Sunday, July 31, 2022


 It's quiet in the tropics.  That is good news.  So far this season, we have had only three named storms and no hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.  The map from the National Hurricane Center looks quiet as well.

On this last day of July, we still have four months left in the season, and things are apt to start popping at any time.

Sunday Morning Dawg


Saturday, July 30, 2022

A Salient Point

 Back in the good old days of the Trump presidency, and the Democrats were in full derangement mode, nearly every legal scholar agreed on one point.  A sitting president cannot be indicted.  The only remedy to a criminal president is impeachment.

As the criminal investigations surrounding Hunter Biden heats up, Joe can take solace in the fact that he cannot be indicted as long as he holds the office of the president.

I'm sure that if predictions hold and the Republicans take the Congress in November, they will crank up hearings to plumb the depths of the Biden crime family.  There might be a move to impeach Joe, but I think there is a better way.  If the Republicans take the presidency in 2024, our new president should appoint an Attorney General who will clean house internally, then begin prosecuting prominent politicians who broke the law.  Without fear or favor, With neither passion nor prejudice.  Simply apply the law to the miscreants.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Mae vs 200 Guns

Green Energy


Tucker Carlson: It turns out we're insane

The Biden administration is in full blown new-speak mode.  We cannot trust them to use common definitions for common language, because it might mean that the country is being wrecked by their incompetence.  At this point, I'm becoming convinced that they are evil.

Tucker breaks it down for us.


 This is the next term they will try to redefine.  Stagflation.  According to the Oxford language dictionary, Stagflation is characterized by persistent high inflation, coupled with high unemployment, but with stagnant demand.

When you look at our unemployment numbers, they look good, until you realize that we're coming out of the Covid pandemic, in which millions of people dropped out of the labor force and are no longer considered unemployed. When you look at the labor force participation rate, you will notice that there are a lot of people who are still not back at work.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Okay, It's Official

 With 1st quarter GDP at -1.6% and 2nd quarter GDP at -0.9%, we are in a recission, regardless of what the Biden administration says about it.    As Glenn Reynolds points out:

The news is bad on the lack of trust. A recent University of Chicago Institute of Politics poll found that a majority of Americans think that the government is “corrupt and rigged against people like me.” . . .

Why do people feel that way? Well, that’s a real poser, but I’m going to offer a suggestion: They feel that way because they’ve noticed that the government is corrupt and rigged against people like them.

C'mon, Joe! It's a simple definition that has been taught in business schools for years. Admit it, and do something about it.  You asked for this job, remember? 

Transfer Bar or Hammer Block

 I own several Snith and Wesson revolvers with internal hammer blocks.  I own several Ruger revolvers with transfer bars.  They serve basically the same purpose; to make it safely possible to carry the revolver fully loaded with the hammer down. I also own several single action Colt clones that are decidedly unsafe when carrying six rounds in the chamber.

The NRA talks about this in this issue of Shooting Illustrated.  Lots of good information there.

I do know that Ruger changed the profile of their transfer bar several years ago, in the 513-series Ruger New Vaqueor, and it caused problem with misfires in CFDA shooting. That transfer bar caused problem in the new Ruger revolvers, and our gunsmiths were stymied a bit for a fix, but they eventually sorted it out.

I still look for the Ruger New Vaquero in the used gun cases, but if the serial number starts with 513, I tend to shy away from it, unless the price is especially good.

The Great Reset

 No, not the great Reset that the Democrats want, The great reset in my shop, following the very successful shoot that I hosted last weekend.  We had to tear down everything, load it on trailers, and move it to the venue downtown.

Monday, I was unpacking everything, and at about 2:00, all the energy went out of me.  I could barely move, fatigued down to my bones. Tuesday morning I got out to the shop and started taking it easy, working as I could.  But, it was like playing Jenga.  Everything I moved had to have something else had to move.  But, I'm making progress and starting to see results.   It's going to be okay.

I just finished the accounting for the match, and the club made a little money.  The money in this club has always amazed me.  When Belle and I started this, it began as a ministry for our church, and we gave it all to God, for his stewardship.  The club is growing, the equipment purchases are covered, and we have money in the bank.  It's all God's work.

God moves in mysterious ways, and He is sponsoring a club that shoots handguns.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


 So, there is a new political party, called Forward, which was reported by Reuters.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -Dozens of former Republican and Democratic officials announced on Wednesday a new national political third party to appeal to millions of voters they say are dismayed with what they see as America's dysfunctional two-party system.

Their platform, as such, is here. 

During a quick read, I didn't see anything about a strong military, or a secure border, or reining in government.  Just a bunch of feel-good nonsense without any real policy or priority.   It will be interesting to see if they get any seats in Congress this year.  Or, if it is just a bunch of never-Trumpers looking to increase their bottom line.

I think I'll stay with the Republicans for the time being.

Recruiting and Retention

 The headline says it all.  

Woke military policies drive down recruitment, Army falling far short

General Milley is an unbridled disaster.  For an officer with his qualifications, decorations, and awards, he has proven absolutely unsittable to leading the Army.  He presided over the worst military defeat in the history of the US Army, then brought the troops home and began implementing woke, social justice policies that have crippled an already demoralized Army.  He should have been cashiered as soon as the last plane went "wheels up" out of Kabul. Were he an honorable officer, he would have retired immediately, citing his failure and recognizing his inability to inspire confidence.

Our Secretary of Defames, Lloyd Austin, suffers from the same failures.  He should have been gone long ago, but I suspect that he checks intersectional blocks for the administration.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 I was taught in college, in the early 70s that a recession was defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP put us in a recession.  In the 80s, in graduate school, studying both classical and Keynesian economics, I learned the same definition.

With first quarter growth at -1.6% and second quarter growth at -1.6%, we are now in the classical definition of a recission.

I don't care what Joe or his Commerce dept says about it, we are inside the classical definition of a recession.  He can spin it all he wants, and he can get over it.  He's a lying sonofabitch anyway.

Justice, Not Revenge

 I see a post over at PJMedia that says the GOP is considering investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci if they take back the Congress in November. 

Congressional Republicans are floating the idea of investigating Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration’s response to the COVID pandemic should they win back the majority in the midterms.

Don't investigate him for the Covid response.  We forget that he was advising President Trump and could not have moved forward with the Covid response without the approval of the president.  There is a lot of blame to spread, but I think that we should be very precise in our investigations.  Better, we should investigate Fauci for his participation in gain-of-function research that led to the pandemic.  He was giving grants to the Wuhan lab, and they were working on bioweapons.  If he didn't know, he should have known.  If he were giving grants nilly-willy to a lab in communist China in some high-faluting of doing dangerous research without proper oversight, he may be respnsible for the whole pandemic.

I'm just saying.

There is another article at PJMedia that asks if the GOP should look ahead to a 2023 revenge agenda?

No, just no.  We have too much work to do to simply get America back on track.  Revenge is a bad idea in government.  Justice, certainly, but never revenge.  Let the voters take revence.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Louisiana State 2022

It's in the record books.  We had 88 shooters from 12 states, in ages ranging from 8 to 82.  Below is a video of the finals.  We start our finals by letting the kids shoot.  Girls, boys, then step up to the ladies, then to the men.

My media team fell down, mainly because I am the media team.  I don't know anything about color balance, or audio inputs.  Turn your sound down, it's loud.  The little girls start at the beginning, the boys start at about the 12:00 mark.  The ladies begin somewhere around the 32:00 mark, and the men about 1:06:00.

We trach our kids gun safety By the time many of them have been shooting for a little while, they are experts with the single-action revolver.  

Louisiana State is in the record books.  It's time to unpack the van and unload the trailer and make sure that I'm ready to host a club match in August.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 We're still shooting, but I put this in the queue several days ago.  I'll bet this is what he is doing when we are at the range all day.

That dog sleeps in the goofiest positions.  I'll be back tomorrow, as soon as I can unload the van and find the computer.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Out Of Pocket

 In another hour or so, I'm going to shut down this computer and go off net for an extended weekend.  I"ll be conducting a major shooting match. I am the match director and won't be posting this weekend.   I'll be back sometime Monday, July 25th.

Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Destroys Gun Control Narrative Exercising C...

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Good Guy

 A young man who was carrying a firearm stopped what could have been a mass shooting incident in Greenwood, IN.  He is being hailed as a hero by police.

Evidently, he did a pretty good job of ending the threat.

In a news conference on July 18, Greenwood police Chief James Ison described the dramatic confrontation between Dicken and the shooter, who had opened fire on people sitting in the food court. Ison said he believed Dicken saved many lives. “[Dicken’s] actions were nothing short of heroic. He engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun. Was very proficient in that, very tactically sound,” said Ison, who revealed that the shooting was captured on surveillance video. “And, as he moved to close in on the suspect, he was also motioning for people to exit behind him.”

Kudos to him for being willing to step up. 

I heard rumblings about this story on Monday but was unable to follow up on it.  Thanks to Termite for supplying a link.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Do It Now

 Dr. Anthony Fauci has announces that he will retire by the end of Biden's term.

If he retires sooner rather than later, maybe Congress will not recall that he lied to them under sworn testimony. He may escape indictment under a Republican congress.

Does Someone Owe Rand Paul An Apology?

 It seems that the NIH has admitted that it funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan.  Of course, the grantee failed to report some experiments.

I remember congressional hearings where Fauci was asked that direct question.  Did the US fund gain-of-function?  It seems that someone owes Rand Paul and apology.

Mugged By Reality

 Poor Jill Biden (excuse me, Doctor Jill Biden).  She was talking at a fundraiser this weekend and lamented that her husband had big hopes when he took the presidency but has been beset by one crisis after another.

Jill Biden spent the weekend in Massachusetts raising money for the DNC and speaking to the American Federation of Teachers national convention. In Nantucket on Saturday, she spoke at a DNC fundraiser and painted her husband as a man who dreams big but was mugged by reality when he came into office as president. Yes, really. Jill Biden wants Democrats to think that her husband, a career politician with almost 50 years of experience in elected office, can’t get his “hopes” accomplished because of “the problems of the moment.”

Yeah, reality has a way of doing that.   Forgive me if I don't have any sympathy for Joe Biden.  After 50 years in elected office, both as a senator and as a vice president, he should have known what he was getting into.  He asked for the job.  And he has proven that he is totally unfit for it.

It would have been better for Joe if he had gone into a well-deserved retirement following his vice presidency.  We might have remembered him as an affable, gaffe-prone politician.  Now we will remember him as a failed president who presided over a terrible time in America, fueled mostly by his own bad decisions.   Let's not forget that his family seems to be awash in political corruption and influence peddling.  I won't waste any tears over Joe.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 Sleeping it off in a quiet corner of the shop.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Boiled Steak

You ever eat a boiled steak?  Well, it's not really boiled, it's sous vide, which is a French cooking method. Lots of culinary foodies spend a lot of money on fancy sous vide equipment.  

This is Burce MItchell, a fellow who first came to my attention on the show Swamp People.  Bruce hunts wild gators, and his family raises alligator, and Burce has managed to make a living at it. Belle's niece, Angelle, claims that Burce is a "snappy dresser", and I guess there is some truth to that.

The steak looks good, but I really like his potatoes recipe, and I'll have to try that.  Bruce is hawking for Blackstone griddles these days, and that's okay too.  I love my Blackstone.


 Well, that was fun.  We had 30 people over for a mini-reunion, some from as far away as Tuscaloosa, AL and Emma, MO.  Pulled pork, salads, tater salad, beans, corn casserole, deviled eggs.  Enough dessert to put down a diabetic.  People from toddlers to the eighties.  It was a helluva party.

They are gone now, and we'll eat leftovers for lunch tomorrow, as I reset the shop, put away tables and chairs, and get ready for the next evolution.

But, that is for tomorrow.  For tonight, I"m going to pour a drink and relax a bit.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Make Rifles Great Again

Have you seen this ad?  Jerome Davison is running for Arizona's 4th Congressional district.  This may be the baddest campaign ad I've seen lately.

Friday Frantic

 We are prepping for the second family gathering this week. On Tuesday, my side of the family showed up for an impromptu get-together.  Tomorrow, Belle's side of the family is coming for a mini-reunion.  The first gathering was fairly small, a dozen in attendance.  This one will be a bit larger.  I don't have a headcount right now, but I'm thinking mid 20s.

We will be prepping all day.

Thursday, July 14, 2022


It seems that there was a hearing on Capitol Hill recently where a young professor accused Senator Josh Hawley (R-Rational World) of being transphobic without a whit of reason.  Sen Hawley was only asking questions, and the accusation rang out.

What is transphobia?  Well, if we go to the dictionary, we learn that a phobia is " an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something".  Fair enough.  I am neither averse nor afraid of trans people.  So, obviously I'm not transphobic.  But, I do have questions, just like Senator Hawley does.  Our question are based on biology, logic, and the broader philosophical inquiry.

Yet, if I were  in that hearing asking questions, I would probably be labeled as transphobic, when according to the meaning of the word, I am no such thing.  One would think that a professor from a major university would understand the use of words.  I am neither transphobic, nor arachnophobic, although I do seem to trend toward claustrophobic.  

Best Fails of the Year (So Far) 2022

It's about an hour long, but it is clips of fails.  Fire is real.  Gravity sucks, and momentum will impose its will.  Plus, the human condition.  It's all there.


 The Headline at the New York Post

‘Frustrated’ young women are trying to get sterilized after overturning of Roe

The article talks about one woman's experience in trying to get sterilized, a procedure known as a tubal ligation.  

 Young women who declare they don’t want children have always faced pushback, but the US Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade, has forced Americans — and particularly women of childbearing age — to seriously consider how to manage their bodies as their reproductive rights and choices diminish.

Abortion was never supposed to be a contraceptive choice.  And, the Dobbs decision did not diminish any rights.  I'm one of those Americans who believe that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. I've always supported exceptions for rape, incest, and to protect the life of the mother.   But, I could never support the use of abortion simply because someone made a bad decision.  I believe every woman should have full control of her reproductive system and make informed choices to control reproduction.  Those choices and decisions begin long before the need for an abortion arises.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

About Those Tacos

 The internet is still swirling about the entitled idiot who serves as First Lady, and her affection for breakfast tacos. Tucker Carlson talks about her intellect here.   Brett Cooper takes a lighter side of the kerfuffle here.

Here in Cajun land, we have a rich history of food and the complexities of individual variations.  Boudin, for example.  Everyone has their own recipe, and local foodies can tell which vendor made it simply by tasting.  It's all boudin, but it's all different.  Same thing with gumbo, or jambalaya.  Every cook has their own recipe.  

As for myself, I love tacos.  The standard, staple we get from Taco Bell, and the more exotic we might find at one or another of the local restaurants.  For that matter, sometimes we start throwing meat and spices on the griddle and open a package of tortillas.  Street tacos.  Maybe fish, or beef or pork, or all three, with guac, sour cream and good cheese.

None of this changes the fact that Jill Biden is an idiot and should be deservedly mocked when she displays her ignorance so transparently.  She is entitled, over educated (well past her intellect) and it seems, vindictive. It seems that there was a retired 3-star general who had his contract suspended over an innocuous tweet about Jill.

If Jill had wanted to remain n the background and try to maintain her privacy, that would be okay with the majority of the American people.  But, she put herself in front of crowds and says stupid things.  We have an absolute right to call her on it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Breakfast Tacos?

 It seems that our over credentialed First Lady, you know, the one who is married to the guy who masquerades as President while running an international crime family?  Yeah, her.

It seems that she pissed off the entire Hispanic community recently by referring to them as "tacos".

Smooth move, Jill.  The Democrats are already bleeding Hispanic voters over policy issues, and now you personally insult them?  That's a great move.

The Pendulum

 Over at PJMedia, the Morning Briefing talks about the reckoning that large, Democrat led cities are facing after the 2020 summer-of-mostly-peaceful-violence.  In the analysis, Kruiser talks about the Minneapolis PD, which is struggling to retain officers and is currently  He links to a piece by Athena Thorne.

Unless you were in a coma, you heard about the fine, upstanding Minneapolis citizen, George Floyd, who ingested a lethal dose of fentanyl and passed away after fighting with cops and being subdued with one officer’s knee on his neck. Fiery riots and lengthy jail sentences for the officers ensued. Unsurprisingly, two years on, the Minneapolis Police Dept. is more than 100 sworn officers short of the minimum legal requirement of 731. MPD currently employs 629 officers; compare this to the 902 sworn who served there just weeks before the Floyd death.

It's not surprising that when politicians and others vilify police, the agency suffers.  The remaining officers have to work harder to cover what needs to be covered.  If, hypothetically, a city needs 200 sworn officers to cover the patrol zones and investigate crimes, and that department finds itself with 150 officers, something has to be left undone. Police chiefs in those departments are loath to cut officers from politically visible details (Like the Mayor's security detail), so he had to cut somewhere else.

It is rank hypocrisy on th Mayor's part to rail against the police and live under the very umbrella of security that the police provide.  Especially when he (or she) enjoys a personal protection detail.  Yet, that is where many cities find themselves today

Monday, July 11, 2022

Biden Is Decrepit

 Joe Biden is decrepit, and everyone knows it.  His wife knows it, the Democrats know it, his base knows it.  A recent poll of Democrats think that he should not run in 2024.  The link to the video is here.

64% of Democrats thinks he should sit this one out.  Most of the rest of us think he should have sat the last one out.  There is no way Joe Biden is capable of fulfilling his duties.  The man is an embarrassment to the country, and he is especially embarrassing to those who voted for him.


 When Belle and I built the shop, we had three purposes in mind.  First, an area to shoot Cowboy Fast Draw.  Second, a big area with a kitchen to host gatherings.  Third, an area for projects.

This morning I started breaking the shop out of range mode, and began the transition to family gathering mode.  I'm not nearly through yet, but the place opened up nicely.  Tomorrow we are hosting some of my family who is in town for a few days.  This weekend, we're hosting Belle's family for a mini family reunion.

That flag hanging from the rafters has an interesting story. It once draped a veteran's coffin, and I acquired it at an auction.  The family didn't want it any more. I brought it home and put it in the shop, where it serves an honored role.  I don't know who the veteran was, but that flag hangs over the range and we say the Pledge of Allegiance to it at the beginning of every club meeting.

I gotta run to the Dollar Store.  I need some cleaning supplies and some of those cheap table cloths they sell.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sunday Morning Dawg

 He needs a grooming, no doubt about it.  He'll get one on the 13th.

Saturday, July 09, 2022

Pure Ignorance

 This photo is making the rounds, and there is so much ignorance here, I'm not sure if this is real, or trolling.  This is just double ignorant. In the first place, I've never heard of anything called "armored infantry".  There is mechanized infantry, and there is light infantry, and there is armor.  But, then the photo sends everything sideways.

Uh, no.  Just no. There is actually some debate on whether that button is even a good idea on an AR, and mine doesn't have one.  All of the rifles I carried in the military had one, but I refused to use it.

‘Gutfeld!’ shares the week’s ‘Leftovers’ of jokes

Some of these are really good.  I liked the one about The View hosts.

Summer Corn

 There comes a time in the summer when the corn comes in, and you have to work it when it comes, or lose it forever. Rural folk understand this.  Last week my daughter brought me the overflow from a picking of corn, and today Belle decided to process it.  Clean the ears well, blanch them in boiling water, then cool then rapidly in ice water.  Then, we cut them off the cob, and "milked" the cobs to get the sugar out of it.

The net product was a gallon freezer bag full of cut kernels. Tomorrow, Belle will add real butter and seasonings (salt and pepper) to make fresh cut-off-the-cob creamed corn.  She will serve it with a chicken-and-rice dish, and fresh baked rolls.

If the assemblage doesn't like that, Popeye's is just down the road.

Saturday Morning HEadlines

 Reading the news this morning.

It seems that a group of protestors harassed Justice Kavanaugh earlier this week while he attempted to dine at Morton's steak house in Washington DC.

The Morton’s steakhouse chain ripped a group of protesters who targeted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh while he dined in its Washington DC restaurant earlier this week, calling the demonstration “an act of selfishness and void of decency.”

Void of decency.  I like that. 

Then, there is this healine.:

Nuclear war would create ‘dire’ worldwide hellscape: scientists

The article details the devastation to the food chain under a nuclear winter, but it fails to mention the up-side.  People would not be concerned with global warming.  Or gender issues.  Just finding food would tend to focus their thoughts.

Well, enough of that.  I have Saturday to do.  Ya'll be careful out there.

Friday, July 08, 2022

Checking The Weather

 It's hot in central Louisiana, as is proper for the middle of July, and as we do here, I checked the National Hurricane Center for their current activity.  It seems that the Atlantic basin is quiet.

No activity for the next 48 hours.  We'll take it.  We are currently moving into what is historically the height of the hurricane season.

Thursday, July 07, 2022


 It seems that the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, has resigned.  The tale is complicated, but it seems that he couldn't keep his story straight and they caught him in a few lies.  Many of his ministers resigned in disgust and there is reason to believe that the Queen has lost confidence in him. Say what you will abut the Queen, but she still holds great power in her dominion.

In other news, some WNBA star plead guilty this morning in Russia.  Evidently she had some cannabin oil in her luggage and faces 10 years in prison for smuggling contraband.  She hopes Biden can get her out.  The headline doesn't say which Biden, and I'm wondering if she will call Joe, or Hunter?  It's an interesting question, and we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

They Can't Spell It

 Kamala Harris visited New Orleans over the weekend, to attend some hoity-toity culture festival.  And, she's being mocked because the backdrop misspelled Louisiana.

That is about what I expect of New Orleans, which all true Louisianans know is a third-world hell hole.

On The Border

 Newsmax, along with a few other news organizations, continue to cover the chaos on the border.  The policy of allowing unrestricted illegal migration is purely  bonkers.  Laws are being broken wholesale every day.

Whatsisname Majorkis, the titular head of DHS is either unwilling or incapable of enforcing immigration law, which is one of his major duties.  Hopefully early next year, the Senate will impeach him and indict him for willful malfeasance.  Perhaps a few years in a federal pen will be an object lesson to people who ignore the law.  It's going to take us decades to fix the mess he created.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

So, the Highland Park GUy

 This fool climbed a ladder to get on top of a building an opened fire on a group of people waiting for an Independence Day parade.  I'm not going to use his name but look at this fool.

They are saying that he may have egressed the scene dressed as a woman.  Really?  What do the local women look like?  Do they all have beards? I mean, c'mon, man.  This guy has Antifa written all over him. Literally.  Antifa tattoos.  He describes himself as "woke".

The first time I saw this guy's photo, I thought that he was going for the Manson look-alike award.

He'll fit right in at the state prison.  If he makes it that far.

What Are We Going TO Do ABout Joe?

 That seems to be the question some of the Democrat power-brokers are asking about Joe Biden.

Common political wisdom is that the Dems are going to take a shellacking in the mid-terms . (Note to Republicans; don't get cocky) Historically, presidents have lost support during the midterm elections.  Americans seem to enjoy divided government power.  But, with numbers as low as Joe's, it looks like he is a first term lame duck.

First, we can expect a steady drumbeat of media stories such as the latest from mainstream political reporter Ronald Brownstein. His latest headline: “Is Biden a Man Out of Time?” What Brownsteain’s article makes clear is that the media and the Democratic base wish Biden would be even more aggressively leftist and polarizing.

They may be planning a tipple-envelopment, with the media on one side, the party on the other, and his very own cabinet administering the coup de grace.  The only question then is "What do we do about Kamala?"

How Far Can a Gas Truck & an Electric Ford Lightning Go Towing the Same ...

How does the CHevy Denali stack up against the Ford F150 Lightning while towing a travel trailer?

About like you would expect.  Gas rules when you are working under a load.  Battery technology has made great strides, but it's not ready for prime time yet.

Monday, July 04, 2022

What a Crew

Happy Fourth!

 Happy Fourth of July.  The day that we celebrate our experiment in American exceptionalism.  The day we declared our independence from England.  It started much earlier than that, in April of 1775, but the holiday is based on the date of the declaration.

Friends, family, fish-fries and barbeque.  We all celebrate it in our own way.  Beer and fireworks.  Hot dogs and parades.  It's a day to fly the flag and give thanks to God.  It's the Fourth, a uniquely American holiday.

I'm not sure what Belle and I are doing today, but I'm sure that we are doing it close to the house. We had a big celebration yesterday with family and friends, and today will be a day of relaxation.

Happy Fourth, and we'll see you on the other side.

Sunday, July 03, 2022

High Gas Prices

 If you listen to Joe Biden, you know that high gas prices are Russia, RUssia, Russia.

However, if you are sentient, you know that high gas prices are part of a scheme to move us to "green" energy.  Whatever that is.

Ed Driscoll, over at Instapundit, does a round-up of news articles since Biden took over, talking about US energy policy.

There is one graphic that puts the lie to Biden's "Russia" explanation.

Prices were rising steeply under BIden, long before Putin invaded Ukraine.  

Joe Biden is a lying, corrupt, machine politician 

Sunday Morning Dawg

 He needs a grooming, and we have an appointment set for the 13th


Saturday, July 02, 2022

It's The Bee

 It's the Babylon Bee, but we have to admit that the headline has some merit, if only to highly the current status of the Democrat party in parody.

Democrats Argue That Clarence Thomas Should Only Have 3/5 Of A Vote

The Democrats have hated Clarence Thomas since the day he was nominated to the Court. 

Piddling In The Shop

 It's Saturday, July 2nd, and in three weeks, I am hosting the Louisiana State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw in Pineville, LA.  Shooters from all over the South are going to show up for three days of shooting.  It behooves me to have my act together.  I have to build two ranges, with backstops, side walls, start lights, sensors, all the geedunk that is required to make a range operate.

I have the hard parts done, but now comes the checking and double-checking. Plenty of lists, lots to make sure that it is all in the correct box so that I can find it all when I get to the venue.  This is the 5th major match I've organized, and it get easier, but it also gets hectic in the last weeks.  It is what it is.

I'm always wondering about what I fogot.  I still need to test the PA system.  And see how many yellow bandannas I have in stock.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Rib Rub

 I'm going to cook a bunch of ribs on Sunday, and today I thought I'd better whip up a batch of my rib rub. It's a recipe I settled on years ago to cook baby back ribs.  It's a fairly easy recipe, that combines sweet, savory, and salty.

I keep it taped to the outside of the jar so I don't loose the recipe, and I substitute sometimes.  Today, for examply, I was out of chili powder, so I substituted some smoked chipotle powder.  It's going to be just fine.

If you're cooking ribs this weekend, feel free to use it, or modify it, or ignore it completely.

Thanks, Joe Biden

 For months we have thought that high gas prices were part of a larger agenda.  Now, they are saying it out loud.  Here is the headline:

High gas prices worth it for 'future of liberal world order,’ White House economics adviser tells CNN

And, that tells us all we need to know.   They still want a new world order, where bureaucrats are not beholden to the voters and they can do to us what they wish.

Democracy Wins

 The Supreme Court loosed another opinion yesterday.  This one involved the EPA and the way it regulates the private sector, specifically, electric energy plants.

This was the Supreme Court's primary objection to the Obama-era limitations on power plants: These limitations were never passed by Congress but imposed by decree. In this, SCOTUS identified a frightening trend that has been building for decades under both parties, and has worked to overcome it; what kind of policies we enact, and how draconian they should be, should be left to the people's representatives, the Court has ruled. Our legislative electeds may not always be the brightest bulbs, but that hardly matters. What matters is that they are accountable to us.

In short, SCOTUS told the EPA that they were over-stepping with their regulatory power.  Major policy should be passed through Congress.  The Greens, of course are in meltdown.

The opinon is here.