Friday, November 26, 2021

The Nu Variant

 The news is everywhere this morning.  There is a new variant of Covid on the screen.  The "Nu" variant, maned after the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet.

If nothing else, I'm impressed with the timing.  Coming on the heels of Thanksgiving, on the cusp of the Christmas season, they have to come up with something that will harsh the season.

If it hadn't been for Fauci dragging the goal posts up and down the field, we'd have been done with Covid over a year ago.  In truth, many of us were done with it a year ago.

Excuse me if I simply  yawn form boredom.  They are becoming entirely too predictable.  Of course there is a new variant.  How else would they keep a significant portion of the population scared?


Whatever said...

You’re a gibbering conspiracy theory idiot.

Stick to playing with your toy guns.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Multiple mutations. Major changes to the "spike". Vaccine bounces off of it.

SO....why bother with the vaccine at this point? Why bother with boosters until they come out with a more robust vaccine that activates antibodies for larger parts of the virus surface?

Steve said...

Looks like you struck a nerve with "whatever"......Seems to me that "they" only come out when a person gets over the target zone.

Mike-SMO said...

In general, virus diseases get milder over time, nnot because they are "nice", but becaue if you die quickly, the virus dies with you. RNA viruses mutate like mad because they are cheap, primitive things with no error detection capability. The Corona virus was drop dead serious in China, but ~100 mutations later, in North America, it is an inconvenience to most and a threat to those with untreated medical comorbidities just like the "cold" or the "Flu". Treating your comorbidities is probably more important that any vaccination. Comorbidities (e.g. high blood pressure, hig blood sugar probably Type-II Diabetes, associated with obesitity, etc) that can be treated, should be. People with untreatable comorbidities due to therapy for cancer, transplant, implanted synthetic whatever, Rheumatoid, etc, have to be more careful. Avoid crowds, public transport, the local bar. Wash your paws before you touch your face or food. Practice real "sanitation" and don't depend on a rag mask. Talk to your physician about containing the worst threats.

Mutations to internal structure don't mean squat since the immune system can't see "inside". Even "surface" mutations may be irrelevant if they don't change the "immunigenicity" of the viral target. Mutations are inevitable and probably don't mean much. The original vaccine was a "war time " "slap shot" and wasn't too bad for what it was. Talk to your physician about any alternatives.

The push for "universal" vaccination sounds like someone has found a way to skim the proceeds. I have more paranoid theories but none matter more than talking to a physician who knows you and your history. Don't rely on a "rag" mask. Your physician probably has the inside skinny.

Age, and the associated physical changes, are a definite comorbidity. I yam what I yam. I asked my sawbones about a "therapeutic", intelligent middle-aged blond or red head with a good sense of humor. He thought that was a good concept, but my insurance wouldn't cover that "therapy". Your coverage may differ.

Jonathan H said...

There have been, and are, dozens of CV variants. There will be more, and each will be less virulent than the last... As the virus is copied person to person, the copies are imperfect and weaken with each generation. .

Drew458 said...

B.1.1.529. Nu is Mu, not Xi, and is now Omicron. Which has hardly any symptoms ... whether that means it's a nothingburger or you suddenly drop dead, they aren't saying yet. But the world is slamming the gates closed ASAP, including Biden, only hours after Fauci said we wouldn't. Funny, isn't this the same kind of xenophobic behavior slow Joe accused Trump of back in the beginning? And of course it's already too late, as the damn Omicron is in UK, Germany, Holland, etc already. But get your boosters, since the formula that didn't work on Delta will surely not work on Omicron either.