Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Weather Update

 So, on this bright, beautiful Tuesday morning, we get sunshine.  That's better.  Maybe things will start to thaw out.  Belle and I still have power, whichis a blessing.  I know lots of folks, especially in west Texas who are being challenged right now.

I did notice a weird spot on my Honda that didn't seem to take the freezing rain/sleet.  Odd that one place on the windshield is free of frost.  It's not under a drip, or is there anything else might explain it.

That vehicle hasn't been started since Saturday, before the ice storm started. Yet there is that one patch on the windshield that is ice free.  I wonder if something in the dash is warm ad causing a convection?

1 comment:

BobF said...

Or something internal or external reflecting onto that spot?