Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Mavericks?

 The Mavericks?  Never heard of them.   But I understand that they're owned by some guy named Cuban, who simply decided to not play the National Anthem before home games.

His team, his rules.  Like I say, I've never watched them, and I decidedly do not have a dawg in this hunt.

Back in the day, I used to pester the basketball coach at the high school that basketball was a girls game.  Girls played it.

"How about baseball?" He'd ask, knowing that I love baseball.

"Nope.  Girls play softball.  Totally different game."

"Well", by this time he was starting to get pissed.  "How about soccer?"

"Yep, girls game."  I'd reply.  "Boys play football and baseball.  Everything else is a girl's game."

And that's how I made friends aong the coaching staff.

But, whether or not Mark Cuban wants to play the National Anthem?  Doesn't matter t me.  Basketball is a girl's game.

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