Saturday, February 06, 2021


 I hear-tell there is a football game tomorrow.  I haven't watched the NFL in abut five years.  Not because I care about much of anything that they do or don't do, but simply because I often have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon.  I'm not anti-NFL, I'm just supremely indifferent to it.

The one memorable Super Bowl I remember happened on January 28, 2001.  One of my favorite Honky-Tonk's was hosting a Super Bowl party, and I didn't have anything better to do, so I went to shoot pool, drink beer and hang out with rednecks.  I met Belle at that party and my world changed. Belle and I consider Super Bowl weekend an informal anniversary, even though they've move it from the last Sunday in January.

Y'all enjoy the game.  


BobF said...

I'm more than indifferent to the NFL and am 60 miles away from a rumored game very soon, but if the occasion of one of their events made it the start for the two of you, well, happy informal anniversary!

dogsledder said...

Congratulations to you and Belle. That would be 20 years, if my feeble old mind has it correctly. Many happy returns !