Tuesday, February 23, 2021

That Vaccine

 I'm on the list.  Both Belle and I qualify, and I went to our local apothecary and signed up.  They'll call me in a couple of weeks.  However, the Great Southern Ice Storm made last week a No-Go, so I'll be that the timeline was pushed back a week.

I'm not scared of the vaccine.  The Army poked a lot of stuff in my arm that didn't make much sense.  One time they gave me a shot for Black Plague.

"Where are you sending me that I need a Black Plague shot?"

"Nowhere, but it's not in your records, so you get one."

However, ny buddy Termite sent me this interesting graphic that sums up the feeling of a bunch of people.

I'm sure this will be an instant classic among the pre-school set.

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Anonymous said...

As I said in a blog post, it is not a vaccine. It is an experimental "pre-treatment" that does not prevent infection or spread, of a virus that averages 99.7% survival rate. It supposedly helps the recipient to not have a severe case if they catch the Wu-Flu and may only be good for 3 months. It should only go to those who would die if they caught it. I will wait for a true vaccine that is fully licensed made with dead virus.