Friday, February 19, 2021

SuddenLink Is The Worst

 Here in he local area, the only cable TV provider is SuddenLink Communications.  Just as soon as the weather gets bad, they go offline for no apparent reason and stay down for several days.  SuddenLink provides my TV and internet..  They're the only game in town, and the corporate climate in that company is such that they hold the customer in contempt.

For the past 36 hours, I've been operating from a mobile hotspot, and that is not acceptable, not while I'm paying SuddenLink for services.  Using my cell phone for internet service, I can go online and find out that I have a service outage in my area.  But, they can't tell me when it might be restored.  If I want a service credit for an outage, I have to apply for it.

Yeah, I know that we just came through a winter storm.  But, we also came through several hurricanes last yea, and most of the cable and infrastructure is brand new.  During this winter storm, we had a couple of power outages, but they were understandable, and lasted a total of about four hours.  The electrical crews were out during the worst of it, making sure that their customers had power.  I cannot say enough good things about Cleco, our power provider.  

I can't say enough bad things about SuddenLink, our communications provider.

SuddenLink Sucks.

At this point, my TV/Internet/Phone has been down since 2130 local, Wednesday, 2/17/21.  I'll keep track until it comes back up.  I'll need this to apply for a credit.


Retired cop said...

That's why we went to Dish. Enough competitors that they actually try to keep you happy.

Msgt (ret) said...

Same here only with Frontier. Went 3 weeks no service with wire down. People who showed up were not authorized to do the work. Had My lawyer email the CEO next morning 0700 4 trucks showed up and fixed shit right quick. Had dish before they suck also. Local Frontier guy said lawyers or safety threats only thing that get corp moving.