Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Woman With Handgun Stops Mass Shooter With AR-15, Where Is The Mainstrea...

Did y'all hear about this?  I didn't either.  But it seems that a woman with a handgun stopped a mass shooter.  It's up to us to boost the signal. Good gal with gun stops bad guy with gun.

President Brandon Gets It All Wrong

It's painful to watch, but it is less than five minutes, so grit your teeth and go on through it.

Couple of things, Joe.  First, a 9mm won't blow the lung out of the body. Whoever told you that is a dumbass.

Second, yes, anyone can buy a cannon today, and could buy a cannon when the Constitution was written.  Cannons aren't illegal.

Last, I believe that the most absolute sentence in the Constitution is "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."  that is fairly absolute.


 President Brandon is reportedly frustrated with his staff.

President Joe Biden is reportedly frustrated with his staff in the White House and their efforts to "rush to explain" something the president has said. 

"The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command," NBC News reported Tuesday.

Well, that's because you are weak, Joe.   If you would take charge and start firing people who made you look like an idiot, the White House would clean out pretty quickly.  The one problem with that is that the US would be left with a cognitively-impaired, attention-deficit buffoon as President Which is what we have now.

This is the president who received more votes than any other in US history.  That fact alone makes me believe that his electorate is cognitively impaired as he is.  We know that he is not in charge and his cabal has to run clean0up missions for him because he is simply unable to complete a cogent sentence.

President Brandon Wants Your 9mm

 Evidently, the trip to Uvalde went off the rails, and President Brandon said the quiet part out loud.  He recalled talking to medical personnel in a trauma ward.

“They said a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, and we can probably get it out — may be able to get it and save the life,” Biden told reporters outside of the White House. “A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”

So, it's the 9mm he wants to ban, while saying that a .22 caliber might be okay.  

Looking through my gun rack, I'm struck by the thought that all of my "evil assault rifles" fire a .22 caliber bullet.   And I note that the two most recent shooters in Buffalo and in Uvalde were both using .22 caliber rifles.  I wonder how long it wil be before the President's cabal starts walking these comments back?

Then, he really went off the rails.

"So, the idea of these high-caliber weapons is, uh, there’s simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting," Biden added. "Remember, the Constitution was never absolute." 

Our President is addled, divisive, and cognitively impaired. 

Reporter Goes Silent When Gov. Abbott Points Out the Flaw in Her Gun Pla...

Monday, May 30, 2022


I spent some time loading magazines today and looking through my ammo stocks.

Those who know me know that I keep my magazines loaded.  Just in case.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but the time to load magazines is not when you need loaded magazines.

The fact that I found myself with empty magazines should let you know what I was doing.  Just in case.



Memorial Day Tribute | Mansions of the Lord | Hillsdale College

"Taps" performed in Arlington National Cemetery (summer and winter)

Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix) - w/ Lyrics

What Goes Around

 As I get older, I am convinced that there is nothing new under the sun.  For example, as I browse through YouTube videos. I'm starting to see youngsters touting the .25-06 Reminton as a long-range hunting cartridge. They are a bit late to the party.  Maybe it's just the algo rhythm playing with my head, but I'm seeing a lot of videos talking about A.O. Neidner's old cartridge.  He invented it in 1920 by necking down the then new US Government cartridge to .25 caliber. Remington standardized it in 1969.

I bought my first one in 2008, and I was late to the party.  After finding a used Ruger 77 in a pawn shop rack, I started reloading for it and fairly quickly settled on a load that uses Sierra's GameKing bullet and Reloder 22 powder.  It throws that 117-grain bullet at 2971 and keeps them all inside an inch at 100 yards. I was done tinkering with that rifle and passed it along to my second son.  A bit later, I found another one in a used gun rack and picked it up cheap.  I eventually passed it to my elder son.  We now have four of them in the family.

That combination is quite lethal on our smallish Louisiana deer.  It's a great cartridge.  If I were working up loads for it today, I would probably work up a load with one of the newer copper bullets, but I still have a stock of those GameKing bullets and no real reason to start tinkering again.

So, to all you fellows who are just now discovering the .25-06, welcome to the party, pal.  It's over 100 years old, and still doing what we ask it to do.  A.O. Neidner knew what he was doing back then, and it's still doing it today.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Why I Was WRONG About Guns!

I've been watching this guy for a while, and I like his visual and political satire.

Here he explains why he was wrong about guns and the gun-owning community.

Get It Right

 My first wife used to get aggravated with me when she would mention something that she heard, or something she had read in the newspaper, and ask me about it.  Many times I told her that I had been there and what she read or heard simply was not accurate.

In the Army, I learned that when making an official statement to tell the unvarnished truth.   What I saw, what I did.  No speculation, no Just the facts; who, what, where, when.  If I made a mistake, admit it plainly.  It is a whole lot easier to explain a mistake than to try to ignore it or cover it up.

In police work, I learned that anything I committed to paper could come back to haunt me.  Just the facts as they were presented to me. Just my actions, as they occurred.

The folks in Texas are learning these lessons the hard way.  The story in the Uvalde school shooting has changed several times, and none of the changes reflect well on the leadership.  I'm mot going to blame the cops on the ground.  They had a hard enough task dealing with the chaos of the moment, with the sure realization that everything they did would be scrutinized in the court of public opinion.

It is the task of the leaders to get it right when they stand before the cameras.  In the early hours, it is okay to say that you don't know something, that you don't yet have a good timeline, or that the information you do have is confusing.  

The fog of battle does not just exist somewhere on a foreign battlefield.  Sometimes it exists right here at home.  

Sunday Morning Dawg


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Saturday Shooting

 Belle got out of the hospital this morning about 8:30, and my 11:30 she was announcing at our monthly match. We shoot our monthly club match on the 4th Saturday of every month.

We really appreciate our announcers and score keepers.  We could not do it without them.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Belle Update

Belle gets out of the hospital tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.  I've been running all day, coordinating with medical personnel, making sure I have all the equipment she will need, getting prescriptions filled, just generally  truing to cover all the bases.

Now, it's time to pour a drink and take a deep breath.  

What has amazed me about this whole process is how quickly your life can change at the turn of the minute hand on a clock.  One minute everything is rosy, the next minute we're in hurry-up mode.

A friend of Belle's asked if I freaked out when I realized that she was hut.  No, not really.  I was a cop for 37 years and had done lots of medical emergencies. I reverted to cop mode.  I know how to call an ambulance and prep the area for a gurney.  We had time to pack a small bag with the things she would need, and to move the vehicles so that the ambulance crew had un-obstructed access.

But, she is coming home tomorrow and things will change again, until she is 100%.  I love that woman will all of my heart and soul.  I can't imagine my life without her.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Father of Texas Victim Says Deaths Could Have Been Prevented If Police '...

He's a grieving father, so we have to give him a brak.  But, if what he is saying is correct, he's right.

The last training I conducted as an SRO, we practiced our response to an active shooter scenario at a local school.  During the summer, no kids around.  We practiced this type of scenario several times.  

You go in, one at a time.  There is no waiting for backup, no waiting for proper equipment.  As our instructor put it: "You go in.  You have plenty of training, a gun, a radio and a set of balls.  You go in and stop the shooter."

If necessary, you step across wounded deputies or other victims.  Your sole focus is to close with and eliminate the threat.  Once the threat is neutralized, there will be lots of holp to render first aid and evacuee the wounded.

If the Uvalde Police Department waited, they were doing it wrong.

Hearing All Kinds of THings

 Forty-eight hours into the aftermath of the Uvalde school shooting, we're hearing all kinds of things.

Latest info is that the shooter came in through an unlocked back door.  That is sad, yet fully understandable.  School staff (both faculty and support staff) want to be able to easily endter a school building and don't want to be bothered with things like locks.  I get it.

I've also heard that the school distirct had some variant of security officer. What he or she was doing as theis situation unfolded is still unclear.  We do know that a Border Patrol SWAT team was in the area and responded, eventually taking down the shooter.  Kudos to them, but from the timeline I'm hearing, they were following standard SWAT protocols, which may or may not have been the right thing to do at the time.

I'm not here to second-guess those guys.  I was not there.  They responded according to their training.

I spent sixteen years serving as a School Resource Officer, and I hold an advanced certification from the National Association of School Resource Officers.  I have some expertise in this field. I retied on April 1, 2918.  I don't think that the training has changed much since then.

Schoool Resource Officers should be trained, certified, law enforcement officers who are currently trained to the standards that every other officer is required to maintain.  Additionally, they should NOT work for the school district, but should be hired and assigned from a local law enforcement agency. A Resource Officer should be, above all things, a cop.

School administrators have lots of things to do in a given day, and love to delegate tasks.  Given the opportunity, the administrator will soon have the Resource Officer doing a laundry list of unrelated tasks that they find onerous or inconvenient.  Let the officer do it.  Morning bus duty, afternoon detention, lots of little tasks that have nothing to do with Law Enforcement.

The one job of a School Resource Officer is to close with and engage a violent intruder.  That is it.  There should be nothing else on the job descriptions.  Most resource officers are personable people who want to stay busy during the day, and they will find ways to be useful.  But, I found it extremely helpful to be able to look an administrator in the eye and refuse a task that was not law enforcement related.

It's a great job, and I had many opportunities to do good police work. I made arrests, wrote reports, solved crimes.  I pulled security at events, and worked closely with other agencies who may have had interest in the area  around the school.  Thankfully, I never had to shoot anyone.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Tucker and Colion

Tucker and Colion break it down for us.  

Tragedy in Uvalde

 I was running errands for Belle yesterday when I heard the news that an angry young man had gone to an elementary school in Uvalde, TX and opened fire. Upwards of 20 people died in the mayhem.  I am shocked and saddened, and pray for the victims and their families.

Before the smoke had settled, our execrable president was dancing on the graves for political purposes.

We know that the shooter purchased two AR-style rifles in his 18th birthday.  Absolutely legal purchasees from an FFL dealer.  Reports indicate that he used a rifle and a handgun in the attack.

The gunman allegedly entered the school following a violent encounter with his grandmother and after being involved in a car crash. According to Texas Department of Safety spokesperson Lt. Chris Olivarez, the shooter had on body armor and used a rifle in the attack. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the gunman was armed with a handgun as well. The shooter is now dead, believed to have been killed by responding officers, according to Abbott.

I spent 16 years of my career trying to forestall such a tragedy. First reactions, after the horror of such an angry event is to try to make sense of it.  We can't because it is senseless. It makes no sense that a n angry young man would go into an elementary school and simply start shooting young children.   That is the very definition of evil.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Scream Fire

You have all heard the old truism" You can't scream fire in a crowded theater.

I've heard it a lot lately, when commentators are complaining about people using their speech to highlight the failures of the Biden administration.  I've heard it a lot.  And as a general rule, that's true.  Using your voice to incite a panic will get people injured or killed, especially if you scream FIRE in a crowded theater.

Unless the theater is actively ablaze.

Lots of folks are saying that they could simply not believe that things could get this bad under Joe Biden.  A sputtering economy, cities awash in crime, a total lack of control at the southern border, soaring fuel prices, food shortages (baby formula??), the list goes on.  We have a president who seems to cascade from one disaster to another, and never really manages to solve one problem before two more crop up.

It is impossible to attribute all this to sheer incompetence.  And Joe told us yesterday that our economy was being transformed.  So, if it is not incompetence, it must be by design.

The midten elections are soon to be upon is.  Several states are holding primary elections.  And, many fold are looking forward too the midterms, thinking that maybe things will get better.  Historically, there has been a shift in the middle of a presidency.  Obama famously said that he had a phone and a pen and we all know that Biden has an army of lackeys who are likely to double-down.  They truly believe in everything they are doing.  If you thought that the past 17 months was a train-wreck, just wait and see what 2023 and 2024 has in store for us.

Not only is the theater actively ablaze, but the roof is about to collapse.

We are in for a rough ride.

Monday, May 23, 2022


 It's not just pilots, it's lots of things.  There is a perpetual nursing shortage, exacerbated by the Covid crunch. Becoming a registered nurse takes four years, and there are not enoug in the pipeline.

Water System Operators.  You know, the guys who get clean drinking water into your house?  Those guys.  I have two sons who are Level 4 operators, and they tell me that there is not enough young people in the field to replace those guys who will retire in the coming decade.  Same thing with Sewer System operators.  It's not clamorous work, but it pays well, and is vital to a functioning civilization.

Not to mention waiters, truck drivers, and a host of other physical trades.  These jobs aren't fashionable, but they are vital to society.  There are lots of jobs out there that need to be filled.  Oppostunity abounds.

Gas Prices

 Louisiana is a major player in the oil patch.  I have never seen prices this high in my home state.  This from the station where I buy most of my gasoline.

Thanks, Joe Biden.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Is Consent Not Enough?

 Scrolling thru the intertubes this morning, we come to a tawdry story about  About two lovers that has taken a truly tragic turn.  It seems that a respected scientist was involved in a romantic relationship with a younger woman.  And, not that much younger.  Reportedly, she was 29-years-old when the affair began.

Now, it's over, and she is raising holy hell, claiming that she was "groomed" and "coerced" into the bedroom.  She is making noises about a "sexual predator".  We can surmise that (in the vernacular) she is pissed-off.  She is raising hell, and the esteemed scientist has resigned from his position at MIT and is subsisting off unemployment.

The idea that she was "groomed" is farcical.  She was 29, after all.  Well past the age of consent, and I suspect if she were traveling in the same circles with a respected scientist, she had more than a double digit IQ. (But, that latter assumption is not yet in evidence.)

It's a cautionary tale, and as old as the relationship between men and women.  So, if an old man's advise rings true today, let me give everyone some hard-learned proverbs.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This comes from the English playwright, Congreve.  It was true in the 1600s and is true today.

The second proverb comes from a forgotten source who counseled me as a young lad.

Don't f**k any woman who has less to lose than you do.

That is great advise.  I'll bet that the respected scientist wishes that he had learned that years ago.

But, we are forced to examine the liberal mindset, which is setting back women in this century.

The liberals’ underlying assumption is that women can never be adults. No matter how old they may be, no matter how many graduate degrees they may amass, women are never free actors. They can only, ever, be playthings in the hands of men. Do you believe that? Probably not, but that is what liberals think, and our culture is awash in such nonsense.

In this age of progressives' not being able to define what a woman is, we have to wonder where we are headed.

Sunday Morning Dawg

 He misses Belle, and hangs our close to me when I'm around.

I keep trying to tell him it's going to be okay.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Nancy and the Church

 It seems that Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a devout Catholic, has gone one step too far, and has heard from he archbishop.  No Holy Communion.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the Archdiocese of San Francisco has taken the extreme step of publishing a letter informing Rep. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives and third in the line of succession for the presidency, that she must recant her public support for abortion and confess her sins before she will be allowed to partake of the Eucharist.

By all accounts, the archbishop bas bent over backwards to accommodate Pelosi and she has ignored his requests for a meeting.

Belle Update

 We moved Belle from the surgical ward yesterday, down the street to a rehab hospital where she will get physical therapy.   She will be there for about a week.

Kudos to the doctors, nurses, professional staff, and support personnel.  They did a magnificent job  They were professional, knowledgeable, kind, caring, and very accommodating. The hospital still has an official mask policy, but I didn't see it being enforced, by and large.  In four days, I generally wandered the hospital unmasked.

There was one example of what I call an "officious prick" who told me I had to mask before he would let me check out in the cafeteria.  It was less burdensome for me to put on  a mask than to get involved in a philosophical discussion.  The lesson here is that this little officious prick tainted an otherwise stellar performance by the hospital. 

I, for one, and I suspect the vast majority of Americans, are tired of being told what to do by officious pricks.  They count on Americans being compliant, and that may not be an assumption that they should hold.  

We're tired of this shit.

Friday, May 20, 2022


Worry about the price of fuel, but keep worrying about the availability of oil, then look around you.

This plastic table I'm using right now, even the very plastic case that houses this computer.  It's made from oil.  The tires on your car, the plastic dashboard on your new, shiny Tesla.  Petrochemicals.  Those nice, common freezer bags you store food in.  Oil.  

As I sit in the shop, drinking coffee, working from a white folding table, typing on a computer,  and looking around, I am struck by how much of the stuff I use every day is made possible by fossil fuels.

The Biden administration is a train wreck, that is an ironclad cinch.  But, most of it is by design.  In their quest to fundamentally change the way we live, they have not thought this through.  While gasoline and diesel are important products, many of the byproducts of the fuel industry are also very important in the way we lead our daily lives.

The "green" folks are trying to bring us back to the 1920s  The petrochemical industry has brought us forward for the past 100 years, and with Biden's economic policies, we're destined to re-live the 1930s.  Based on stories from my grandfather, that ain't going tobe any fun at all.

Thursday, May 19, 2022


 Grits are a southern staple.  Basically, ground hominy, they are cheap, filling, tasty, and can be made in bulk.  Huge batches are easy.  They add calories, which is why the Army uses a lot of grits.  I love them.  I'll eat grits anywhere and the Southern cooks love to spice them up.  Cheese grits, shrimp grits, or even pepper grits.

Belle detests grits.  We ate a good meal on Sunday and she injured herself before coffee on Monday morning.  With the prospect of surgery looming, they didn't feed her on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Her first meal in three days was breakfast.  They brought her eggs, toast, grits, coffee and orange juice.

Luckily, she is a light eater, so she made-do with the eggs and toast. Her disposition is good, and she is looking forward to the next steps.  She has been a registered nurse for 43 years, so she understands all the medical lingo, and knows what to expect.  I was a cop for 37 years and am totally outside of my confort zone in a medical setting.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Long Day

 It's been a long day, but a good one.  Belle was scheduled for surgery this afternoon and got into pre-op at about 1600 local.  By 1800 she was in recovery, and I was calling family and friends to let them know the good news.  Now, we begin the road to recovery.  She is resting peacefully, with the aid of good medicine.  Something called an "IV push" was involved.  That's nurse talk, and as she is a nurse, she knew what they were doing, but calmed right down, and that's a good thing.

Better living through chemistry, that's my motto.

At some point during the day, I saw that the Ministry of Truth has been culled.  Whatshername, the clown bitch they hired to chair it, has resigned.  Mayorkas has egg on his face.  Speaking of faces, if my dog had a face like Mayorkas, I'd shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards.

But, yeah, the Ministry of Truth didn't last as long as CNN+, which is quite a feat.  It folded up like a cheap pocketknife.  

I'm going to mix a stiff drink and go lay in my bed.  Tomorrow is going to be another joyous day of medical mischief.  Have I mentioned how much I hate hospitals?

Ex-Marine Rigs Package With Flash Bang

Oh, I LOL'd.

What Is Inflation

 I studied economics in both undergrad and graduate school.  While there may be many factors that lead up to a period of inflation, but when you break it down to a 4th grade reading level, it's pretty simple.

Inflation = too much money + too few goods.

That is it, in a nutshell.  I don't think, in the 50 years since I took Eco 101, the definition has changed.

Regardless of what the Biden administration is telling us, the basic problem today is that the money supply is too big, and it is chasing goods in a time of supply crisis. Some of these supply issues were fomented during the pandemic, others are a direct result of the Biden administration tightening regulation on the petrochemical industry.  If the oil were flowing freely, we would stull have $2.00 gasoline.


Yesterday morning, Belle fell, and could not get up.  We called an ambulance and got her loaded, and when we got to the hospital, and the tests were run, we learned (as she had already diagnosed), that she had a broken hip. 

During routine testing, the docs found something else, a problem with circulation that might have presented complications, so they did more testing.  This morning, we learned that the circulation issue was not as bad as originally thought and is now a non-issue that can be dealt with later.

Therefore, they have scheduled her for surgery late this afternoon of early tonight.   She ran me off from the hospital and told me to come back this afternoon.  I was happy to oblige her.  The staff there is extremely professional, and the main doc is one that she worked with and worked for, for a long time.  She is in good hands.

Blogging will be sporadic until we are out of the woods.

Monday, May 16, 2022


 A recently released NBC News poll shows that President Biden has achieved a great level of biparisaship in the past few months.

Overall, 75% of those polled said that the country is headed in the wrong direction — the fourth straight NBC News poll where the number has been above 70%.

75%!  That is all the Republicans and about half the Democrats think that the sucks at the job.

Maybe he is the Great Uniter.  Three-quarters of Americans believe that he sucks at the job.

DOOCY MIC DROP🤜🎤on Karine Jean-Pierre

This woman has to be the dumbest critter I've ever seen.  Her answer had noting to do with the question.  Absolutely two separate subject.  If this is what Biden calls a press secretary, he's in deep trouble. - - Oh, wait.  It's Biden, and he's already in deep trouble.


New Computer - Blog Note

 I bought a new computer today, after the keyboard went tits-up on the old one.  I keep a record of these things in the blog, and if you look around, in some posts I have parts numbers and plumbing fixtures, all sorts of stuff that I night want to remember.

This new machine is an HP, don't ask me the model, I don't care.  Office Depot had it on sale, and it seems likely to take care of the easy computing I need it to do.  It isn't a Chromebook, it's an actual laptop, and that is what I wanted.  And, the price was very right.

I have spent most of the morning setting this thing up, and taking stuff off the old computer that I want on this one.  It's running Windows 11, which might take some getting used to, but it is really nice to type on a keyboard that works.

The old one lasted 12 years.  We'll see how long this one lasts.

Pastor Spell Wins

 Pastor Spell has won his case before the Louisiana Supreme Court.  He appealed two years ago after he was arrested for violating the Governor's emergency covid order requiring churches to all-but-shot-down.  As the case worked its way through the appellate system, it finally made its way to the Louisiana Supreme Court, where the pastor's rights were upheld.  In a 5-2 ruling, the Court said, in part:

A public health emergency does not relegate the First Amendment to a proposition or allow violations thereof to be judged on a sliding scale of constitutionality. The infringement of the fundamental right of the free exercise of religion, whether in times of crisis or calm, must always be strictly scrutinized by our courts.”

The Court's formal ruling can be read here.

This ruling is just one of several that hammers a spike into the Governor's public health emergency orders.  I understand that the pastor is going to start suing the agencies that tried to shut him down. They cannot hide behind the Governor's public health order as it has been ruled unconstitutional.  I wish him all the luck.  Our individual rights are too important.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

More Sunday Dawg

Who knew that the dawg like frozen pops?

Here We Go Again

 A mass shooting in Buffalo.

At Least 10 Dead in Mass Shooting at Buffalo Supermarket

The usual suspects will come frothing at the mouth for the guns. 

Sunday Morning Dawg


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Headspace Update V1

I never thought about it like that.

Signs of the Times

 Belle and I were at the grocers today after practice, and we noticed a woman buying baby formula.  I hadn't noticed, but we don't shop on that aisle much.  We asked, and she said that finding it was interesting, but the store had some so she was taking advantage of it.  She didn't have a lot,  and there may have been a purchase limit; I didn't ask.

Practice was good this morning, with 10 guns in attendance.  The club is getting faster.  I noticed quite a few low fous, and several high 3s being shot.  This was a practice, so none of it was on record, but I am heartened at the speed with which our new shooters are profressing.

I have to leave here shortly.  I"m cooking burgers at the rodeo tonight, and we are getting started early.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Nothing Much Friday.

 Ain't nothing happening around here.  We have a club meting tomorrow morning and a rodeo tomorrow night.

And, the keyboard on this old computer is going south, 

Light posting until I get some technical issues solved.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Baby Formula

 What did young mothers do way-back-when, before baby formula was invented?  They made their own.

1 can evaporated whole milk.  (13 oz)

18 oz clean water

1 tablespoon of light Karo syrup.

Done and done.  If the kid is having loose stools, back off on the Karo a bit.  Carnation still makes evaportated mild, and Karo still makes syrup.  It's what generations of kids were weaned on.

I'm just saying.

New Hat

 Plundering around in town today, I stopped in a Western store to look for a new straw hat.  It's getting summer, and my straw hat is getting ratty.  I need a new one.  I rejected all the offerings as too standard.  They all had a Cattleman crease, and I detest the Cattleman crease.  I prefer either a pinch-front or a gambler's crease.

Rejecting all the straw offerings, I happened to look at the felt hats, and one spoke to me. It's black felt, crushable.  It's probably hotter than hell, (which is what I need in the Louisiana summer /sarc), but it spoke to me, so I bought it.

I took it home and added my regalia, and Belle approved.

Belle and I are traveling to Deadwood, SD in June for the National Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw, and this hat is making the trip with me.  Hopefully, it will be a bit cooler in South Dakota.

Passenger Lands Plane - Pilot Incapacitation Cessna 208 Caravan, Florida.

Just Wow!  A pilot became incapacitated, and a passenger had to land the plane.


 Back in the day of easy ammo availability and easy to find reloading components, I shopped at several places.  When I was looking for something for hunting or shooting, I'd look online at Midway USA, Natchez Shooter's Supply, Graf's or Wideners.  Those were my go-to places I'd start looking.

Then came the Obama ammo crunch and later the Covid ammo crunch, and supplies dried up.  Primers have become extremely hard to find, and I have had to widen the search.  

Monday, May 9, I was checking email, and I saw an email from Wideners.  Asking if I'd like to do a product review.  I replied, telling them that I am always happy to do a product review, and what did they have in mind?  Later that same day, I got another email with a discount code, and they told me to order some ammo and review it.

Full Disclaimer:  Free ammo?  Hell yea!

So, I went looking on their website.  I was looking for .32 H&R magnum, but no joy.  However, I did pick up some Remington Green box in 30-06, some CCI Mini-Mag in .22LR, some Winchester white box in .357, and a box of Fiocchi 9mm.

Thursday, May 12, checking email, I found a shipping notice.  It's on the way.  According to the shipping notice, the order was placed on May 9, it shipped on May 10, and it should get here on May 12.  In these days of Covid disruptions, that is great service, and it doesn't surprise me that Wideners gives great service.  They have been doing that for years, and I'm glad to tell everyone that I am a customer.  I'd love it if they could get some Rio or Nobel Sport shotgun primers, but no one else can get them either.  I can't blame them for that.

Am I going to review the ammo?  C'mon, it's Remington Core-Lokt, and Winchester white box.  Nothing fancy, just good, solid ammo.  What I will review is Wideners customer service.  They are still in business, and still serving the shooting community.  They have always given me good service and good products at reasonable prices.  I'm glad to see that they survived Covid, and I hope that they continue to be around for a long time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

President Costanza

 That's the headline form The Wall Street Journal today.

President Costanza Takes On Inflation

Which is kind of an insult to George Costanza.  At least George was humorous.  Our sitting idiot is simply laughable, with no humor to be found.

I was in Wal Mart earlier today and could not find pocket tee-shirts. Yeah, I know I can get them online, but I was in Wal Mart, so I thought I'd get a pack of tee shirts.

Fuel is up again, with no end in sight, along with food prices.

And, Joe doesn't have a plan to fix any of it.  His administration is a clown-show.

The Ultra-MAGA plan

 Because of the brouhaha that our President started earlier this week, I've been looking at Sen Rick Scott's Ultra-MAGA plan.  It's available here.  And, I believe that it could use some tweaking.  

One thing I do like is that he wants Americans to have skin in the game.  Currently, about half of Americans pay no income tax. The top 5% pay about 45%, and the middle bunch pay the other 55%.  I'm in that middle bunch, I've paid income tax my whole life.  What I thin is especially egregious is that some Americans get more back in cash payments than they paid in.  The combination of the Earned Income Credit and the Child Tax Credit can actually return money to people who don't have a tax liability.

That portion of the plan is politically untenable right ow, but there is o doubt that our tax code needs some huge revision.  Oh, and for the record, here is the quote that has everyone in an uproar.

All Americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game, even if a small amount. Currently over half of Americans pay no income tax.

The plan could use a little tweaking, but I can generally get behind it. 


 Evidently, I'm one of those new Biden enemies.  You know, the Ultra-MAGA crowd?

I'll need to look around for a hat.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Superglue, Huh?

I stand corrected.  When I read the article at first, I thought it was James Carville who had glued himself to a counter.  Turns out, it is James Cromwell.  Either way, it's funny as hell.  Thanks to the commenters for straightening it out.

James Cromwell took a dramatic stand for PETA Tuesday morning by supergluing his hand to a Starbucks counter in protest of the coffee chain’s up-charge for vegan milks.

If I were the manager, I would have let him stand there, glued to the counter.  I would have invited the assembled patrons to mock hi.  Maybe take his belt off and let his pants fall to his knees.  At any time, he could have ripped skin to leave.

 Doing something stupid deserves mockery.

Lightfood Calls For Armed Resistance

 It seems that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has called for armed resistance against the Supreme Court's supposed stance on abortion.

I know what a "call to arms" is, and I bet that she doesn't.  It means her citizens in the streets, armed, shooting at each other. That is the only rational interpretation for a "call to arms".

Does she really want the citizens of Chicago in the street, shooting at one another?  Oh... wait... This is Chicago.  They are already shooting each other.

Off The Prompter

Yeah, he went off the prompter again, and claimed that Democrats control all three branches of government.

He controls the House, that's for sure, and can make a theoretical claim to controlling the Senate.  His handlers run the Executive branch, but I bet the Supreme Court is surpiised that he is in control of them as well.

Missing Context

 Scrolling through Facebook, I came upon this post that said that with the strain on he California power grid, the state was asking resident to not charge their electric vehicles.

That seemed odd, and a bit ironic, so I Googled it.  Sure enough, but it is from a June, 2021 article.  It was a voluntary program to help with the brown-outs and rolling black-outs that the state suffered last year.  But, what the fact-check seemed to object to was the original source of the news.

But that headline is actually from a June 2021 story by the conservative outlet Newsmax, which the posts do not make clear.

What?  Because it is from a conservative outlet, it shouldn't be trusted?   Even if it is objective truth?  Showing your bias there much?

So, the headline was true last year, and unless CA made great strides in the electric grid over the past months, it will probably be true again this year.

Monday, May 09, 2022

Thanks, Joe!

 I had to fuel my vehicle today, so when I was running errands, I stopped at the Murphy station near Wal-Mart.  $3.899.  That is the highest I have paid for gas in a long time.

Thanks, Joe Biden!  I really appreciate the hit on my checkbook.

Sunday, May 08, 2022

20's and 12's DON'T mix!

An important safety tip from Mark.  Those of us who love shotgunning know this.  Especially those of us who have run 12 gauge guns in close proximity to 20 gauge guns.  Keep the ammo separate, very separate.

Sunday Morning Dawg


Saturday, May 07, 2022

About the SCOTUS bullying

 This week has been a shitstorm about the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion, with lots of people injecting there opinion, revealed in many ways, about the possible outcome of the case.  Justice Clarence Thomas weighed in on it from a conference in Atlanta yesterday.  He said:

"We can't be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom of that.," Thomas said, according to reports.

That is exactly right.  While the Right is outraged that the leak even occurred, and the left is outraged at the idea that Roe may be overturned,  the Court should be insulated from those concerns.  I would hope that Justice Roberts is investigating how such a leak happened, and that those responsible will be discipled, The Court itself is tasked with a far greater responsibility.  To uphold the meaning of the Constitution as it is written.

Many are wondering how the Court will eventually rule, and you can bet that many legal scholars will pore over the eventual decision to see how the language is changed from the draft, and to try to discern who may have changed their votes.  It will be an interesting intellectual exercise, but it won't change the eventual outcome.

At this point, I would love to see a 8-0 decision with the liberal side joining the conservative majority to give full-throated unity to the decision in the face of such an affront to the dignity of the Court.  But, that is just fantasy on my part.  I don't really expect such an outcome.

At this point on my Saturday, it's time to thaw some frozen fish. Belle and I are hosting a few friend later today, and I must be a gracious host.  If you will excuse me.

Friday, May 06, 2022

Except For The 2nd Amendment

 It seems that the abortion activists are pissed off because they can't draw a parallel between abortion rights and gun rights.  TTAG highlights some weird tweets and here is the headline:

Gun Tweet of the Day: Your Gun Rights Are Just as Precarious As Abortion Rights

It's a specious argument, because I can point to the 2nd Amendment, where it says, in part, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." 

And, as long as the Court is in the mood to overturn bad law, it may as well start with GCA 34 and GCA 68.  Both of those are ripe for overturning in light of current legal scholarship.

NASA Is Sending WHAT Into Space?!

Evidently, NASA is going to send naked picture of humans into space to attract aliens.  What?

Catch up, NASA!  Porn Hub has been ding that for years.  With categories.  If the aliens are watching, they know all about us.

If NASA is spending money on this, they really need to scrub the budget.

Louisiana Traffic

 The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office has issued a traffic advisory for a portion of I-49 at the DeSoto parish line.

(I-49)-Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Deputies and DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Deputies are attempting to talk a 13-foot alligator off I-49 (southbound) just inside DeSoto Parish near the Natchitoches Parish line.

 Deputies say he is moving slowing, looking sideways and mumbling some growls as he continues to move across the road.

 Ain't nothing like a surly gator to tie up traffic.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Justice Partially Served

 The Rapides Parish District Attorney's office is reporting the conviction of Ramonte Jackson for the May 7, 2021 shooting of David Paul, the owner/operator of Liberty Arsenal, just down the road from PawPaw's House.  David's brother was also wounded in the crime.  Jackson got Life w/o  parole for Davide's murder and 50 years for his brother's shooting.  These to be served consecutively.

I don't know the status of his co-defendants, but I'm fairly certain that prison time awaits.  This was a senseless killing that took a good man from our community.  I hope that this conviction provides at least partial closure to David's wife and brother.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Biden Is So Wrong

Joe Biden, today, talking abut the yet undecided Dobbs v Jackson case 

Video here.  Biden's comments in the first minute.

...What are the next things that are going to be attacked?  Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history.

Really, Joe?  Most extreme in American history?  Maybe you should go back to high school and re-do American history. for example:

How about Geo Washington, et al.  They actually shot people that they disagreed with politically.

Or the example of Bobby Lee.  He invaded Pennsylvania.  With an Army.  That is fairly extreme.

More recently, how about Antifa?  They burned Portland two years ago.  And, BLM, who killed people in Atlantathat were just trying to drive past a Wendy's.  That's not extreme?

Joe Biden is a freaking idiot.  And, the media tried to moderate his words.  From US News (who got it wrong_.

"This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent American history," the president said in remarks at the White House.

So, to US News, that's not what he said, and you know it. 

Analysis, True

 And article at The Federalist tries to explain why John Roberts bungling leadership has caused the Court to lose the respect of many people.  The Headline:

John Roberts’ Cowardice On Obamacare Is Why The Left Thinks It Can Bully and Extort SCOTUS

Roberts bungled the two Obamacare decisions so thoroughly that it became plain that he was bowing to political pressure.  His preoccupation with how the Court is perceived outweighed his oath to interpret the Constitution.  

The very fact that Justice Alito was the alleged author of he leaked opinion shows that Roberts was not in the majority. His inability to overturn bad law shows that he is unfit for anything but a Justice of the Peace job somewhere in rural America.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Leftists MELTDOWN Over Potentially Overturning Roe v Wade

I really like this gal.  Her name is Brett Cooper and she does a show at the Daily Wire called The Commet Section.  Funny, witty,  she talks about popular culture of the 20-something set, something I know absolutely about.  Yeah, I subscribed.  I watch her every day.

Learn To Drive, Asshole!

 Road and Track reports that this Florida man bought a Ford GT, and crashed it shortly thereafter because he was "unfamiliar" with a standard transmission.

Both my ex and current wife can drive a standard.  Each of my sons, and my daughter can drive a standard.  We can include all my daughter-in-law.  And, several of my grandsons.  I wouldn't give a wad of snot for a fellow who bought a $150K car and couldn't drive it.

The Argument Collapses


Now that we're told that men can get pregnant, the argument loses even more pertinence.

Another Leak?

 According to Ed Morrisey over at Hot Air , there is another leak our of the Supreme Sieve Court.  It appears that John Roberts is trying to find some middle ground.  He wants to keep Roe, and dump Casey.

After a lengthy explanation, Ed says this:

The question is whether Roberts will remain content to take the almost-literal split-the-baby position of defending Roe while dumping Casey. That’s the only position left to the middle of this dispute, and  that’s not exactly a coherent position;

Roberts has never cared about coherence.  Did you read either of his Obamacare decisions?  Being coherent was not in the cards. John Roberts is a middle-of-the-road guy.  The Right deplores him, the Left thinks he is a squish, and no one trusts him.  It's a sad legacy or a Chief Justice, but it is one he has earned.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Don't Count Your Chickens

 Don't count you r chickens before they hatch, but PJ Media is reporting that the Supreme Court may be close to striking down Roe v Wade.

Ruling on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Alito wrote, “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives,” arguing that “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.”

I have never known the Supreme Court to release a draft opinion on a case that is still pending, and PJ Media agrees.

 It is unusual, and perhaps unprecedented, for the Supreme Court to release an initial draft while the case is still pending.  However, if this a major sea-change on the Court, it will be interesting to see where Roberts falls on the issue.  Roberts has screwed us too many times for me to have any faith i his legal opinion.

Lett's wait and see what happens, shall we?

On The Griddle

 Lost week, our church started Prayer and Practice, or Church in the Dirt.  We hold this ministry at the arena, and let the youth practice rodeo skills.  We also crank up the concession stand (the Chuck Wagon) and serve a light evening snack.  Last week it was pulled pork sandwiches and chips.

Because we don't have many folks pulling the Chuck Wagon, the crew got together and decided that "easy" was the key.  I told them that this coming week, I'd come up with something that was fast and easy, and I'd cook it, but we still needed a couple of folks to help out in the food window.

Looking at the calendar, our next Prayer and Practice is May 5th, so I decided that street tacos would be fast, easy, and cheap.  So, today I went to the grocer, bought some boneless chicken thighs, onions and peppers, and some tortillas, and tried it out to see how I could scale it up.

Some chicken, some onions and peppers, and wrap it in a flour tortilla.  Add salsa if you like.

Belle says they are good, seasoned well (I used chipotle powder, garlic powder, salt and black pepper)  but she told me that  when she thinks of tacos, it's hard corn shells, ground beef, lettuce and cheese.  She is right, those are what I call American tacos, but I'm taking it another direction.  American tacos are fine, but these are street tacos.

Monday Headlines

 From PJMedia.

Russia Threatens to Nuke Britain, France, and Germany

Based on a TV show that aired last week.  After the attack on Ukraine, Russia is becoming a pariah state.  Threatening nuclear escalation would have devastating consequences.

Again from PHMedia

Here's Your Disinformation: Now Psaki Is Claiming That TRUMP Started Biden’s Thought Police Board

Psaki lies for a living.  If her lips are moving, it's disinformation.  The Ministry of Truth should look into that immediately.   

From The Pipeline

Michael Walsh: A Hill To Die On

Walsh makes the case that the Disinformation Governance Board is the latest excess from GW Bush's Dept of Homeland Security, which these days does not secure the homeland   I recall watching him announce it on TV shortly after the 9/11 attack and wondering "What the f**k is he thinking?"

Once we take the House, Senate, and Oval Office, DHS should be disbanded, along with Education and a host of Boards and Commissions. Give ICE and Border Patrol back to whomever they worked for before DHS and fire everyone else.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have errands to run and things to accomplish.  I'll check back in with y'all later.

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Sheriff Bob Johnson. - American Hero

I don't know if you have heard about Santa Rosa, FL Sheriff Bob Johnson, but he is an American hero.

First of all, he advises good citizens to shoot home invaders.  Second, he drives the liberal media batshit crazy.  After the video below, they are howling like rabid coyotes.

I heard about this crie breifing last week, but I couldn't find it.  Hat tip to the moonbat media who led me to it.

Voting Matters

 I don't  live in the city of Pineville, but I do have a Pineville mailing address and I do a lot of shopping in that town.  Pineville is a smallish town in central Louisiana.  Yesterday, it elected a mayor in one of the most hotly contested elections in a decade or longer.  It was a close run election.  And, it demonstrates why voting matters.  A screen grab from the Louisiana Secretary of State shows that Pineville has 8410 registered voters.

Yet, less than half of those voters showed up to cast a ballot.  Louisiana has an extremely lenient early-voting time, and I am convinced that the vote-counters do everything they can do to ensure a fair, accurate accounting.  I'm not complaining about the voting process, but the results of the election show again that voter apathy drives election results in this area, and I'm sure in the rest of the country.

Another screen grab, sowing the results of the election.

Of 8400 registered voters, only 2635 showed up to vote, and the returns came down to 5 voters.

I think that the new mayor will do a good job, but having a mayoral race come down to five votes is stunning, when more than half of the registered voters didn't even show up to vote.  That is a damned shame.

Sunday Morning Dawg


Hanging out in the shop.