Saturday, February 13, 2021

Senator Bill Cassidy is Despicable

 Fox News is reporting that Senator Bill Cassidy (RINO-LA) has voted to convict Private Citizen Trump in the Senate kangaroo trial.

Bill Cassidy is despicable, a Democrat who ran as a Republican.  to get elected, then ran on Trump's coat-tails to get re-elected.  

I voted twice for Bill Cassidy, but I'll never make that mistake again.  He does not represent Louisiana.  

If it is possible to eject him from the Republican Party, we should do so immediately.  


dogsledder said...

I will probably never vote again. As has been demonstrated recently, voting accomplishes nothing. We vote to gain control of our state legislators, our U.S. senators and representatives, and our 'supreme'* court judges. None of those elected and appointed officials did a single thing to correct a crooked, stolen election. They are now a dictatorship collectively and we have no control over our laws, even indirectly. Since the 'supreme'* court has rendered our elections null and void, they have returned us to a time BEFORE our Declaration of Independence, when we had no say in picking our masters and we could not choose our leaders or even our own people to represent us. We are back in 1775. All federal laws, decrees, judgements, statutes, court orders, and mandates are now invalid and no longer apply to us. Not the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the several Amendments, and all things federal.
We need to start over, I hope more in accordance with the Articles of Confederation.
The states will continue, but I believe that they will soon back away from the federal dictatorship, one at a time, and we will be in a hot, shooting war. All because the 'supreme' court would not do its duty.

*the supreme court is like regular court, but with tomatoes and sour cream

robert said...

Yep! The ballot box was roasted and eaten and you only have one box left . Are you ready ?