Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ice Storm?

 There are some things we never want to see on a Louisiana weather forecast.  Ice Storm.  And, it's on the forecast for Monday.

Oh, yeah, that's what we need. An ice storm.  That'll be great.


MaddMedic said...

That stinks. Although I would like to see 30 degrees. We are in the deep freeze in the frozen North. Highs of 0 or below until next Tuesday when it is supposed to 'warm' up to 9 above..
I am questioning my sanity...To cold to even go ice fishing!!

Sabre22 said...

Same here in Montana It was19.8 degrees BELOW ZERO. It still is not above zero and won't get there today. The cold weather keeps the californians away.

juvat said...

Got half an inch of ice on the truck right now. Trees are covered with it also. Mrs J said the forecast for Saturday is a low of 5. Yippee.

dogsledder said...

Where I live, the temp is now Zero, heading up for a high of One today. The forecast highs for the next four days are 3, -1, -5, and 3 with a low on Monday of -21. How I wish I could move someplace warm. But WHERE ? Not Louisiana apparently, even though I like Louisiana. Not Texas, they just had an ice storm with a 100 car pile-up and at least 5 fatalities. Oh well, I guess I'll just stay indoors and dream.