Saturday, February 20, 2021

Shoveling Ice

 By my reckoning, the last time I shoveled ice was during the winter of 1979 at Fort Knox,, KY.  I was 25 yers old.  Today I shoveled ice again, and now I'm 67.

I haven't been in the shop for a couple of days, and I needed to get in there today and make sure that we sustained no damage.  The shop is about a foot above the level of the house, and it was an uphill trek across slippery, thawing ice, so I found a flat shovel and started moving the inch or so of ice that remained on the north side of the building.  The north side doesn't get any sunsine and the ice might stay there for another day or so.

Now, I can get into the shop from the front of from the side.  Two days ago all that was covered in ice, but the sun came out for a little while yesterday  and it's shining nicely out there right now  Everything that is suny has melted, it is only the shaded areas that still have ice.

The roof of the shop has a 4:12 pitch and the ice on the roof is sliding during the melt.  All this will be gone in another couple of days and the Winter Storm of 2021 will pass into memory.

SuddenLink came back up today at 0930 local, almost precisely 60 hours after it went down.

SuddenLink still sucks.


Old NFO said...

Glad y'all came through okay!

Navy91 said...

If it's any consolation, Suddenlink sucks in NC too.

robert said...

We have an internet service up here too that sucks . Centurylink out of somewhere in Louisiana . I got away from them when a competitor entered our area . They would not let me connect to many of my favorit liberty minded sites and it cost them . I went around to all my neighbors when the competitor showed up and talked most of them into switching service . Faster , better , and cheaper is hard to beat .