Friday, November 12, 2021

Savage Scout Update

Back in 2015 I bought a Savage Scout, Model 10FCM.  I had been enamored with the Scout concept, and wanted to play with the concept.  I was pleased, and still am happy with the rifle.   This rifle was bought as new-old stock. IT is a 2nd generation scout, with the Accustock.  Because it was built three years before I bought it, I got a screaming deal on it.

Time goes on, and I still like the rifle, I still have it in the safe.  I don't hunt as much as I did ten years ago, so don't do much centerfire rifle work.  But, the last time I took it out, I noticed feeding problems with the 10-round magazines.  Mags wear out, and I know that.

Surfing around, looking for new magazines, I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for.  I called Savage customer service and they tell me that the 10-round magazine for the 10 FCM is no longer in production and hasn't been made in quite a while.  They still offer the 4-round magazines.

Well, crap.  I may have to start looking for custom magazine builders who make a magazine to feed my now out-of-production rifle.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a few 'WTB' (Want To Buy) ads at on-line gun forums or nearby gun ranges may net you some possible leads. Or maybe some judicious tinkering on your magazine may get a satisfactory fix.

Would have been great if some of these gun firms designed their magazine to match M-14 or HK91 magazines.

Anonymous said...

Me again.

The Scout Rifle Forum has a thread titled Need Advice: Savage vs. Ruger which recounts some advice on what how their rifles performed. Some mention long term problems with magazine durability.

I hope this helps - good luck.

Rick said...

Check into MDT.
They make mags that will fit my Savage 110 Tactical.