Sunday, February 21, 2021

Anti-Woke Backlash

 So, I'm reading about this "anti-woke" backlash, and I'm wondering.

I'm the most un-woke guy you ever saw, and frankly, I'm amazed that so many people buy into the idea that ... well... Let me give you an idea.

1619 Project - Bullshit
More than two genders - Bullshit.
Climate change - Bullshit
Cancel Culture - Bullshit.
Systemic Racism - Bullshit.

Most of what passes for liberal talking points today is Bullshit.  The beauty of America is that you have a right to spout bullshit if you want to.  And I have a right to call it bullshit.  You can call me a xenophobe, or a racist, or a misogynism, or any number of any other woke epithets, but if you have no concrete evidence, then you're a jackass.  And, at that point, your argument is bullshit.

A lot of folks have an advantage on me.  I can't cancel my Twitter account.  I have had one.  Likewise my Disney Plus account.  I never gave them my money anyway.

But,if what I'm reading has any basis in reality, the woke warriors are getting a little heat, and that is just exactly what they should be getting when they're spouting bullshit.


Howard Brewi said...

The problem I see is that the woke crowd wants to tell me what kind of car I drive, how I cook my food, heat my home and that I have to put up with guys who think they girls in my great grand daughters and grand daughter’s bath rooms at school, not to mention gun control. When they try and legislate that that kind of bullshit or enact it by executive order they are going too far. The question is how much longer before good people go full rodeo.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

My gut feel is that most of those people never had a real problem and create these diversions to entertain themselves.

I think everybody who exists at our plane-of-existence knows it is going to be very, very ugly when they run out of fantasy-problems that can be solved with fantasy-solutions and have to grapple with problems with no forgiveness or "hacks" in them.

They aren't going to find 3000 Calories a day scraping algae off the siding of their house.

Titan Mk6B said...

I have no social media presence, unless, you consider this to be one. I am also about as unwoke as one can be. Just like you.

As I tell my friends. I am so far to the right that you cannot see me.

Ain't nobody going to tell me what I can and cannot do. Except maybe my wife.

I have to sleep sometime.