Thursday, December 30, 2021

Just Like Epstien

 Ghislane Maxwell was found guilty of five counts of enticing minors into sex acts.

Just like Jeffery Epstein, she did not hang herself while awaiting trial.

She faces 65 years a sentencing..


TechieDude said...

I forget where I read this, but it was a great point.

You know there's a lot of democrats above her on the food chain that are on that list of 'guests' to pedo island. Because that's what the democrats do - stomp someone lower on the food chain, declare it was all their doing, dust off their hands and next thing you know that was old business, covered material.

That list will never see the light of day. You would hope she or Epstien would have a dead-man contingency. Who knows, maybe she does and it's why she's still alive.

Jonathan H said...

I figured she has to, or has at least made a credible threat that she did.

Anonymous said...

The press is calling her a monster, but are strangely silent on two groups even more responsible for this. THE GIRLS PARENTS and the ABUSER THEMSELVES. It is almost like they consider this a victimless crime without a perpetrator.