Thursday, December 09, 2021

Why Wait? Start Now, Joe

 It seems that Joe Biden has ordered the federal government to become carbon-neutral by 2050.  How brave, requiring your successor s to be carbon neutral at some point in the future.

I have a better idea, Joe.  Start today. Tell the Air Force to scrap Air Force One, and the Marines to scrap Marine One.  While you are at it, tell the Air Force to scrap that fleet of biz-jets that guys like Lloyd Austin and John Kerry flit about on.  They can fly space-A on routine Air Force missions, of fly commercial like the rest of us.

Quit flying illegal aliens around the country.  Make then walk back home.  That's how they got here, and should not wast valuable resources by being here.

If you don't start today, Joe, you are just another preening sonofabitch.  If you are serious about your carbon footprint, scrap Air Force One.  Or, STFU.


Sabre22 said...

Space available is to good for them. If they want to fly anywhere they can fly COMMERCIAL COACH CLASS or in a CARGO PLANE with the CARGO. NO US military Aircraft or Vehicle should be used to transport ANYONE in this administration. If they own or lease or rent a private aircraft they can pay for it out of their own pocket

Dave said...

I would be fine if he reduced the .gov's carbon footprint by personally ceasing to respirate.

Mike-SMO said...

But THEY are special and " important". There will always be an excuse for the leader to be fat and warm while the peasants starve.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who fly private jets to a climate summit, but hold the democracy summit on Zoom.