Saturday, December 18, 2021


 You may remember the story a couple of weeks ago about the Dallas PD seizing a large amount of cash at Dallas Love Field.

It seems that the Dallas PD has an oversight board, and they are asking questions about how the Dallas PD can seize cash that is not part of a criminal investigation.

Now a member of the city's oversight board is demanding answers. "What I want to know are: What are the rules? And did this woman break them?"

It is good hat someone with oversight powers is looking into this.  I understand that several sate legislators are also drafting legislation to change he way hat civil asset forfeiture works.  Good for them. 


Old NFO said...

This one will be resolved quietly away from ANY bet...

Mike-SMO said...

It used to beone of those things where you could get the cash back if you had a good story or a good lawyer. It was money for small sums since the cost of lawyer and a court hearing cost more than money originally lost. That was pure rip off due to the legal costs. I suspect that the rationale was that only folks doing illegal things would not fight. Seems that lots of people travel with cash and they don't like getting mugged by the "authorities". Things may change now that people are aware of the game.