Friday, December 31, 2021

I Have A Better Idea

 It seems that there is a "queer agender" feminist physicist who wants to name NASA's new telescope after Harriet Tubman.  That is just silly, but I do agree that Tuman is worth remembering.  She was a gun-toting, black activist who delivered actual people from actual slavery at great physical risk to herself.  She was also a Republican.

We really should put her on the $20 bill.  I've said this before, and I really like this design.

I truly like the symbolism in that design.  A determined, Tubman, leading the way out of bondage, with a Colt's Dragoon to punctuate her dtermination.

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Robert said...

I do like that design if for nothing else, just the way it breaks the border of the scene with her hand and weapon. Besides, it's about time we had a darn gun on our currency. For a $50, I propose an old-school F-14 Tomcat with wings swept back; what a bad-ass lookin' plane!