Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Pray For Texas

 When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time outdoors.  Much of it alone, or at least without adult supervision.  My Dad believed that I should have certain skills, and one of the skills he taught me was to build a fire,  If you're cold, build a fire.

I love Texas.  I think that it is a great state, full of hope and promise  If Belle hadn't found me when she did, I"d likely be in Texas right now.  Somewhere between Austin and Fort Hood.  It's beautiful country, well-watered, and very amenable to living.  But Texas forgot how to build a fire.

Can you make electricity with a solar panel?  Sure you can, that's not new technology. You can do lots of things with the power of the sun, when the sun is shining.  Can you use a windmill to generate power?  Sure, that's not new either.  As long as the temperatures are moderate, you can use the wind for lots of things.

But, when it gets cold, you need to build a fire.  It makes no sense to be so reliant on wind or solar that you can't generate electricity when it is dark or cold.  You still need the ability to build a fire.  With coal, or gas, or oil, a fire will generate electricity in the dark and the cold.  Texas is learning that lesson this week.  I understand that their governor waants emergency hearings in Austin next week, and that's good.

Wind an solar work great, right up to the minute when they don't.  Build a fire.


robert said...

After a career traveling around the country fixing heavy lifting machinery and finally manager of operations north of the Mason-Dixon I was forced into early retirement by the weaponized EPA of president Bath House Barry . I been to nearly every powerplant in the USA . The changes due to improved technology over the years was amazing . You can stand directly under the stack of a modern coal burning plant and not be able to smell anything even remotely close to the smell of burning coal . The pollutants are extracted out of the exhaust by injecting a slurry of ground limestone and water into the stack and capturing the pollutants . They are then separated into components which are then sold to industry to manufacture everything from drywall to medicines . Meanwhile Communist China is placing a brand new coal burning powerplant online every ten days most of them without the high tech cleaning that our plants have . They will have cheap dependable energy to manufacture cheap solar panels and bird killing wind turbines to sell to our energy deprived country thereby enriching Jo and Ho and their cronies . Having spent much time in the Lone Star over the years I have many friends in that great state and my heart is broken for them but something tells me there is a change coming their way . I'll repeat it for you slow learners . Don't mess with Texas !

Howard Brewi said...

The worst that I see on the new green deal at least in California is they not only want green energy but they want to ban natural gas for water and space heating. I read an article a while ago that some venues in California have banned gas for cooking in new construction. This all plus mandating electric transportation. The only way these parameters could be met is if the science fiction fusion reactors came on line and I understand experimental attempts have only run seconds before the heat forced shutdown.