Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Not Likely, Guv'nor

 Our idiot governor is challenging all Louisianans to download an app on the phone that will tell you if you have been around someone with Covid.

From his Facebook page:

Today, I am challenging my fellow Louisianans to download the COVID Defense app, an anonymous tool that notifies you of potential COVID-19 exposures. Protect yourself and protect your community. Are you up for the challenge? #lagov

Not likely, asshole.  I don't trust you when you tell me you want to put a tracking device on my phone.

I have a better idea.  Why don't you start figuring out how you are going to re-start Louisiana's economy after the disaster that was 2020?  You have wrecked the tax base, caused massive out-migration, and made Louisiana solely dependent on Federal money.  Your buddy, Creepy Joe Biden is threateing to wreck Louisiana's oil and gas industry, and you don't have a plan for that, either.

I think that John Bel Edwards is a scurrilous scoundrel who intends to wreck Louisiana completely before his tern is over.


Stuart said...

What is Louisiana's fascination with crooks named Edwards?
When I lived in La. our Sheriff was a crook so named.
Of course he didn't hold a candle to a certain former governor.

Anonymous said...

You are a technology illiterate idiot.