Tuesday, February 09, 2021

It's a Puzzle

 It seems that folks are trying to figure out why the Super Bowl had the lowest viewer count in 15 years.

The puzzling drop in sports TV viewership continues with the Super Bowl falling to its lowest numbers in 15 years.

Puzzling?  Okay, start taking notes.  There is a significant portion of your viewers who don't want to listen to social justice, wokeness, virtue-signaling, and protests on Sunday afternoon.  They want to watch football.  Just football.  They want to take a break from everything and just watch football. 

Lately, watching the NFL is all about social justice bullshit, with lefty-leaning commentators.  I don't want to watch that, so I don't.  I haven't watched and NFL gme in over five years.

So, there is your answer.  Don't let it be a puzzle, hiding an enigmas, shrouded in mystery.  It's simple.  


kamas716 said...

I bet they're puzzled by the drop in attendance as well, even though they won't admit there is a drop.

Judy said...

What's that old adage..."know thy customer". They forgot who is footin' the bill. If your company is not focused on giving the customer what the customer wants, you don't deserve to stay in business. Wonder what will replace Big League sports as a spectator entertainment? I'm rooting for log rolling and such.

BobF said...

They are deaf and blind -- THAT is why they are puzzled. No contact with the real world. I, too, have not seen a game in many years -- at least 10, and with the NCAA getting political (no championship of any kind in a state with the Confederate flag in its state flag) I've not seen a college sport in some time.

ruralcounsel said...

They've decided that the future is in wooing China, not Americans. That's where they think their big payday will be, if it isn't already. It certainly is for the NBA.

I'm just waiting for them to drop the "National" and "American" from the NFL and AFC. It's just a matter of time before they sever whatever emotional ties might exist between the leagues and their American fan base.

Just look how Jeep pandered to the global elitist leftists with their Superbowl ad. It's all about "coming together" now that it's on their terms. I say, no justice, no peace.

Ryan said...

NFL demographics are also an issue. Their audience tends to be older and male. I believe, but can’t prove, that it has ethnic trends also.

Sort of like Corvette ownership unless they make changes their audience is going to die off.

R said...

Some of us just don't care about sports-ball and don't watch it in the absence of peer pressure.

I wasn't invited to any viewing parties with tempting food and drink this year.