Saturday, February 13, 2021

Weather Watch

 We're hunkering down for a cold weekend.  Not so cold to y'all in the frozen North, but cold to us Cajun bayou dwellers.  Honestly, we normally don't have cold weather except for a couple of hours, several ties during the winter.

I ain't complaining.  Just stating the obvious.  As a young man, I lived in Kentucky, and was there during the blizzard of 78, when the temps never climbed out of the 20s for 25 consecutive days.  When that tie was over, I came back to Louisiana ad threw away most of my winter gear.  Most of the time a light jacket and a flannel shirt is all that I need.  Yesterday, I dug out a heavy coat that I put away several years ago.

I'n hoping that 14F on Monday is a mis-print.  Since Belle and I moved into this house, the coldest it has gotten was 17F.  Several years ago  We didn't enjoy that much.

Belle did send me out to the store to puck up cat food, and I was amazed at the other shoppers.  The parking lot was full, and it looked like they were gearing up for an apocalypse.  I've seen it calmer just before a hurricane.

It's like I tell the dog.  We're going to be okay.  Just maybe uncomfortable for a little bit.


Judy said...

Never get rid of your winter gear. I now live in the Phoenix Metro Area. I still have my winter coat (not comfortable to wear above 10 Degrees) scarves, gloves, felt-lined boots and long-johns. I am prepared to make a winter trip back to Kansas if there is a family emergency or if the power goes off here. Hypothermia is not fun, even if the lows here rarely get below freezing.

Don McCollor said...

,,,Keep in mind that it is going to be 60 degrees warmer in your refrigerator than MN/DN tonight...