Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Laser Target

 Belle bought us a laser target for fast draw practice that doesn't require ammunition. We have some laser cartridge's that we've used in the past, but this system takes it up one level, so that we can actually get times, and score hits and misses.  The system is sold through the Association website,   I already had the timers, so we only had to buy the laser target.

I spent part of this morning learning to set it up and calibrate it.  The learning curve is pretty flat once you read the instructions, but it does have to be calibrated to the ambient light levels.

We can use this for dry-fire practice at the club, and for teaching new shooters how to manipulate the revolver without having ammo involved.  I can see that the grandkids might have a lot of fun with this thing.  The target is 8" in diameter, which is a good size for learning reactive shooting.  It won't give shot placement, but won't give you a score if you miss it.

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