Thursday, December 02, 2021

The Chinese Sneeze

 Like many of you, I a watching with some small interest the various depictions of the politically=minted Omicron variant of the Wu-flu.  I say politically, because they skipped right over the Greek letter Xi in naming it.

It seems that this variant was first identified in South Africa, a country known for breakthroughs in medical science.  Educated readers may recall that the resounded scientist and physician  Christiaan Barnard conducted he first heart transplant in South Africa.  South Africa ain't no slouch, medically.

The doc from South Africa who identified this variant says that it's not much to worry about.

“Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who discovered the omicron variant of COVID the Chinese sneeze, released a statement telling the world to hit the Bat-chute on the manic panic response to the new variant. Especially England.”

Here in the United States, our homegrown bureaucrat and panic-merchant is telling us that the first identified patient is in San Francisco and recently returned from South Africa.  That patient was fully vaccinated, has a mild case and is recovering nicely.  His advice on this matter?  Get vaccinated.

So, who to believe?  On the one hand, we have a highly respected physician who is actually studying the virus and treating patients.  On the other hand, we have a career bureaucrat who loves Sunday morning talk shows.  For myself, the choice is clear.


Jonathan H said...

OldNFO posted a CDC document dating discovery of this variant to last year.
Remember the scare over the "South African" variant from this spring? It went away quickly!

Old NFO said...

Fauxi vs. real doc? Hands down real doc!

Howard Brewi said...

Some World Health is now saying that some time a new variant will appear that is as communicable as the current worst for that and as deadly as Ebola! So have they already made this variant or do they just want the world’s sheeple to remain scared?

Jonathan H said...

Something as dangerous as Ebola would almost certainly NOT be a coronavirus... It would most likely be a smallpox or anthrax variant. In my understanding, gain of function can only do so much, so something that bad would need to start with a stronger virus.