Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Feminist rips 'gender identity' as meaningless

I love women, I really do.  My mother ws a woman and my wife is a woman.  All my sisters are women.

I don't care what you do in the bedroom.  Your kinks are your kinks, and I don't want to bothered with them.  As long as it's between consenting adults, it's okay with me.

Last ear, Louisiana had an opportunity to pass a law requiring that male sports are for male athletes and female sports are for female student. The measure passed both houses, but our governor vetoed it, saying that such a law was simply mean to transgender students.

What is really mean is to let men compete against women in women's sports.  The very idea demeans women. It is bullying at its most base form. The very idea of a male athlete competing against a female athlete is repugnant to me, and no amount of transgender bullying will change my mid in that respect.


John Galt said...

In Jr. High, the boys track team competed against the Jr. High girls team and the High School girls team. The Jr. High Boys team won like 19 out of 20 years...the off year being won by high school girls. You can play gender nonsense all you want but it seemed clear to me that boys are faster and stronger than girls. Period. Doing surgery on a male and giving hormones still doesnt change DNA and there have been records broken by transgender male-female.
We have womens sports in the first place because this difference in biology has long been recognized.

Glypto Dropem said...

Due to Title IX, my daughter (and another girl) played varsity high school boys Lacrosse on the school team. It is basically full contact football with a small ball and sticks. Both girls got plenty of field time, and took their licks. I used to sit in the stands and laugh listening to opposing team parents exclaim, "Oh my God! Those are girls on the other team." One time my daughter was charging down the field with the ball and got sandwich slammed by two big defenders. Everyone jumped to their feet and gasped. I did not. She quickly got up and went after the two MF'ers that just stole HER ball.

The reason the girls were on the team was because we did not live in an uber wealthy town, and the program was new. There was no way to afford to have a boys AND girls team. Girls Lacrosse is actually a very different sport. More like field hockey standing upright instead of bent over, and they don't wear the full protective gear.