Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Arctic Blast

 As we turn from watching the train wreck of politics and the Biden administration, we watch the weather.  It is February, after all, and purportedly winter.   Today on the back porch, it's foggy and in the 60s.  The daytime temps are supposed to climb into the 70s.

But, the weather-weenies are telling us that an arctic blast is on the way, and are still in disagreement about when  it will get here and the severity, and the precipitation.

Here is a GFS ap that purpoorts to show the front line on Thursday morning.

This could get real interesting, real quick.  The models disagree on the speed of the front, some tell us that it will be here on Sunday, others that it will slow down and get here on Tuesday.

I have guns to clean, so I'd best be getting after it.

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robert said...

I just cut down another 90 foot Ash tree and I better get it cut up and in the basement I guess . Sigh! Below zero up here in the Buckeye a few days this week . Kate likes it 85 or so when it's real cold . It does make you feel good to come in a toasty house after being out in the frigid temps though . I just spent 4 hours plowing the hilly old driveway and piling snow ten feet high in big piles . My guns all need a good scrubbing but it will have to wait .