Friday, February 12, 2021


 Pore ol' Jen Psaki, the press secretary that is filling Kayleigh McEneny's spot.  By that, I mean standing in the spot where Kayleigh used to stand. In many cases, Psaki shows daily that she is in over her head, and the Peter principle is strong in her career.  Psaki is both amusing, and cringe-worthy on a dark level.  She is clearly inept, yet they keep trotter her out.  She "circles-back" so much she must surely have vertigo.

For some reason, the issue of the school re-opening is being discussed at the daily briefings, and she clearly does not understand that schools are a local issue.  People elect school board members to represent them at the district level, and they decide things like school opening and closing.  The school boards work with the to coordinate activities.  The has no play here.

I was listening to Psaki the other day, and she laid out some metrics for successfully reopening schools, and I noted that my particular school district is already surpassing the metrics.  We're open.  My youngest grandson is in school five days per week.

Psaki needs to quit pretending that schools are a federal issue.  The local school boards are quite adept now at reading CDC guidelines and deciding when to open or close schools.  


Steve said...

Schools are a federal issue, not in reality but if you talk about it long enough; then you have placed that idea into the narrative and people will accept federal intervention.

kamas716 said...

She's amusing as a train wreck, just like the rest of this administration. I'd prefer not to be here when they pull a Casey Jones with the country, but it's looking like that's coming sooner rather than later.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

We are looking at something new, here.

Historically, presidents and their cabinets were given 100 days before they were judged. It was the time in which the concrete was still wet and adjustments could be made.

Under that model, Jan Public Service Announcement Kayippi Aia would still be in the honeymoon period.

I think this administration will set a record for the shortest honeymoon.