Friday, December 17, 2021

It's Time To Abolish Emergency Covid-19 Powers

 Glenn Reynolds writes an article at the New York Post, where he argues that it's time to end the Covid 19 emergency powers of he various Governors, and I tend to agree.

We have learned, during this great exercise in restricting civil liberties, that many Governors are loathe to relinquish power, or to use it judiciously.  For example, Louisiana is still under a public health emergency.  Our petty tyrant Governor, John Bel Edwards, issued an order on November 22, 2021, which will expire on December 22, 2021, unless he extends it, for whatever reason.  He cant help himself, he's simply nable to relinquish power.

Louisiana has been under a public health emergency since March, 2020, at 30 day intervals they have been modified, extended, renewed, or revised.  Many of us quit paying attention to the Governor in early 2021.  We were done with him, whether he realized it or not.  He has turned us into a state that routinely ignores government orders.  We just don't care anymore.

It's time for the legislature to end the public health emergency powers of the governor.  Simply repeal the law that makes it possible for the Governor to declare a public health emergency.  If the legislature is unwilling to take the necessary steps, then it is time to get a new legislature.


Jonathan H said...

A number of states have done this; predictably the governors have fought it.
In Ohio, he vetoed 2 bills before they got the votes to override his veto, PA was worse with their liberal Supreme Court coming up with reasons the governor could do whatever he wanted... The legislature there finally pruned him back.

BobF said...

Uh huh. About like a predator being asked to give up a chunk of meat.

Stuart said...

The sad thing is, there never were any legitimate "emergency powers". They just make shit up on the fly and the sheep comply. Land of the Free - RIP