Monday, December 13, 2021

How About Fauci's House?

 It seems that Florida governor Ron DeSantis has a tongue-in-cheek plan for dealing with the migrant crisis.  

Governor Ron DeSantis wants $8M to fund a new program that will allow Florida to contract with private companies to transport “unauthorized aliens” out of Florida. He spoke about the plan in broad terms on Friday. This is the latest move in a continuing battle with the Biden administration over relocating illegal migrants away from the southern border.

DeSantis says, maybe with tongue in cheek, that if Florida bussed illegal migrants to places like Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard, the southern border would be closed the next day.

He has a point.  I'd drop a couple of bu-loads on the main mall in Washington.  A busload at Fauci's house.  Another in Pelosi's front yard.

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Mike-SMO said...

Got something that will get his tongue outta his cheek?