Friday, February 12, 2021

Sunday Weather

 It appears that this weekend is going to be truly crappy.  NOAA is calling for freezing fain, ice, and all manner of Frozen North type joyousness.

We ain't cut our for this.  We're good at warm, humid, and blistering sun.  I see a big pot of chili and soups in my immediate future.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world, Paw-Paw. We have a 1 foot deep snowpack and nights in the single digits here in southern New England. More frozen junk coming over the next several days. We don't mind winter weather, but it would be nicer if it was spread out evenly from December to March. Instead we've been getting it all at once since 3rd week of January.


DaveS said...

I certainly couldn't deal very well with a Louisiana summer. I'm a northern boy to the core. I waited today until the temperature climbed to a relatively balmy -5F (from a low this morning of -20F) to climb up on the roof of the house and unbury the plumbing vent stacks from the two feet of snow that had covered them. Wearing only gloves, a light stocking cap and a sweatshirt (because it was "warm" outside). Regional differences! We'll be sending all this snow down the Missouri River towards you folks later on this spring.

Old NFO said...

We're getting the same up here... Sigh... Soup is good.

robert said...

The weather has never bothered me much here in the north but the fact that it is starting to resemble a police state with little tyrants popping up all over is getting under my skin . Baby and I have been talking a lot lately about selling the farm and going more south . Just not too south . The old Irish constitution can't take the heat . She has a brother in Tennessee . I'm thinking maybe south Kentucky.Western North Carolina is nice too. Southern folk get a bad rap from the media and hollyweird but in my travels I have never been treated better than by the southern people . When riding my ten speed from Ohio to Texas and back many years ago I had people shout howdy stranger . Wanna' stop for some lunch ? And they would feed me and treat me like an old friend . Yep ! It's time to move .