Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Psaki Phones It In

Like most of the White House, the daily press briefing has changed dramatically since the new group took over.  I really liked the style of Kayleigh McEneny, President Trumps last press secretary.

This new chick, Jen Psaki (the P is silent), seems to be calling it in.  She isn't ready for her press briefings, and I doubt if she thinks much about it after she leaves the rostrum.

Psaki (the P is silent) took flak earlier this week for wanting the questions from reporters submitted in advance, but evidently even with that request, she is not well prepared for the presser.  Below, she mocks a question about whether or not Biden was going to keep the Space Force.

It's a valid question ad deserves a valid answer.  This administration is even more far-left than the Obama administration, and I doubt that the military will fare well under their tender mercies.


TechieDude said...

She's an NPC. Even looks like one.

Stuart said...

She looks like Mark Fuckerberg with long hair.

dogsledder said...

A valid question in a time when sloe Joe and his masters are able to make up their script as they go along without regard for the law, the Constitution, morals, customs, common sense, or any other guidelines that they might or might not be inclined to follow. Like giving kindergardeners the power to set their own curriculum for the next 12 years of school. They will still be fingerpainting and coloring when they reach the 12th grade.