Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Ted Cruz/Andrew Cuomo Story

 Andrew Cuomo killed a bunch of people through his mis-guided nursing home policies.

Tedd Cruz took his daughters to Cancun for a few days.

What is the legacy media interested in?  You guessed it.  The unplanned trip to Cancun.

I agree that the optics are bad on the Cancun trip, but what was Ted supposed to do?  He's not the governor, nor even a city councilman.  He certainly doesn't have anything to do with the electric grid and he absolutely can't control the weather.  There was absolutely nothing he could do to mitigate the disaster, so he took his daughters to somewhere they could thaw out.

Cuomo, on the other hand, sustained a policy that led to the deaths of thousands, then actively fudged the numbers to hide it.

And now, the mainstream media wonders why nobody trusts them?  Why we think they are all a bunch of hacks?  Because they are a bunch of hacks.

In other news, we're thawing out in central Louisiana.  There is still plenty of ice haging around (and I do mean hanging.  Things might get exciting when it starts to fall.)  And, SuddenLink Communictions  has now been out since 2130, Wednesday 02/17/21.

SuddenLink sucks.

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