had them a couple of base pins for the Uberti Model P.

Greg said he saw the coil springs in the computer, but couldn't find the base pins; he wasn't sure if they were in stock.  He told me he's run down to the parts room, et them in hand, and call me back.  Sure enough, in about ten minutes, he called.  He had them in his hand, and was putting them in the mail.  I gave him my address and credit card info.  Easy-peasy.

When I went out to check the mail today, the order was in the mail bo.

That's great customer service.  Every company should emulate the way that Cimarron takes care of their customers.  They have the PawPaw seal of approval.

Louisiana Covid Update

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 14,867 cases of Covid-19 in Louisiana today, up from 13,010 reported yesterday.  That's an increase of 1857 if my math holds.

Rapides Parish is reporting 110 cases today.

The parishes of Orleans and Jefferson are reporting a total of 8095, more than half the cases in Louisiana.

I undertook a couple of covid-correct projects today.  First was laundry, a standard Monday chore.  Then, I put in a small raised-bed garden  Tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and green onions.

This is nothing like the garden I"ve raised in the past, but it should keep us in fresh tomatoes.  Belle wanted some cayenne peppers, and we both decided that onions were a good ideas.

Questions Answered

A couple of questions from yesterday's post.

First, Termite asks:
Ya'll gonna have church service tomorrow evening?
No, like most churches, we're shut down for the duration of the stay-at-home order.  We feel like it's the right thing to do.  Our congregation has a fair percentage of at-risk people and we don't want to subject them to any unnecessary  threat.

Dave S asks:
What do you think of that new cast iron skillet?
I'm glad you asked.  We've been using it for nearly a year now and I really like it.  It's a 12" Stargazer, and it came in the door last May.

We have a lot of different cast iron, and I've cooked on cast iron my whole life.  So has Belle.  When we set u house-keeping, we blended our collection.  It includes Lodge, Birmingham (BSR) and some unknown Chinese pieces. I have one piece that I believe is an un-marked Wagner. We use it all.  The Stargazer was a gift from Belle, who indulged me when I was smitten with the idea of a really nice piece of cookware.  It has some features I really like.  And, it's really good cookware.

But, the question that I have to answer, is it five-times better than a piece of Lodge?  It costs about five-times more than a new Lodge, and the answer , frankly, is no.  I really like the handle, and the lip around the edge is really nice.  It cooks really well, but most cast iron does.  I have some forty-year-old Lodge that cooks really well.

I'm not disappointed with the Stargazer.  Quite the contrary.  It's a fine skillet.  It came out of the box ready to cook, and I use it a lot.  But, do the nice features justify the extra cost?  I'm not sure.  Still, it's a fine skillet and I'm glad it's in the collection.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 13,010 cases today, and increase of only 514 cases since yesterday.  Evidently, the Covid-19 virus doesn't attack as many people on Sunday.

My home parish of Rapides is currently reporting 100 cases, up only 3 from yesterday.

Here at the house, we prepared a Covid-correct meal and fed those family members who chose to attend.  Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, milk gravy , English peas and yeast rolls.

Belle and I set up an assembly line.  She would season the little steaks with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then dip them in seasoned flour, then an egg wash, then panko crumbs, and I'd take over dropping them in the hot skillet.

After we finished the steak, she pushed me aside, drained the oil out of the skillet, and started work on her special milk gravy.  A chicken fried steak just ain't right without milk gravy.

The family is gone now, and we're back inthe house.  We may start Happy Hour early today.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Louisiana Covid Update

According to the Louisiana Dept of Health , we currently have 12,496 cases of Covid-19 in Louisiana .  His is up from 10,279 yesterday,, an increase of 2279 from yesterday.  The curve is steepening a bit.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 97 cases, and Belle's home parish of LaSalle is reporting 4 cases.  This is the first time LaSalle has reported any cases a all.

Have Ammo,, Will Travel

I have loaded the ammunition for wherever the next sanctioned shoot of the Southern Territory, CFDA might be.

Friday, April 03, 2020

The Mayor of Houston

The mayor of Houston is asking criminals to take a break during the pandemic.  Yeah, really.

Louisiana Covid Update

Today, on Friday, April 3rd, the Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 10,279 active cases of Covid-19, up from 9150 yesterday, an increase of 1129 cases.  Of those, 1707 are hospitalized, with 370 deaths.

My home parish of Rapides is reporting 81 cases with 4 deaths.

Covid Update

The Texas Covid dashboard is here.  I found it this morning ust out of perverse curiosity.  I shows about what I thought I'd find.  Most of the infection is centered around the metro areas and the main travel routes.

Governor Abbot has issued an order that any traveler from Louisiana must self-quarantine for 14 days in Texas.  I don't blame him, he's trying to keep his state as safe as he can, and big ol' Texas has abut half as many cases as much smaller Louisiana.

Mississippi is reporting only about 1200 cases as of this time.

I can't find an Arkansas dashboard, but it seems that they're reporting something over 600 cases right now.

As for me, I"m still reloading cowboy ammo.  I find that I can load about a thousand cases a day, until my thumb gives out.  I have a total of 1500 cases left to oad, and I'm about to go to the shop and get started.  It give me something to do.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

No, Kids, It's Tree Chicken

Louisiana Covid Update

Wow, the numbers took a huge jump today, a total of 9150, an increase of  2726 since yesterday.  Our governor attributes this to increased testing, and the inevitable log-jam of testing results chasing the initial tests.

In other news, we have some six million new unemployment claims across the US, for a total of almost ten million jobs,  The economists act like this should be some huge shock, but to anyone with two active bran cells this should come as no surprise.  When we kill off half the economy in three weeks, it should massive job losses should be no surprise.

We're in a recession, folks.  Someone made the point today that a huge sector of the economy isn't feeling much pain, and that's true during any recession.  For example, Belle and I both are financially secure.  Our money continues to come in like clockwork, but we're not spending it on restaurants and other entertainment.  The folks who are hurt most are the working stiffs.  And, they are the backbone of the economy.

I'm worried about out country, both in an economic and a political sense.  In the past three weeks, we have crippled the economy, and suffered the greatest contraction of individual freedom in my lifetime.  We can't travel, can't enjoy our leisure, and in our particular case, we aren't even allowed in Texas.  I never thought that I would see individual travel restrictions between states.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Louisiana Covid Updte

The Louisiana Dept of Health is reporting 6424 cases of Covid-19,  an increase of 1187 since yesterday.  The Governor, in his daily briefing, ascribes this to increased testing.  So ar, Louisiana has lost 273 souls to this virus.

PawPaw spent the morning hauling used railroad cross ties across the yard.  Belle wants a raised bed garden and I intend to provide it.   I have noticed that a cross tie has gotten a lot heavier in the last 40 years.  When I was in my 20s I could move them fairly easily.  Nowadays they are much heavier.  I feel it in my legs and my back right now, and I might be "stove up" by morning.

Oh, and I hung a new hummingbird feeder.  The quarantine continues.