Thursday, December 16, 2021

Tucker: This is not a good sign

Tucker is making a lot of sense.  When the Labor Force Participation Rate goes down, there is a huge underlying problem.  And, Biden isn't helping it be any better.


Mike-SMO said...

Paying people not to work and offshoring will do that. Also, companies are showing less commitment to their employees and the employees are returning the favor.

Feral Ferret said...

I'm one that said to hell with it when I lost my job due to health issues. I was already drawing Social Security as was my wife. Working at the same time allowed me to get out of debt other than the mortgage and to tuck some away in my emergency fund. It also allowed me to stock up on some items for just in case. I had hoped to work another couple of years and to save all of the SS. Life happens. I am NOT getting jabbed for the WuFlu. In addition my health has gotten to the point where it's not practical to try to work full time.

Sell stuff on fleabay for a little extra money and make do with less. FJB and his inflation.