Monday, February 15, 2021

Weather Update

 Last night we got a combination of mostly sleet with a light dusting of snow.  About an inch, I reckon, or a little more.  Today was overcast and never got above freezing.  The sleet is still on the ground, and it's hard-packed.  Solid.  The roads are covered, and traffic is unbelievably light.  No one knows how to drive in this stuff, and (according to the local Sheriff's office) not even the wrecker operators are venturing out.

Seriously, I know my readers in more northerly climes are amused, but this is the worst winter storm that many of our citizens have experienced in their lifetimes.  They have no experience to gauge this event against.  Normally, we get a light dusting of snow or ice, then the sun comes out and it melts away by the afternoon.  Not this, it's still on the ground, and it's unprecedented.

Tonight should be a joy.  It's getting down to 12F, but should warm up to freezing tomorrow.

We're okay.  There have been very few power outages, and we're not affected at all.  The house is warm and we have food.  If it actually gets down to 12F tonight, that should set some kind of record.  Then we have a good chance of winter precipitation on Wednesday/Thursday.

But, by Saturday, it's supposed to be in the 60s.  So, we will have had one week of winter, and that's enough for me.

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