Friday, September 29, 2023

Feinstein Passes Away

 California's long-serving senator, Dianne Feinstein has passed away at age 90.  It will be interesting to see who Newsome appoints to replace her.

I will probably not attend the funeral, but I will send a nice note in favor of it.

Forgotten Rifles

 I was looking though the gun locker the other day, and noticed something I didn't immediately recognize.  My old Winchester 94.  It's been a while since I had the old gal out, probably 10 or 12 years, so I took it out and marveled at it for a bit.  I'd like to tell you that it is some old pre-64, but it's not.  My version is what Winchester called the Antique.  Mine was made, as far as I can tell, in 1965 and it has stamped parts. It's in .30-30, a quite common caliber for this rifle.

I made a couple of changes to it.  I cut down the stock an inch or so, and added a recoil pad.  I took out the old spring-leaf rear sight and added a Williams FP rear sight.  Mine still has the original bead front sight. I added a saddle right because a single-point sling makes a lot of sense on a light carbine.

It's light, handy, and puts a 170 grain bullet where I want it at 100 yards. Obsolete by today's standards, it still fills a niche.  The ammo is not as common as it once was, but it is still available and it is easy to reload for.  Every manual has a page on the .30-30 and a variety of powers will make it easy to find something that works.

The little rifle has been cleaned and oiled, and now she is back in the case.  I'll have to get her out to the range before long and have a little fun with a grand little rifle.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Will Boonie's Garage

Have you ever seen an engine pulled with a mini-hoe?  Me neither, until today.

Evidently, my grandson is working as the camera guy.

Dingy Pirates

Fox News is reporting that San Francisco is experiencing a surge of small boat pirates.  These goblins load up in small boats and prey on larger, more luxurious vessels.

Piracy is an ancient occupation.  It's been around for centuries, and there is generally one proven method of dealing with it.  Kill or capture the bastards.  Those captured should be hanged, publicly, either from a convenient yardarm or at the waters edge.  I would suggest that whatever authority runs the port there to immediately construct a gallows.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


 So, my buddy Joe sends me an email this morning, talking about happiness. And, he sends a link to a video.  I'll link it here. At about the 12:00 mark it talks about Louisiana and the happiness index of its people. It turns out, Louisiana is a very happy place, but not for the reasons you might suspect.

Louisiana has its problems.  Poor roads, a bad tax structure, Laughable government, yet we are ahppy, especially in the rural and poor communities.  Why?  Family and friends.

Belle and I decided seven years ago that we wanted out shop to be a place where family and friends could gather.  To share a meal, to connect, to laugh and commiserate.  It has a full kitchen and a half bath. It's a gathering spot.  We "cook big" on Sunday and anyone is invited.  We generally have between 6 and 15 people eating lunch on Sunday. We never know who is going to show up, and they never know the menu.  My one caveat:  If you don't like what we're cooking, Popeye's is just down the road.

As I think back, some of my happiest times were when I was dead-broke, raising kids.  Someone wold call.  "Hey, we are cooking crawfish.  Bring something to throw in the pot and come on."  or "I need some help.  We're killing a hog.  Tell your wife to make a salad, and come on."  Louisiana knows how to party on the cheap.

Happiness isn't about possessions.  It's about family and friends and community.  It takes a little effort, but it's a choice.  If you are not happy, make some changes.  Make a big stew and invite some friends.  Join and local church and get involved.   Volunteer to help out a the high school concession stand.  Learn to laugh.  You can't be unhappy when you are laughing.

Monday, September 25, 2023

The E4 Mafia (if it existed, which it doesn't)

I've said for years that the best rans in the military were E-4 and O-4.  I've been both and had just as much fun in one as the other.  O-4 is better paid, and you have to be a bit more discrete when you are stealing taking care of the soldiers.

During Desert Storm, there was one bird colonel who thought I could do no wrong, because shit he wanted just magically appeared. I didn't tell him how badly the regulations had been skirted sometimes.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

I Am Reminded

 Reading the paper this morning, I see that there is a new ABC/WaPo poll that shows Donald Trump up over Joe Biden by 10 points.

I am reminded of an elections that happened here back in the 1960s.  A local sheriff had good support, but he was hated by the local judge and DA.  So, during the election, they indicted him over some bullshit misdemeanor, and convicted him, and the judge sentenced him to serve six months in his local jail.

The sheriff held himself as a strong law-and-order type, so he checked in to his own jail.  There was a little holding cell near the front door of the jail and the Sheriff sat there during the day.  Anyone could visit him.  He sat in the cell and talked to people.  Little old ladies, pastors, and others came to see the Sheriff.  He answered their questions, talked and prayed with them, and allowed reporters to interview him.

Come election day, he was re-elected handily.  20 points over his nearest rival.  All while serving time in his own jail. The voters saw what was going on and set out to make it right.

Back to today's poll.  The voters see what is going on, and we just might elect a felon to the office of the President. The pollsters are stunned, and the Washington elite  are soiling their pants.

Sunday Dawg

 He's a little fuzzy, but he has an appointment at the groomers on October 2nd.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

June 2022

 Several sources are reporting that the search warrant for Bob Menendez house was conducted in June, 2022.

You need probable cause to get a search warrant.  I've gotten several.  You get the basics of the crime, then decide what you are looking for, then get a judge to sign a warrant.  Then you execute the warrant.  The results of the warrant either prove or disprove the probable cause.

This is September 2023.  The warrant was executed in June 2022.  They found gold bars and cash. Why did they wait so long to get the indictment?  Bob Menendez lives in New Jersey.  Why is the indictment out of the southern district of New York? Whazzup with that?  Was Garland slow-walking this like he slow-walked the Hunter investigation?

If any of this is provable, Menendez should have been in jail a year ago.  As the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, how many more gold bars has he accumulated over the past year?

Friday, September 22, 2023

Menendez Indicted

 PJMedia, along with others is reporting that Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been indicted on federal bribery charges.

According to a report from NBC News, Sen. Menendez and his wife received $400,000 in gold bars from Fred Daibes, a New Jersey developer, in exchange for the senator interfering with a Justice Department investigation of Daibes when he was facing federal bank fraud charges.

I take no pleasure in reporting this, and the senator is certainly entitled to the presumption of innocence.  But I am reminded that Mark Twain said:

 There is no distinctly American criminal class - except Congress

It's interesting.  The article says that Menendez has been under investigation since October, 2022.  That is just one year. I didn't think that the FBI could conduct a whole investigation in a single year.  I mean, they did let Hunter's charges lapse due to the statute of limitations. 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Herd Medicine

 I was in the cattle business for about fifteen years.  I ran a hobby herd of cattle.  There came a time twice a year when we needed to doctor the cattle. So, I had a catch pen, a sorting chute and a squeeze chute.  Run then in the catch pen, sort them in the shorting chute, then run them through the squeeze chute.  Castrate the steers, hit them all with a doze of ivermectin,  then run fly poison down their backs.  Turnthem out in the pasture.


This morning I had a doctors appointment for a stress test on my ticker. We had an earlier appointment, but the doc's office rescheduled.  For their convenience.  So, I showed up at the appointed time, only to be run down to the sorting chute, where I waited for an hour before it was my turn to go through the squeeze chute. The test came out fine, I guess.  They didn't have me immediately report to the main hospital.

So, to recap, We had an appointment.  The doc rescheduled for his convenience, then today they were running an hour late.  I never saw the doctor.  When I do see him, I will register my disapproval of the way he runs his office.

Don't treat me like a herd animal.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 After the Covid debacle, you would think that our medical professionals would be a bit more humble, after seeing what they wrought on the public after that debacle.

Over-counting deaths, failing to use common, available medicines, putting the general public at risk due to a lack of routine care, or deferred care.  After seeing the piss-poor performance of the medical profession diruing that disaster, it's a wonder that any of us have any faith at all.

And yet, like much our aging population, I am forced to deal with medical doctors on a regular basis.  Much more regular than I'd like. They refer nilly-willy, passing the buck from one specialist to another, without even so much as a howdy-do to the patient.  Seeing as many patients as they can see on a daily basis,  Most of them don't even know my name, without looking at a chart, or more likely these days, a tablet.

It's pure retail medicine.  Mazimize profits  

I used to hold medical doctors in high regard.  To say that these days I am only mildly disillusioned would be a stretch.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

They Found It

 USA Today is reporting that the Marines have found their lost jet, about 80 miles from where the pilot ejected.

Debris from a missing F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet have been located in South Carolina after a pilot ejected and parachuted to safety.

They report that "many questions remain", and yeah, I reckon that's true. 

But, there is a long and storied tradition of aviators crashing planes, ever since 1908, when Orville crashed his Wright Flyer.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Marines Lose F-35?

 It seems that the US Marines lost an F-35 yesterday.  The pilot was up joyriding on a training mission, and a "mishap" occurred. He ejected.  Now they can't find the plane.

The pilot is fine.  Really.  We can keep chuckling.

It seems that an F-35 is a fairly smart aircraft, and when the pilot pinched out, the autopilot was engaged. So, the Marines went on Twitter to ask if anyone had seen a lots stealth fighter.  Hilarity ensued.

I googled around this morning, to see if they've found their jet yet.  There seems to be a media blackout on the whole thig.  I wonder why?

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Changing Horses

 It's mid-September and the weather is beginning to moderate.  Generally this time of year, I switch horses. My normal, go-to hot weather cocktail is a simple vodka and tonic.  Crisp, refresing, it suits the season.  But, as the weather begins to change I switch to bourbon.  Generally with cola.

That's not to say that I don't enjoy a fancier drink from time to time. As the weather gets cooler, I'll be motivated to make my homemade Irish cream and my homemade coffee liqueur.  For the holidays.

But, tonight I've switched from vodka to bourbon.  I prefer bottled-in-bond bourbon as my standard afternoon cocktail bourbon.  For those unaware, a quick review might be in order.

The Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 stipulates that whiskeys designed Bottled-in-Bond must be produced at the same distillery by the same distiller within the same distilling season, whether it be fall or spring. It must then be aged for at least four years in a federally bonded warehouse under federal government supervision, then cut and bottled at exactly 100 proof.

Bottled-in-bond does not guarantee quality. It does guarantee authenticity against a measurables standard.

My standard BIB whiskey is Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond.  Locally, it's readily available and relatively inexpensive.  A 1500 ml bottle is $30.00.  Not bad for good hooch.

Everybody has to believe in something, and I believe I'll have a drink.

The Polls

 There is a map floating about with the current Reuters poll numbers in an easy-to-read graphic. It spells doom for Biden.  I found it here.

The election is still 14 months away, and lots can change in 14 months. But, it is no wonder that we're starting to hear calls for Biden to step aside.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Mugged Liberals

Someone once said that some conservatives were once liberals who got mugged.  Well, we are seeing that play out.

I'm sure that you have all heard about the Dem party chair in Minneapolis who was a loud supporter of Defund the Police.  Until las week, when some armed carjacker thugs brutalized her in her own driveway. Now, she is a staunch law-and-order type who wants those tug assess locked away.

Then, there is Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, who was all about sanctuary until Greg Abbott started sending him a thousand illegals per week.  Now, Adams is singing the blues about the border policy.  He was figuratively mugged by his own policy.  Too bad, so sad.

Liberals, mugged by their own policies.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Biden Indicted

 Not Joe, but his son Hunter.  Hunter Biden has been indicted on federal gun charges. 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hunter Biden was indicted Thursday on federal firearms charges, the latest step in a long-running investigation into the president’s son that puts the case on track toward a possible high-stakes trial as the 2024 election looms.

He is innocent until proven guilty.  But the timing is awfully suspect, as has been the timing on almost everything coming out of the Biden Justice Dept.

What is most interesting is that the media may be turning on Biden, finally noticing aloud that Joe is showing his age and increasingly, signs of dementia.  David Ignatius, a well-known liberal writer is making the case that Biden should not run for a second term. They are saying it out loud, and by my count, he's been on MSBNC, and covered in the Washington Post, The Hill, and Axios.  Those media outlets are not known for covering conservative talking points.

The problem that Biden has, is that in many states we are running up against time restrictions on whether a person can qualify to be on the ballot. There is no federal law I know of, but each state has its own laws regarding qualifying be on a ballot.  If Joe waits too long to drop out, the successor may not be able to get his or her name on the ballot in several states.  It's hard to get electoral votes if no one can vote for you.

So, we have major liberals calling for Joe to step aside, and Hunter has been indicted on fedeal gun charges.  All in the same week.  There are no coincidences in politics.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Boonie's Garage: The 351 Windsor

The boys are working on a 351 Windsor as the basis for a mud truck.


 We're expecting a mild cool front to pass through sometime today or tonight, bringing a little rain and moderating the temps a bit. In celebration, I have a pot of red beans on the bubble,  With good sausage spices.  We'll make a pot of rice closer to lunch.

Statistically, we are past the height of the hurricane season, but just barely.  Lots of activity in the Atlantic, but these are mainly fish storms.  However, it looks like Hurricane Lee might threaten the New England, or more likely, the Canadian coast.

Thankfully, both the Carribean and the Gulf are quiet right now.  

I'm really looking forward to the day when I walk out on the back porch and think that a flannel shirt might feel good.  That day isn't today. It's been a long, hot summer and I'll be glad to see the weather cool off a bit.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Strange Laws

 In the post below, regarding blowing hors while passing, juvat asks

I've never heard of that law. Is it a Louisiana law or Federal?

That is Louisiana law.  We have some weird laws in Louisiana.  For example, it is against the law n Louisiana to wrestle a bear.  Yeah, really.  There was a time when carnivals or fairs would have a small bear.  They would sheath its claws and let people wrestle it.  If you pinned the bear you won a prize.  PETA put a stop to it.

I suppose that if you find a bear in your back yard and decide to hold an impromptu wrestling match it would be perfectly legal, if not perfectly stupid.

There was once a law that if you were driving a motor vehicle within the city limits, it required a pedestrian with a flag to 30 feet in front of the vehicle to warn pedestrians.  That law has since been repealed.


 Coming back from Kentucky yesterday, Belle and I were almost home.  Traveling westbound on LA Highway 28, we were scent miles from home and starting to relax a bit.  It was dusk, and we had made good time.  Belle was driving, the posted speed limit set at 55 mph, and Belle had the cruise set at 58.

An 18-wheeler came up up behind us and started to pass.  Good road, plenty of room, and the driver gave us a friendly toot on his horn as he came around.  Not a blast, nor a blare, just a friendly little toot.

Belle was a bit nonplussed.  "What is he blowing his horn about?"

I turned to look at the truck. "Well, he knows the law."

Belle glanced at me sideways.  "I have never blown the horn when I was passing."

I modified my statement, gently.  "The law might have changed since I enforced it.  But, it's required when passing on a two lane road."

We got home safely and went to bed, but over coffee this morning, I fired up the intertubes and checked.  Sure enough, there it is.

(2)  Except when overtaking and passing on the right is permitted, the driver of an overtaken vehicle shall give way to the right in favor of the overtaking vehicle on audible signal, and shall not increase the speed of his vehicle until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle.

The law requires that when passing on the right is not allowed, a vehicle overtaking another must provide an audible signal to alert the vehicle being overtaken.  This law was passed in 1962 and has not been repealed.

Now you know the law, and so does Belle, who is quite amused that she has been in violation for her entire driving history.

Friday, September 08, 2023

Kentucky State

 We're shooting Kentucky State today in the thriving metropolis of Beaver Dam, KY.   The weather is perfect and the venue is ver0y nice.

The scenery is pretty nice, too. That is Wildfire, the head score keeper and a very adept shooter in her own right.  She wins trophies.

We shot categories today, where everyone shoots against their own age group.  Tomorrow we start the main match, Belle and I are back in the hotel, resting up for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are expecting to have about 80 guns on the line. Tomorrow may be a long day.

Thursday, September 07, 2023

Biden Bails

 So, it seems that President Biden bailed on a Medal of Honor ceremony.  Just left.  Hauled ass.

People are asking questions.

Jean-Pierre explained that the president’s departure was planned to minimize his contact with attendees amid a resurgence of covid infections. However, Biden did remove his mask and come in close contact with the 81-year-old veteran while pinning the medal around his neck.

Couple of things here.  Biden has absolutely no affinity for the military even our heroes.  Second,  The Binder's explanation reveals that the Dems really want another Covid emergency, so that they can lock Biden in the basement and count mail-in votes. It worked for them last time.

In other news, Belle and I are in Owensboro, KY for a big shoot.  We'll leae the hotel in another hour or so and go find the venue, which is about 30 minutes away.

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Colt Prices

 I was just watching a video over at C&Rsenal on the Colt 1911 and they showed this interesting graphic. on prices from October 1916

Fifteen dollars per pistol, with mags at fifty cents.  I'll take a dozen, please, with a hundred spare mags.

Monday, September 04, 2023

The Scouts

The Fat Electrician is talking about the Scouts.  A subject near and dear to my heart. The Cavalry has an encompassing mission, depending on what the commander wants.  We can defend, reconnoiter, screen, delay, or attack. This always means that the Cavalry is between the main body and the enemy. Which means we get to shoot at them first.

Like for example, during the first Gulf war, units of the 2nd Armored Cavalry slammed into the Tawakoni division of the Iraqis army.  The 2nd ACR was a covering force, but when the rest of VII Corps came up, the shooting was pretty much over. Oh, the VII Corps went on to do great things, but on the opening day, the Cav just wandered in and started tearing shit up. Yeah, that's the Cav.

One of the more endearing traditions of the Cav is the unit punch bowl.  It is trotted out on events of tradition and celebration, and I wouldn't give the time of day to a Squadron Adjutant who did not know where the punch bowl was stored and made sure that it was available when needed.  As another old Cavalryman explains.

The Regimental punch is a substantive brew of proven medicinal value. It has warmed many a cold trooper on the screen and picket line, and inspired him to feats of glory. It cures what ails you, and in a pinch it is an effective bore cleaner for our cannons, lubricant for our vehicles or propellants for our missiles. True Cavalrymen maintain a base for the punch in their homes at all times.

I have the hat, I have the spurs and I have had the hangover. 

Labor Day

This is one holiday I really like.  No gifts, no expectations.  I worked many Labor Days, because lots of folks work on Labor Day. 

Belle and I are prepping for a trip to Kentucky.  We're going to the Kentucky State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw.  This is one of our favorite shoots, and we leave Wednesday morning.  I have spent most of the morning going through the competition guns and gear, making sure screws are tight and the guns are clean and ready for a major match.

The weather-weenies are calling for thunderstorms later today, and I'm good with it.  There is still a huge wildfire risk in Louisiana.  We need rain.  Elder son runs the water production for a middling city and he tells me that he spent last week mitigating the fire risk to his well sites.  Louisiana could use a good drenching and may be those thunderstorms predicted will help with that.

Saturday, September 02, 2023

In Comments

 Reader Dave asked in comments if I had any thoughts on this story.

The basic facts:  During the height of the covid strangeness (March 2020) our plaintiff made a silly-assed joke on Facebook. 


The Sheriff's office got hold of the post, and our plaintiff was paid a visit by the local SWAT team.   He was arrested and charged with terrorizing.  There is now a civil suit pending in the local court, where our plaintiff is suing the Sheriff's office over various infringements.

Do I have any thoughts?  I would probably have handled it differently. My first inclination would have been to ignore the whole thing and write it off as Facebook nonsense.  My second inclination would be to do a knock-and-talk. My very last option would have been to call out the SWAT team.

Dave also said in comments that he couldn't find my email address.  I looked in my profile and it's hidden there as plain as day.  But, I'll put it here in plain English. ddezendorf at yahoo dot com.  All spambots must die.

Friday, September 01, 2023

Power Outage

 We had a power outage today.  For no particular reason, beautiful day, but the electricity is out.  For no apparent reason.  Go figure.  I dragged the generator outside, fired it off, and powered up the shop.  It did well.  We'll call this a dry run in case we ever have to do it for real.

The power went off at 11:00, came back on sometime after 1:00. I disconnected everything and reverted the shop to pole power.  Let the generator cool and put it away.

We have a major intersection about 100 yards from the house, and our circuit powers the traffic lights.  I can't imagine that the power company would shut the power off frivolously. But, no one ever gets an explanation of why the power went off. Did Rocky the Flying Squirrel trip a braker somewhere?  Did an ISIS armadillo commit martyrdom in the transfer station?  Or, did some doofus slam into a light pole,   We'll never know and the imagination runs wild.

Are We Still Talking About This?

Are we still talking about MOA rifles?  Back in 1957 Townsend Whelen said that "only accurate rifles are interesting", and I suppose that's so.  I recently stumbled on this guys channel, and I like the way he thinks.  He's generating conversation, although I believe he is missing one important point.

Can any manufacturer guarantee a rifle that will shoot MOA?  The devil is in the details. Rifles, ammunition, temperature and weather vary plenty before you take the nut behind the stock into the equation.

I've been shooting rifles for decades, and with a good hunting rifle, consistent ammunition, and a steady rest, most hunting rifles will flirt with MOA shooting. What I've learned about hunting rifles is that while groups are important, what is really important is what I call the cold-bore group.

Where is that first shot gain?  Are you confident that at the time you squeeze the trigger, at the range the animal presents itself, in the cold or heat of your climate, that the shot you take will reliably strike the aiming point with sufficient force for a humane kill.  If you are not, don't take the shot.  Luck plays a big part in the hunting fields, but luck should play no part in taking the shot.

I've said before, and I'll say it again, that practice is important.  The guy who shoots 100 shots a year will probably do better in the game fields than the guy who shoots 10 shots per year. Practice, certainly, at the ranges you intend to hunt.  Know your rifle, your ammo, and your scope.  Sort all that out on the range so it isn't an ussue on the game field.  But most importantly, know where that first shot is going.