Sunday, February 07, 2021

Be Careful What You Wish FOr

 Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman Republican Congresswoman out of Georgia.  She has made some incendiary statements in the past, and was still elected by her district to represent them.  Last week, she was stripped of her committee assignments by the Democratic majority.  You an make of this what you will.  Some are arguing that our lawmakers in Congress should express sound political thinking, and that stripping Greene of her committee assignments was the proper thing to do.

But Greene is an elected member of the House of Representatives, an elite lawmaking branch of the U.S. government. There are only 434 other people in the country who hold this position. If it’s wrong to punish her for the views she expressed on political subjects, then democracy itself is wrong: Picking and choosing leaders who have sound opinions is the whole point.

Fair enough, if that's what he believes, bu everyone should remember that political power is a tenuous thing, and that it ebbs and flows over time.  Others of us are taking notes on how that power is wielded.

“He wanted Democrats to do what he was too afraid to do — remove Greene from committees — and a political boogeyman to blame so it wouldn’t fall on him, which is what he got,” he said. “And he wanted the precedent so that he can exercise the same power without any limitation or reservation if he ever has a Speaker’s gavel.”

I hope that Kevin McCarthy got what he wanted - for the Democrats to strip Greene of her committees.  We know that some Democrats are known for making outrageous statements about politics   He should be taking notes  Power ebbs and flows, and one day he might be the Speaker.  As my mother used to say, "Turn about is fair play."  Democrats may rue the day.


Ryan said...

I think that D’s should be very careful. These precedents are going to be applied when the other team is in charge.

Old NFO said...

OH yes, on the money there! Turn about WILL be fair play!!!

Fred G. Bumstead said...

Politics and voting has been rendered worthless. The next 'election' will be settled with guns, not voting.

robert said...

If this sham election is allowed to stand I have to agree with Fred on this .There will be no more elections . The ballot box will be deemed dead if not redeemed by the Supreme court soon .

BobF said...

As long as this election is allowed to stand with it's obvious and now admitted shenanigans, no future election is safe. Turnabout will not happen. There are not enough legal votes to overcome the number of possible illegal ones. I believe election as we knew it is a dead process.

Steve Sky said...

@BobF - I agree.

As long as the Dominion software is used, legal votes won't count. To quote Vladimir Lenin, "It doesn't matter how you vote, it only matters who counts the votes." Or has happened in the last election, you can vote for President Trump, and it gets counted for Biden. Along with all the "votes" arriving in boxes to the election station, which was then covered up to prevent people from seeing what was happening.

To further insure we'll never be able to vote our way out again, nation-wide mail-in voting is coming (from the first Bill submitted to Congress).

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