Wednesday, December 15, 2021

This May Get Ugly

t seems ike the mayor of San Francisco has had enough of lawlessness.  Watch the first minute of this report for her comments.

How is she going to get back the hundreds of officers who have retired?  How is she going to establish trust with the police officers on the street?  How will she react the first time a use-of-force incident goes wrong?  What happens when emboldened criminals confront the police?

She has sown, and now she will reap.  This may get ugly before it gets better.


KurtP said...

No matter how many cops she can find and no matter how many they arrest- it won't do anything when they don't get charged.

All the good cops who could find another department have already left and the only ones desperate enough to join her city are the dregs that will further the cop/citizen divide.

Mike-SMO said...

Since there are no prosecutions, the police have little incentive to chase the bad guys. But it will all work out well as more of the same will drive "normies" out and lower property values so the GOPe investors can make a killing. SF is in a pretty location and far from Oakland.

BobF said...

Words. Just words. She probably figures the criminals will listen to her and stop their criminal activity. No statement of how she's going to do it, just a general wining about the level of crime. Same for Pelosi's comment on the subject.